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≡ Menu   I am not sure where most of you guys are from or if allergies is something that you are concerned with, but where my brother and I live (in the mid west), we get spring and summer that calls forth a lot of pollen, mold, and other allergens that just makes it hard to function normally throughout the day. Seasonal allergies or allergies can be easily dealt with by grabbing yourself an off the counter anti-histamine or allergy pills at your local grocery store. The sucky part is you’ll most likely want to sleep when taking these medications. They do work and definitely play a great role in eliminating allergies. You can also reduce these allergies symptoms with Kratom! The natural way. We’ve mentioned using Kratom for various [...]

kratompedia Alcohol and kratom are both beneficial when it comes to lowering anxiety. Although there are some great benefits when consuming either one of these, there are also differences. Whether you choose to take Kratom or alcohol, you must keep in mind about the benefits and side effects of each. Alcohol: Lowers anxiety makes you more social increase confidence dangerous when consuming too much not safe to function damages the liver empty calories Hangovers Bad Temper Can potentially lead to death Kratom: Lowers anxiety more social feel happy consuming too much at one go will cause nausea, headaches, upset stomach, bad temper, sleepy.   Kratom doesn’t make you as confident as alcohol would, this is due to the amount of alcohol consumed to the point of, “I don’t give a [...]   Kratom is different for everyone. But when it comes to gender, is Kratom different for men and women in regards to dosage and effects? The answer to that is: For most “yes”, for some “no”. In our experiences, we find that when we offer Kratom to our female friend, they often refuse, but the ones that do accept it required a smaller dosage than we do. In fact, just .5 grams – 1 grams made them feel the nice effects. This doesn’t conclude that all women will benefit from kratom around those measured dosages.  This is what makes Kratom, and pretty much every other supplement, so interesting because everyone just reacts differently.   Why Might A Majority Of Women Will Only Need A Small Amount This is just [...]   A lot of beginners struggle quite a bit when trying to find the right Kratom strains for their first time experience. This part is crucial as it could be a dealbreaker from even continue trying Kratom ever again. Often times it’s because beginners are buying Kratom from an unknown vendor that provides cheap and bad quality Kratom. If you’re reading this post, then you’re most likely (99% chance) going to love kratom your first time go. Happy Hippo 1 is the Kratom strain that we believe is best for beginners to try out. It’s easy on you in regards to side effects, and gives you that kickass aroma! This is also the first Kratom strain that we’ve ever tried. Although I (Ben) ended up taking a higher dosage [...]   Hey everyone, Keeping kratom legal is what we all must try to do! Something recent just came up and it will take all of us to unite and keep one of our favorite plant of all times from being banned. I was recently told about the hearings that will be held for the banning of Kratom in New York, New Hampshire, Georgia, Florida, and now Alabama. *Update* Kentucky now on the list!   What Can You and I Do? This can, however, be stopped. The American Kratom Association has taken action on this and is one of the most well know Kratom organization to help keep kratom legal and spreading informative facts about kratom (it’s a harmless plant with great medicinal values). You can write to these congressmen [...]