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Hi everyone,

First off, we’re alive and safe. Thank you for all the comments and concerns over the years.

We had other things going and never really checked this great old website.

It’s been 4 years since the whole Kratom ban and it’s still going on which is crazy.

There’s something special about the Kratom community. Unlike anything in modern-day, we actually won against the DEA most of the time when they try to impose new bans on our favourite plant.

As you know most of our YouTube videos have been taken down about 2-3 years ago which sucks. But thinking back, we were so nervous when we first made those videos I thought no one would find value in them. Turns out it helped quite a lot of people.

We have better gears now with a lot more confidence in front of the camera now so maybe some new videos will be dropped.

Whether you’re still taking Kratom or not, it definitely was exciting times to try something new and see if it was a good fit.

Oh and to those who ask if we’re still taking kratom, the answer is yes.

And to those asking if our tolerance is the same after all these years. The answer is yes. Chihao still takes around 2-4 grams while Ben still takes .7-1gram to feel the effects.

How is this possible? Kratom Rotation.

It simply works.

Trying New Things For Pain

As you all know we’re really into working out and as we go harder in the gym, we’re more prone to injuries and pain.

Kratom does a great job masking that pain, but we also have been trying some new stuff like CBD oil.

Does CBD oil work?

From our experience, yes, it does. But the thing is, it makes you pretty sleepy.

We like to stay active and if you’re also the active type, you’d not want to go to sleep so soon.

It could be we need to test different types of CBD oil and see what works best, but so far from our experience, CBD oil is great for pain, but not so much energy.

When you take CBD oil you just want to relax and close your eyes.

If you’re using CBD oil, what CBD oil brand are you currently using?

Let us know about your experience.

What’s next for 2020?

To be honest we’re not even sure.

Keeping this blog updated all the time is quite hard as we work a lot now and don’t have much time out of our day to check every comment or write up a nice article.

But expect us to be more active than these last 3-4 years of Missing in Action.

What are you excited for in 2020?

The world just seems to get crazier and crazier every year haha.

Updating Old Articles And Adding Our New Experiences

After all these years of taking Kratom, we do have some new perspective on it. Although not much since everything covered here is still exactly the same thing we do till now.

What we’ll be doing is going back to the old articles and revamp them. Add a bit more context to them and add anything new that we discovered.

So, we both like to thank you to everyone who still reads this website.

Reading all the comments on here was heartwarming.

Thank you all.


Your bros,

Ben and Chihao




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