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For those who hate the taste and smell of kratom, this is a list of some drinks you might want to try to help make your Kratom experience better! DRINKS YOU MIGHT WANT TO TRY    (Ranking is 1 to 3, 1 being the lowest and 3 is the best)   COFFEE (2)  Kratom is bitter and mixing coffee doesn’t really help make the bitterness any better, but what it will most likely do is completely mask the smell. If you don’t mind the bitterness, then give this one a try. If you are a person who is into fitness and are doing something like intermittent fasting, then this would be a great one for you. The combination can actually intensify the effects of Kratom.   BCAA (3)  Kratom with BCAA’s is a pretty good option [...] Going on the first date can be nerve racking for both sexes. It’s that anxious, nervous, judgmental, and exciting feeling that make it so hard to stay calm when you’ve been taught all your life that being perfect will get you what you want. What if there was a pill that could help you gain confidence without having any serious side effects or harm you in the long-run, would you take it? The closest thing that I can think of is kratom and preferably the moderate speed kratom.   Let’s take a little look at what each strain of kratom can do and why their speed matters.    Kratom Strains And The Effectiveness Of Their Speed For Going On Dates  SLOW STRAINS – These strains are very chill, relaxing, and calm. They can [...]   HOW WE MAKE KRATOM TEA We’ve been experimenting with kratom tea and so far and it has been pretty cool. The Kratom basically becomes a tea and has a more pleasant smell than when it was in its physical powdery form. Our experience with kratom tea isn’t much, but we’ll show you simple and easy steps to make the kratom tea. Try it and let us know how it goes. The method of making this type of Kratom tea is written by Victor Pride from Bold&Determined. The last time my brother and I have tried kratom tea was several months back, and the results were not as pleasant as we thought because we consumed the tea too fast. here is how it went: Measured out and used 8 grams of [...]

Our First Time With Kratom When I first bought Kratom, the smell of it never really bothered me much. It smelled exactly like tea and I couldn’t really figure out why some people thought the smell was so bad. After trying my first strain, I immediately hated the taste, but the smell was still fine. As a beginner, I was anxious to get the great aromas that people have been hyping about. I was impatient and took 2 grams every five minutes for a total of 8 grams that day. I thought Kratom didn’t work for me until my stomach started grumbling and left me feeling dizzy and lightheaded. The feeling was unpleasant and I went to the bathroom to try and puke, but it just won’t come out no [...]