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The fast strains are great for socializing, gaining energy, and getting things done.

In my earlier kratom days whenever I would take the fast strains, I would get really nasty side effects. There were multiple problems that I encountered such as, nausea, upset stomach, headaches, but the worst of all was the mood that I would be in.

I would get really annoyed by the sound of music, people talking and pretty much everything around me.

I just wanted to be alone and isolated from everything because I was so grumpy.

This was one of the things that I really didn’t know how to deal with at the time.


My Solution

Ever since then, I’ve finally found the solution to this problem through trial and error. I would go through a bunch of bad kratom experience to sometimes really good experiences, but I have learned a lot from it.

The main thing that you should do to avoid all of the problems we previously mentioned is to measure the amount of kratom you are consuming.

Yes, it’s that easy. Simply measure it correctly.

I use to be extremely lazy and randomly consume an unknown amount of kratom and this will cause the bad effects. What we call this lazy habit is “eyeball it quick! hit and go!

Just a heads up to beginners, be careful when taking the fast strains because you don’t really know your correct dosage. Once you do find your sweet spot, it will be a lot easier to avoid this problem.


Water Please, I Need Water!

Now let’s just say that you followed the advice that I just gave you and you still run into the problem. If this is the case then you should drink some water to keep yourself hydrated and take a nap and try it again another time at a smaller dosage.

We really do emphasize that you drink plenty of want to drink water is because fast strain kratom has a tendency to dehydrate you a lot. This may be one of the reasons that people such as myself get mood swings after taking kratom.

you want to drink water is because fast strain kratom has a tendency to dehydrate you a lot quicker than medium and slower strains.

Come to think of it, this may be another one of the reasons that people such as myself get mood swings after taking kratom.


How Long Are Naps To Get Rid Of Side Effects?

When it comes to napping away your side effects and mood swings from kratom, the most efficient amount of sleep is 15 to 30 minutes.

But you know what? Sleep however long you want. There are no rules, just go with how you feel!


Mixing Fast Strains With Other Slow and Moderate Strains

If you are planning to combine kratom strains, keep in mind that the ratio for fast strain is 1/3 and the other strain (medium or slow) is 2/3.

So what that means is make sure that the slow strains are always a little less than the slow or moderate strains.

Don’t have a higher ratio of fast strain to slow/medium strain because the side effects will hit you hard.

But then again, it really comes down to personal preference. We tend to say this a lot, but really, Kratom is so different for everyone that what we tell you is just a roadmap, the real experience is up to you. One thing we are certain, though, and that is you will Absolutely Love Kratom!

Let’s say your kratom dosage is 3 grams

These would be a bad example of combining fast strains

1.7 grams fast strain + 1.3 grams slow strain 

1.5 grams fast strain + 1.5 grams slow strain


This is a good example

1.3 grams fast strain + 1.7 grams slow strain



For kratom tea

If you’re ¬†following the guide and using 6 to 8 grams of fast strain kratom, don’t drink the tea in one sitting just like the toss¬†and wash method.

You are asking for trouble if you’re downing that much.

What you should be doing is¬†sipping the tea and stretching it throughout the day. The effects that you get won’t be as strong but it will certainly make you feel great and you’ll be a lot more productive.




Keep in mind that when taking the fast strain, the dosage you consume should be lower than the medium or fast strains.

This rule should also be applied for combining kratom.

When you take a fast strain kratom tea, remember to sip and not drink the whole thing in one gulp.

In my experience, the bad after effect of kratom doesn’t last too long, but you definitely want to avoid it.


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