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Hello Everyone,

Do you find yourself tired or lazy to get up early in the morning?

Setting up the alarm and drinking just coffee alone can help tremendously, but there’s just something missing…

You guessed it.


I have been trying something different lately.

That something is Coffee + Kratom + Gym.

Coffee has been my friend for the past three months, and I know what you guys are thinking.

“Have you been under a rock? Coffee is so overrated and old news.”

I’ll admit, I would never drink coffee unless it was from StarBucks. I prefer the chocolate frappuccino with lots of icing or cream or whatever you call it.

This time, it’s different.

I find myself loving Coffee that I make on my own a lot more than what I would get at StarBucks.

I guess you can say I’ve leveled up in the Coffee field.

What I Do When I Have This Combination In The Morning.

It is one of the best motivating feelings I have ever felt. I feel great and ready to just hit the day hard.

What I do is take both Kratom and Coffee around 5 or 6 a.m in the morning before I head my way out to the gym.

As I am driving to the gym, the effects from both compounds would have already kicked in. If you’ve taken it before you’ll notice awake and alertness with warm fuzzy positive feelings.

After your workout, you’ll still feel awake and energetic with what I call,”hard work sweat”, dripping down your forehead as you walk back to your car feeling the cool early morning wind.

I have to say, it is also a great way to also burn fat.

Coffee is known for its fat burning properties combined with a morning workout on an empty stomach will make you a fat burning machine.

Check out my video where I talked about it and show you my usual morning routine.

How Well Does Kratom Go With Coffee?

I noticed that it doesn’t really enhance the effects of Kratom in a sense of making it a whole lot stronger.

It, however, does make me notice the effects a lot more.

Coffee + Kratom = A combination of both alertness and a sense of wellbeing/relaxed state, both physically and mentally.

Since they are in the same family tree, it’s great to see that they work so well together.

For those of you that have been a daily coffee consumer, I am sure you have tried this yourself. I would like to hear what you got from it, and do you like it as well?

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

How Should you Take Kratom With Coffee?

The two ways that I take it:

  1. Mixing the Kratom in with the coffee along with some creamer and sugar/artificial sugar.
  2. Drinking coffee first and waiting for an hour before taking Kratom.

I found that there isn’t much of a difference. You can go either way.

I prefer the first option though because it makes a great masking agent for Kratom. The sugar/artificial sugar masks the bitterness quite well.

So, if you’re looking for a cheap masking agent for Kratom, coffee is your go-to pal.

A whole bag of organic coffee usually costs around $10 bucks for 8-15 ounce bag, depending where you get it from.

You’ll probably use 7-10 grams of coffee each day (Not sure how much you pro coffee drinkers drink).

That’s like 20-30 cents a day.

Homemade is way-way cheaper than spending $5.  🙂

Plus it’s organic! ORGANIC!

Health Benefits From Coffee:

I’ve always heard bad stuff (mostly addiction) about coffee and I believe it was the reason why I never used it as much.

When I got into it, I did some quick searches, and found that coffee is very beneficial for the brain and helps prevent from certain types of cancers!

It’s also an antioxidant and great fat burner. I’ve always thought green tea was the king of antioxidant and fat burner, unfortunately, coffee is too.

Besides, most successful people drink coffee. They say “The path to success is paved in Coffee.”

More coffee benefits include prevention of Parkinson and Alzheimer disease. I don’t know how, but that sounds like some good benefits.

With benefits like that, it really dwarfs the misconception of addiction. I believe addiction is more of a mental thing and have not found myself to be addicted to coffee, except for its whole-lotta benefits.

Two plants in the same family with superb benefits working side by side, it sounds cool to me haha.


Give coffee a shot along with Kratom. It could be your most favorite way to take Kratom.

You got a whole lot of benefits to gain and nothing to loose.

my recommendation: Start drinking coffee folks!

That’s all.


P.S: We recommend getting Kratom from Coastline Kratom

  • Rooster Cogburn July 4, 2016, 3:26 am

    Me personally drinking back coffee sort of ‘negates’ the kratom feeling, by overpowering it. I like both in the morning time but here lately have noticed that all is well until I start drinking the coffee – then the kratom feeling just kind of disappears.

  • Tim July 17, 2016, 3:34 pm

    I am the supervisor at a 5 Star Hotel in Downtown Houston on Main St. I started out as a dishwasher… FOUND KRATOM…… Then Mixed coffee and kratom. In a nutshell I took my bosses position. I’ve been there 2 solid strong years and am the only original one left from when we opened.

  • Joe Shmoe April 29, 2017, 5:39 am

    Im going to have to agree with Rooster on this one. While Ive mixed coffee and kratom together a bunch of times and usually it’s no big deal, there are occasional times where I wish I hadn’t drank the coffee or the kratom in the same day. I feel like these two things mixed might not work so well. This might be due to being “overstimulated ” , since Kratom has stimulant properties in addition to coffee’s stim properites , maybe drinking too much coffee at once with Kratom is not a good idea. Obviously everyone is different I must admit. I think it all depends on why you are using kratom. If you are using it for stress and anxiety relief, maybe coffee is not the right thing to mix in and may actually stress you out even more.

  • Polly April 9, 2018, 9:27 pm

    I’m so happy I found this! However my method is a little different..I actually put the kratom (red) in my coffee grounds, I have a percolator pot. I add water to the bottom, my Bustelo to the container with a teaspoon of kratom, twist on he top and it goes right in the stove (old school) and brew it that way. No messy clean up adding coffee afterwards. Just my method. And it works for me! Best of luck to you 🤗

  • random lady December 16, 2018, 6:10 pm

    I see these are old posts BUT I couldn’t help but provide my new experience…..I just started taking kratom but have always been a coffee drinker and it does not hype me up, although I have found that taking kratom with coffee on an empty stomach mos def drives up the initial effects intensely, even though it’s only for the first 15 min of starting to feel the effects. For me this ends up with me taking a lesser dose than I was before and it lasting an hour or so longer than normal. For informational purposes, I take: 4 grams of maeng da (white vein)in capsule form, a whole cup of coffee for the next 30 minutes, on an empty stomach.Effects are quicker and longer. I have only felt this intense effect with this routine, and I have tried several others. Anyhow…. thank you and hope everyone is happy and healthy**


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