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If you’re new to Kratom and wonder if it can be used to uplift your mood then I’m here to tell you that it can. Kratom gives you a peace of mind letting you know that everything is going to be okay. All the negativity you have in life will come to pass. 

Almost all of the strains can be used for this purpose but there are some that are better than others.

In this article, I want to talk about Kratom’s ability to make you happy to a point where even the worse negative thoughts would have little or no effects on you.



You want to take Kratom in the morning for two reasons.

  1. It hits a lot better when you’re on an empty stomach.
  2. You want to be happy in the morning because it sets your mood for the rest of the day.

This is what I recommend because it works so well. The empty stomach will give a stronger effect, and you’re happy first thing in the morning, talk about killing two birds with one stone. 

You can, however, take it at whatever time you like. But the best time to take Kratom would be on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning



Feel HappyI recommend the moderate strain for this. The moderate strain Happy Hippo I will definitely make you very happy, calm and relaxed. This was the very first strain that both my brother and I use, and it seems to live up to its name. Take this strain in the morning and see how it will be like for you.

In about 30 minutes you will most likely feel a warmth from your back.

The first time I used it, I couldn’t stop smiling and being happy. My anxiety disappeared and everyone I talked to loved it! I didn’t complain about my job (a grocery bagger) and for once in my life I was looking forward to going to work. 

The second strain that I recommend is Pleasant Green Hippo. It’s on the slower side of the moderate strain but this will also do. Do the same and take it in the morning. You will feel the same way but the effects will most likely make you very relaxed in the body. If you are a beginner then you probably won’t be able to tell the difference between the two strains.

Of course, all Kratom strains will make you happy, but those are the two that I love and would recommend.


Kratom affects the delta receptors in your brain which can alter the way you feel, but that’s not all. When I began using Kratom I notice that whatever negative emotion or thought enters my mind, it quickly disappear or has little or no effect. 

If you checked my brother’s article on Kratom and working out, he mentioned that it was the fact that Kratom had changed his train of thought that allowed him to push through the last few reps and sets new records on my lifts. 

Although the standard duration of the Kratom effects is said to last only 2-3 hours, we highly encourage people to use Kratom as a tool to aid their change from an unhappy depressed individual to a more happy and positive individual.

Or you can just easily take the same strain again for another 2-3 hours of happy times.

What I’ve found out is that if your day starts out good, the rest of the day seems to be a lot better.

We believe Kratom is a great supplement for happiness, but also, it must come from your desire and want to be happy in life too.


Kratom can be used to make you happy. I prefer taking it in the morning so my mood starts on a good note and that sets up for everything else for that day. It has helped me in my Journey of self-improvement and I’m sure it will help you too.

To get the best out of your life with Kratom, you should always be doing something to make every day worth it.

Go workout and get a nice body, you’ll thank yourself in the future. Learn something new, like playing the guitar. 

Kratom is a supplement and really does make you happy, but at the end of the day, it is still also up to you to make yourself happy.


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