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A lot of beginners struggle quite a bit when trying to find the right Kratom strains for their first time experience. This part is crucial as it could be a dealbreaker from even continue trying Kratom ever again.

Often times it’s because beginners are buying Kratom from an unknown vendor that provides cheap and bad quality Kratom. If you’re reading this post, then you’re most likely (99% chance) going to love kratom your first time go.

Happy Hippo 1 is the Kratom strain that we believe is best for beginners to try out. It’s easy on you in regards to side effects, and gives you that kickass aroma!

This is also the first Kratom strain that we’ve ever tried. Although I (Ben) ended up taking a higher dosage (5-7 grams) than my actual dosage (1-1.5 grams), I was still able to feel a warm feeling of appreciation for what I have despite feeling the overdosing side effects of nausea and sleepiness.

Happy Hippo 1 has been, by far, ours and many others most favorite strain ever! It was my ever first and still continue to have it in my rotation every single time that I reorder.



What Can You Use Happy Hippo 1 For?


This strain is actually very universal.

What I mean by that is, you can use this strain pretty much for everything. It’s like a happy medium of slow strains and fast strains for that calm, loving, and easy going vibe. I literally feel like a unique round peg that fits right into every social situation and you can too.

You can use Happy Hippo 1 for working out, going out at night, relaxing, or just when you’re at work. It makes everything seem more enjoyable and get you right in the mood that much quicker. 

My love for this strain never really faded away, I guess you can say it’s my forever #1 main squeeze when it comes to Kratom lol.

I do want to mention that everyone has their own preference on which strain is more preferable to them, and you’ll find out soon right when you get a good feel for how great the benefits of Kratom is. This is what I love about this strain and have let a lot of my friends and family use it only to find how much they love Kratom afterward.

I am convinced from experience that literally everyone whom I’ve given Happy Hippo 1 to has loved it and always asked for it when they want to take Kratom with me. My brother (Chihao) loves this strain too, but I am sure he has his own favorite from the various strains out there.

Because everyone reacts so well to this strain I guess you can label it as the gateway to open up to other Kratom strains that will be a part of your life. Who knows, you might just absolutely love this strain as much as my brother and I and many others have.

It’s the perfect strain for beginners to introduce their body and ease themselves in making Kratom benefit their life!



My Experience With Happy Hippo 1 After 2 years


I still do have anxiety, and till this day even though I know it in myself that I can go out and meet people, I get days where I get super anxious than others. This is especially true for the nightlife. I believe that it has been a combination of exposure to social situations and Kratom that really helped me give that extra push out of the comfort zone.

If you’ve ever been extremely anxious about going out at night, whether to a bar or somewhere where there are a lot of people, just simply take some Happy Hippo 1 and that anxious feeling is reduced by at least 80% – 90% depending on how you feel that day. The last 20% – 10% is really up to you and whether you’ve been exposed or willing to let loose and enjoy yourself for once.

More than likely Happy Hippo 1 will make you think of the situation as a “fun and exciting experience” rather than think about consequences.

Anxiety is the biggest thing my brother and I have used Kratom for actually, besides being productive and having a great workout.

Have fun in life, it’s full of unexpected experiences. If you sit at home all day, that’s pretty much the only experience you’ll have in your entire life! Kind of sad if you think about it.

Let Happy Hippo 1 do you some good! 🙂

Happy Hippo 1 Review The Best Kratom Strain For Beginners

Everyone has anxiety, really. The reason why a majority of the people at night are so free and loose is because they have a lot of alcohol in their system. Since most of us don’t like alcohol, we got Kratom, and that really is all you need to join the crowd of drunken women, men, dudes and chicks at night!

The Dosage You Need For Happy Hippo 1:

Best results for Happy Hippo 1 is to take it right on your sweet spot, no more and no less. It’s simple and will give you a super warm welcoming feeling in about 20-45 minutes.

For beginners,

If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile you know the protocol we take when trying to find the exact sweet spot.

we recommend that you get yourself a scale! it simply is the most accurate way to know what your sweet spot is and prevent any side effects from overdosing. Grab one from amazon, it’s fricken cheap! Make sure the scale is digital and super sensitive to grams, ounces, and quartz (or quarts?).

  1. Take a small piece of paper and fold it in half (hamburger style or hot dog style is fine).
  2. Place the paper on the scale and turn the scale on to even everything to zero. If you haven’t placed the paper onto the scale yet, place it on there, but the paper will be measured around .3-.5 grams, press the button “tare” to even it out to zero.
  3. Take Happy Hippo 1 and with a spoon carefully scoop out the fairly small amount and set it onto the paper resting on the scale.
  4. as you place the Kratom onto the scale it’ll be scaling up.
  5. We recommend your first dosage to be around 1.5 to 2 grams.
  6. After 30-45 minutes and you don’t feel anything, up the dosage by .5 or 1 grams.
  7. rinse and repeat until you feel warm, like a buzz from a beer or two.

That’s pretty much it.

Welcome to the world of Kratom.



Yours truly,

Kratompedia – Ben & Chihao



PS: You can get Happy Hippo 1 Here! It is from our trusted and recommended vendor that provides the Highest Quality Kratom made affordable. Be sure to use a Dwolla account if you can for 20% off your purchase.


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