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Being productive on Kratom is one of the best uses for people who need to get things done and be engaged in whatever project they are doing. 

As much as we love to use Kratom to relax, we also feel as if it’s equally, if not, more important that you take initiative to do and get things done throughout your day while on Kratom.

Being productive on Kratom, whether it is a fast, moderate, or slow strain can benefit you in getting things done faster than you normally would. The only difference is that moderate and fast strains gives you more energy, focus and motivation oppose to slow strains that makes you a little more sleepy. Being happy while working works just as well to get things done.

Why we believe Kratom is such a great supplement for productivity is because Kratom really makes you happy and positive, when people are happy and positive, they tend to work more efficiently than people who are negative, stressed out, and overwhelmed.

Why would you not take the benefit of feeling happy to get things done? It is a wonderful feeling when you accomplish something for the day in combination with enjoying the work you put in is an even greater reward.

Notice how when you’re stressed out about getting work done on time. Doesn’t it bother you to the point where you begin to procrastinate more and more until the last minute. It’s like worrying but also being lazy until the last minute to get to a safety boat while the boat sinks. You better get on that safety boat fast before there’s none left.


How It Works:

Kratom affects the delta receptors in your brain. The delta receptors are responsible for mood enhancing, pain management, motivation, euphoria, and a boost in energy. 

The two great things about the delta receptor is that they are  less prone to dependency, and side effects are not too bad (just nauseous or sleepy/tired). 

So with mood enhancing, motivation, euphoria, and boost in energy, you can bet that it will help you get to work and be engaged in whatever that you are trying to accomplish.

We feel that being happy (mood enhancing) has done wonders for our activities that we are engaged in and needed to get done.


Being Happy = Productivity

Using Kratom To Be Productive

Yes, we do emphasize a lot about being happy on Kratom, and it is our favorite use just for that specific reason. Happiness is the key to being productive on Kratom.

It’s best to maximize your Kratom experience. Instead of sitting on the couch feeling the rush of warm fuzzy happy feelings from Kratom, get up and do something and make a whole new experience.

I find myself always in a clear state of mind and more creative when I am feeling happy from Kratom.

Use Kratom to your benefit to get things done.

An example you see in your daily life would be to look around whether you’re working or going to school, the person who looks happy to be there is always more focused than those who are just there to be there. In the end, the people who are happy are the ones who get things done, they enjoy it, and in return, they make more money/promotions and get better grades.

An unhappy negative worker bee will never gather as much honey as a happy positive worker bee.


What Strains To Use and Dosage?

I like to say any strains, but for the most effective strains use moderate – fast strains. Some slow strains are just as great such as Top Shelf Bali, it’s not as sedating, but gives you quite a happy feeling when you’re working on things.

For the slow strain, make sure that it is your regular dosage and not anything more because you will feel sedated. Avoid overdosing.

Same with moderate strains and fast strains. Find your sweet spot for each, and avoid overdosing. You can add a slight .5 grams or more to see if it gives you stronger effects, but you will risk overdosing. experiment with adding up your dosage before you try it for work.



Get Happy, Get Stuff Done and Take Some Kratom.

Let’s get to work guys,



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  • Karen June 15, 2017, 4:58 am

    Okay.. Good info. Here’s my question though; specifically, what strains are good for productivity? I’ve tried several diffetent strains and Red vein thai is the only strain i’ve found thats helped with my energy and productivity levels at all. The problem is, the red vein thai is the only strain I’ve been using for about a year now and i’ve recently noticed i no longer feel the effects anymore so i’ve been trying to find another strain that will also help with my energy level to rotate in. Do you have a post that lists the different strains of kratom and what they are good for?

    • Ben Nguyen June 20, 2017, 3:24 pm

      Hey Karen,the reason the red thai isn’t working so well anymore is because of a huge tolerance build up. We suggest getting off of the red thai for 5-7 days while using stem&vein during this break to mitigate any withdrawal. The strains we use maeng da for productivity and white strains too, you can look into those. We’ll write up a post on the strains that we use for productivity, thanks for the topic suggestion 🙂


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