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I know most of us who have been using Kratom for awhile now know what Kratom feels like. I want to share and help those who are excited, and are about to get into Kratom their first time.

Something that I found myself doing when I first started out Kratom was mistaking the Kratom effects with a placebo effect.

If you guys aren’t familiar with my story when I first tried out Kratom, then this will be a recap and also the reason why I overdosed.

Story Of A Newb:

I was really excited about the first time when I ordered Kratom after have reading it for several months before pulling the trigger and purchasing it.

I also read from a lot of people and their experiences with Kratom for the first time and thought wow… this must be some amazing feelings that these guys are getting.

Some people experienced euphoria where the colors were vibrant, and flashes of bright light blew into their face with an overwhelming feeling of happiness and joy (I have yet to experience any of that, but I do feel happy and relaxed).

Every day I would check my email and tracked my package. When my Kratom order came I ran to the mailbox, got my package, headed back to the apartment, and tore the package apart!

I was nervous at what I was about to experience.

I had read a lot about Kratom and that beginners should start out with a small dosage and find their sweet spot. But due to the overexcitement, I could not or did not think about most of the information that I had read.

I started out with about 1 gram.

At this point in time, I was still super excited and nervous at the same time as to see how I would react to it.

I swear that 5 minutes felt like 15 or 30 minutes. I was impatient!

I took another 1 grams in less than 5 minutes.

I waited for the effects, but it never came.

I took another 1 gram at 5 minutes.

waited for the effects, but it never came.

I repeated this process for several more times thinking that maybe if I keep taking more the effects will come faster. So much for all the months of reading about Kratom, I was a naive kid.

Then, I walked around the apartment for several hours, still excited and at this point I thought about all the experiences that people have had. Eventually, I started making false thoughts in my head saying that “I am feeling something.” and “I feel like talking to people.” etc etc…

I thought I was feeling awesome, and more social.

I talked to my roommates in an extremely positive manner and told them I was on Kratom and it had made me feel invincible.

It wasn’t until an hour or two later that the effects had kicked in, but it wasn’t the effects that I hoped for. I felt dizzy and nauseous. The only good feeling was I felt warm, fuzzy, and sleepy.

I laid down the couch for the whole day, I asked questions on the forum and found out I had overdosed.

Not so invincible anymore.

It was a placebo, at first, I tricked myself into thinking that I had felt something. I was impatient. Even when I had read so much on Kratom, my first experience was shitty. I did feel relax and happy after some time, but it was also accompanied by nausea and sleepiness.

The Lesson That I Learned From This?

It Is to not be overly excited about something and have high expectation for it. Be a little critical and have some doubts as to whether something actually does work for you.

Of course I didn’t apply this concept on my own, it took a lot of trying things out and falling for scams that eventually lead me to the right kind of people that I am forever glad to call them mentors.

I guess you can call it a blessing in disguise.

I was always one to always believe in something too quickly, and this way of thinking made me fall for a lot of scams and wasted my money on stuff that doesn’t work.

This all ties to experimenting and being a little scientist of your own. Experiment and see what can change your life and have a great impact on it.

Even if a product is great. No matter how great it is, alway keep a critical view, and be your own judge. Be the one who seeks the truth!

How To Know That It’s Not A Placebo:

Don’t expect to have an effect that’s mind blowing. Just know that Kratom is and what it can do.

Don’t rush it, and take your time. Give it awhile. Occupy yourself with something else for 30-45 minutes.

The effects of Kratom will kick in when you either feel

  1. A great warm feeling coming from your back, stomach, chest, or cheeks. I like to call this the “Warm Hug”.
  2. Bubbly happy feeling
  3. Body feels calm and relax, especially the feet.
  4. Nauseous or tired

If you feel a great warm feeling, congratulations you now know that Kratom works for you. The warm feeling is usually accompanied by feeling happy. You’ll notice you’re happy.

I can’t really describe happiness, but I believe my happiness feeling is the feeling that everything is alright, all my troubles are small insignificant things that can be changed.

I can’t describe what happiness will be like for everyone, but this is where it starts for me.

Now for No.3: If you feel nauseous or tired, then I wouldn’t think of it as a bad thing. If you think about it, if you are feeling like this then you know that Kratom is working for you and all you have to do is lower the dosage next time. So, lower your dosage by .5 gram or 1 gram next time.

Is It A Placebo?

If you notice yourself thinking about it too much. Basically, you won’t feel a warm sensation on your back, stomach, chest, or cheeks.

I believe the Placebo mostly affect people who have OCD. I find myself to have OCD and this really does create a false sense of the effects I am getting from Kratom. You’re constantly worrying, and can’t get your mind off of it.

My solution to that is just to do something else, and leave it alone, get busy doing something.


I know a lot of people will feel Kratom and not have this problem, but for the slight few people, this could be a problem.

The “warm hug” is very noticeable so most people will know when the Kratom kicks in.

You’ll probably notice the warm feeling a lot more by taking Kratom on an empty stomach.

So there you have it. It is the best way I could describe the differences between placebo and Kratom effect. Check out our comprehensive guide to Kratom for detailed information on Kratom if you’re new.

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That’s it guys,


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