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Some of the best aromas that I have gotten was through the combination of 2 different kratom strains. It’s a new invigorating feeling compared to the 1 strain a day method. I can say that the feeling you get from combining them is equal or even greater than the first time you experienced kratom.

As I am typing this post, the aroma of the medium strain combined with fast strain that I consumed just this morning, kicked in.

I feel a combination of energy, motivation, happiness, and calmness. It is a great feeling and I want you guys to experience it too!

Without further ado lets get to the juicy details.


Keep In Mind That You’re Tolerance Can Rise Very High With This Method

When you’re combining the strains, be aware that the first consumption of the day will feel the best.

Afterwards, if you take it a 2nd time it won’t be anywhere near as good as the first. You might not even feel the aroma the second time because it will be so subtle.

So I recommend that you do this only once per day.


My general rule is to only do this every other day. Don’t make this a daily habit because you’re tolerance will sky rocket.


How Many Strain Should You Combine?

I recommend that you combine only 2 strains because through my experience, this has given me some of the most potent effects that I have ever had.

If you want to try 3 strains then go for it, but here is my reason why you should stick with just 2.

Lets say your usual dosage is at 3 grams and this is the exact amount it takes for you to feel the effects.

Today you decided to try a combo of 2 strains so you add  half a medium strain (1.5g) and half of a slow strain (1.5g).

This means that the effects of the medium strain is half of what it usually takes for you to get a good effect and same goes for the slow strain.

When you add 3 strains or more to the mix, each individual strain will become less potent until you really don’t know what you’re feeling.


When Combining Kratom, Don’t Stir The Two Strains Together

You want them to clump into their own strain type. I find that mixing these 2 strains into 1 type of powder weakens the effect.

watch the video below to see what I mean.

The Sum of The 2 Strains Should Equal Your Dosage or Slightly Higher


Lets say your dosage is 3 grams. You would combine it like this

Ex3. slow strain 1.5g +  medium strain 1.5g

When adding the fast strains you should keep it slightly lower then the other 2 because it doesn’t take much for the effects to hit. Medium and slow can be the same amount.

Ex1. fast strain 1.3 g  + medium strain 1.7g 

Ex2. fast strain 1.3 g  + slow strain 1.7g 


If you are dealing with 2 fast strains then your total dosage should be a little bit lower since these strains are very strong already.

If your regular dosage is 3 grams then reduce it to 2 – 2.5 grams.

Ex. fast strain 1 g + fast strain 1 g 


You Can Combine Strains of The Same Speed

Lets say you have 2 different strains like sleepy green kratom and snuggie kratom. Although they are both slow strains, they work really well together to make a stronger relaxed feeling. These aren’t the best combinations, but the effects are slightly enhanced from just consuming one slow strain.


Here’s My Opinion On The Different Combinations

2/3 Slow + 1/3 Fast

The best aroma that I have ever gotten from kratom was from the combination of slow and fast. This gives you a lot of motivation, energy, and you feel really relaxed and good inside.

I love using this when i’m getting work done. It allows me to focus on work for 3 – 5 hours straight without being distracted.


2/3 Medium + 1/3 Fast

This combination is the second best. It gives you motivation and energy and makes you happy and warm inside. I also like to use this combination for getting work done.

The effects that I get from this combination isn’t as strong as slow + fast, but it gives me that push to start being productive. I usually take this strain in the morning to start my productive streak for the day.


1/2 Medium + 1/2 Slow

This combo is the 3rd best in my opinion because it makes you feel bubbly, relax, warm, and lowers anxiety, but it doesn’t make me feel very productive as the (slow + fast) or (medium + fast). I like to feel productive so the other 2 combo is above this one.

I like to use this combination when i’m out with friends and socializing with new people. I’m more likable when i’m using this combination 🙂


1/2 Fast + 1/2 Fast

This combination doesn’t seem too work very well in the fact that it doesn’t enhance the effects. The aroma doesn’t feel like it has change. It seems like a regular fast strain.

Beware for potential side effects from this combo so make sure you take a slightly lower dosage than you’re normal medium and slow strains.

I don’t usually use this combination because it doesn’t seem to work for me, but you should give it a try anyways because everyone reacts differently to kratom.


1/2 Slow + 1/2 Slow

Increased relaxation and calmness. It is a nice change from the plain slow strain.

I recently started using this combination when I go to church and now I look forward to every sunday because I get to use this combo!

This is a great combo for chilling with family members, friends, or going to any event that you think is boring.

It makes you enjoy everything in life whether you love it or not.


1/2 Medium + 1/2 Medium

This is okay, I personally don’t like this combination because I can’t really tell the difference between this and just normally taking one strain of a moderate.

I believe that some of the best combos are the strains that give opposite effects because it gives you a variety of benefits at the same time.

I wouldn’t strongly recommend this combination, but you should still try it just to see how your body reacts to it.


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