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Our First Time With Kratom

When I first bought Kratom, the smell of it never really bothered me much. It smelled exactly like tea and I couldn’t really figure out why some people thought the smell was so bad.

After trying my first strain, I immediately hated the taste, but the smell was still fine.

As a beginner, I was anxious to get the great aromas that people have been hyping about. I was impatient and took 2 grams every five minutes for a total of 8 grams that day. I thought Kratom didn’t work for me until my stomach started grumbling and left me feeling dizzy and lightheaded.

The feeling was unpleasant and I went to the bathroom to try and puke, but it just won’t come out no matter how hard I tried. I laid in bed feeling like I had a cold.

Closing my eyes made it feel a lot better and I fell asleep for several hours. When I woke up, I felt much better, but still a little lightheaded and dizzy.

how to make kratom taste better

The next day I felt normal again and wanted to try Kratom, but this time I was smarter and gave the kratom a little more time to take into effect before I consumed anymore.

As I got closer to the Kratom the smell of it made me feel dizzy and I became more hesitant to take it. I didn’t want to feel the side effects again.

I was repulsed by the smell of kratom, it made me sick to my stomach. I, however, manned up and took it. The number of grams that I consume that day was reduced to half…

I felt sick from Kratom again! I had the bag of kratom right next to me and couldn’t stand the smell at this moment.

The smell and taste became repulsive and made me quit kratom for awhile…

But that’s not going to be your case since you’ll have our Beginner’s Kratom Guide. 🙂

Let’s go into detail about how you can mask the taste and smell of kratom with flavorful drinks, so you don’t end up feeling sick.

How to make Kratom taste better:

You want and love the benefits of Kratom, but getting it down into your system is a pain in the ass! We’ve been there and have tried literally a bunch of drinks to help find a solid mask for the taste and smell of Kratom.

Depending on your level of disgust for the taste from a scale of 1-10, some drinks may work better for you, and some may just be alright.

No matter the level of disgust that you have for Kratom, these drinks will actually make the taste and smell a little better.

How to mask the taste of Kratom? Here a video of out most favorite drink to mask Kratom with.

The best way to make Kratom taste a whole lot better is to mask it with a sweet and flavorful drink. The drink could be orange juice, Yoohoo chocolate drink, apple juice, and many other sweet drinks. If you have protein shakes, preferably chocolate, it can work very well too.

We recommend Barlean’s Greens Chocolate Silk vegetable drink from amazon. It completely masks the taste of Kratom and there is little to no after the smell of Kratom that can make you very nauseous.

Some people are very creative and have created some great stuff to make Kratom taste better such as brownies. We are not too sure how potent Kratom can be in brownies and have not yet tried it. It is very interesting and maybe something that we might do in the future.

A very inexpensive way to make Kratom taste better it to buy the small water enhancers called Mio. All you would need is a glass of water and a water flavor enhancer.

Now that you know how to make Kratom taste better, let’s talk about how you can take it while trying to make kratom taste better as best you can.

Two Simple Methods to Take Kratom and Make it Taste Better: Toss and Wash Method & Mixing it with other drinks

(The method above mentioned in the video is what we call the Wash and Toss method. It is the best way to take Kratom to get its effects)

The things you’ll need are:

  • Digital scale (Inexpensive) or measuring spoons
  • A small piece of paper (fold it into halves, hot dog style). You can also use aluminum foil
  • Flavorful drink such as Barlean’s Greens, orange juice, chocolate Yoohoo drink, Gatorade
  • Kratom (We recommend getting quality Kratom from Happy Hippo)

Now that you have everything ready, we will be preparing the Kratom dosage, and we will take it using the Toss and Wash method. 

Lets Begin:

Take your digital scale and have it set up and ready.

Fold your small piece of paper in half and place it on the digital scale.

Turn on your digital scale and it should show up as 0.0g. (Be sure you touch the scale a few times so it won’t turn off by itself)

Take the Kratom and begin to carefully pour it onto the small folded piece of paper.

Once you have the right Kratom measurement, it will be okay to leave the scale alone for a while as you prepare to use your beverage of choice.

Right about here you can still choose to stick with the toss and wash method, or go ahead and mix it right into your flavorful drink. 

If you mixed it into your drink be sure to stir it well and go ahead and drink it. You might also want to have some water because quite a bit of Kratom residue remains on the wall of your cup. splash some water and stir a bit more and drink till the cup is clean.

If you’re still committed to the toss and wash method then Toss the Kratom on your piece of paper into your mouth. 

Now that you have to toss the kratom into your mouth make sure to not move your tongue or smell it. Take a big sip of your drink and shake your head around while keeping your tongue still. You’ll feel the clumped up Kratom in your mouth. It’s nasty, we know :). Go ahead and swallow when you can and drink up.

A lot of people will prefer to mix it. We just like the toss and wash method because we want to get it over and done with. 

That is how we take our Kratom and the best way we know how to make kratom taste a whole lot better.

You may prefer to mix our drink now as it is the best option to mask the taste for beginners. Once you get the great effects of Kratom kicking in you will most likely want to get it done and over with, and will mostly like prefer the toss and wash method.

There are hundreds of flavorful drinks (Alcohol not recommended) that you can mix it with. Try it and see what works best for you.

Until next time 🙂

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  • Nancy Dressler September 22, 2018, 6:43 pm

    It’s terrible. Tried it in coffee next time I put it back of my throat and as flavored liquid as I could still alfull

  • Nancy Dressler September 22, 2018, 6:44 pm

    It’s terrible, never again… .

  • Patricia October 7, 2018, 8:57 pm

    Newbie here.
    Trying for the first time today. Yes you are right it tastes horrible. I mixed it with Chia tea still it was bad but I got it down . I measured one tsp of powder with the tea.. Maybe some juice the next time I’m trying it because I have back pain from osteoarthritis on my spine. Hopefully this will help without side effects.
    Thank you

  • LEE ANN PULLEN October 16, 2019, 2:18 pm

    I found making a peanut butter(with honey) sandwich and putting the kraton in the middle and squashing it make the taste bearable.

    • Ben Nguyen November 6, 2019, 2:26 am

      That’s a great idea Lee Ann. I’ll have to update this post and add more to it. It’s been many years. We’re still taking Kratom and now barely even taste the bitterness.

  • Jake Mathman January 24, 2020, 11:46 pm

    Table spoon in 100 ml of water. Do a quick shot and then rinse your month. Easiest way. Don’t take a table spoon if you haven’t done it before.


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