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If you’ve ever built a high tolerance to kratom, to the point where it just didn’t work for you anymore, then you’ll understand the title.

The term “cold turkey” is used when someone who have built quite a high tolerance to Kratom, and has to go off of it for a week or two.

Now getting off of kratom can be hard for some people because they rely on it too much, or they are addicted to the feeling that it gives, but I want to show you that there are alternatives to using Kratom while going cold turkey.

These alternative will help your break from Kratom much easier.

If all else fail then we’ll find another way, or you may just have to suck it up for a week.

Stem & Vein

Stem and vein are the parts producers take off of the kratom leaf when they grind it into powder form. The stem and veins aren’t as potent as the leaf but they still work.

It takes a lot more for the effects to kick in.

Now the great thing about Stem&Vein is that it is one of the best thing to take when you’re off kratom. You can take this for a whole week straight while going off kratom and it will help lower your tolerance.

It comes in handy to have a 4 oz bag of this at home whenever we go off of kratom.

The taste isn’t like the regular kratom powder that you are used to. It tastes kind of like clay if have ever tried it as a kid.

I recommend taking double or slightly a little more than your Kratom dosage.

This is a lot of powder so you might want to put them in capsules to make it easier to consume.

Code Turkey Kratom

Click the image for Stem&Vein



Phenibut is a white powder that is consumed for lowering anxiety. This is very powerful if you want to reduce anxiety.

Another effect of phenibut is calmness, and it may also make music sound a lot better too.

This is very great for going out into social events.

The bad thing about this is probably a lack of concentration from my experience.

To take it you should start with .5 to 1 gram every two hours until you feel the effects.

In total three grams is all that you will need to get the maximum effects of phenibut. If you get the effect before 3 grams, then stop there, you don’t need anymore.

If you take more than you sweet spot for phenibut, it will probably make you sleepy, lethargic, or dizzy.

It takes about three to five hours for the effects to kick in so you have to take it ahead of time.

The taste of phenibut is probably one of the worst things you could ever experience. Compared to kratom this has got to be 10 times worse.

I recommend mixing this with flavored BCAA to mask the taste. The flavored BCAA will mask the taste but it will be sort of sour.

This is a pretty good alternative to Kratom if you want the lowering anxiety part, but be cautious because this one is powerful.

The effects are much stronger and if you take too much, you will feel extremely tired and nauseous so do not operate a vehicle when you take this.

I also recommend that you only take this once or twice a week.

Cold Turkey Kratom

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Kava Extract and Powder

Now kava, in my opinion is the best option when you want to get off of kratom. If you have ever tried kava it is kind of like kratom but the effects that it gives is sort of different.

You get kind of like a buzz from this and a little bit of calmness and confidence.

To be safe, do not operate a vehicle while taking this because it’s similar to a buzz from alcohol.

You can get this online which is an extract and much better quality, or you can get it off the counter supplements which is a little lower quality and it comes in pill form.

I’ve only tried the off the counter Kava and the dosage for me is around 10 – 12 pills.

What I’ve noticed from this is that it makes your tolerance to kratom go down really quickly.

I was on it for only two days and when I went back to kratom, my receptors were refreshed.

It usually takes me about five to seven days to refresh my receptors, but it only took two days when I was on kava.

So out of the three options, I say this is the best option when you decide to go cold turkey.

Cold Turkey Kratom

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Last Option

If you do not have the option to take any of these alternative then my best advice for you is to let someone you trust hold on to the kratom.

By doing it this way, the Kratom isn’t flaunting itself at you with great temptations.

You will also know that they are safe for when you are ready after the week.

For me, I would always leave my kratom at my parents house before I head out to college for the week.

This gave me no way to get my kratom unless I was willing to make the drive back home.

When I was off of kratom for 2 days straight, it was pretty much off of my mind for the whole week or even more depending on how long I was staying at my college apartment.

When I came back home, my receptors were refreshed and I was good to go again.



Keep in mind that these alternatives cannot be rotated so expect your tolerance for these alternatives to go up while Kratom tolerance  goes down.

You’ll only have to take these for a week and your kratom receptors should be refreshed and ready to go.

In my honest opinion, Phenibut should be the last option because the effects that it gives is very strong compared to Kratom.

You should take phenibut only 1 – 2 times a week. I personally don’t like the feeling on phenibut, but I’ve heard that it’s been great for other people.

My first option would be to get stem and vein because it’s the safest route, then I would consider trying kava and phenibut.

If you feel like you can endure the cold turkey week without them, then I say good luck to you, sir/mam!



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  • hmmm December 25, 2017, 10:20 pm

    I take it for ulcerative colitis and if I don’t take it I feel horrible within a day and horrible depression. Have been taking it like 4 months but now not getting effects as much anymore for a few weeks and when I try not to take it for a day I get so depressed and in pain I have to lie down and cry wanting to die. Kava feels like thc oil, just makes me feel dizzy not happy. Pheni is good but only take 1 time per week. I have like 9 strains and never taken one more than 1 day.

  • George Norton April 9, 2019, 3:38 pm

    I found that the best alternative to kratom is stem vein. From what I know it is not a true kratom as such and it certainly doesn’t have the side effects that other types do.
    I would be interested on your thoughts on this.
    Enjoyable blog by the way!

    • Ben Nguyen August 1, 2019, 6:15 pm

      Stem & Vein is wonderful. I haven’t had it in years though. Do you have a good vendor you’d recommend?

      Stem & Vein is great for going off kratom and trying to reset your dosage.


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