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How To Use Kratom

cold turkey

If you’ve ever built a high tolerance to kratom, to the point where it just didn’t work for you anymore, then you’ll understand the title.

The term “cold turkey” is used when someone who have built quite a high tolerance to Kratom, and has to go off of it for a week or two.

Now getting off of kratom can be hard for some people because they rely on it too much, or they are addicted to the feeling that it gives, but I want to show you that there are alternatives to using Kratom while going cold turkey.

These alternative will help your break from Kratom much easier.

If all else fail then we’ll find another way, or you may just have to suck it up for a week.

Stem & Vein

Stem and vein are the parts producers take off of the kratom leaf when they grind it into powder form. The stem and veins aren’t as potent as the leaf but they still work.

It takes a lot more for the effects to kick in.

Now the great thing about Stem&Vein is that it is one of the best thing to take when you’re off kratom. You can take this for a whole week straight while going off kratom and it will help lower your tolerance.

It comes in handy to have a 4 oz bag of this at home whenever we go off of kratom.

The taste isn’t like the regular kratom powder that you are used to. It tastes kind of like clay if have ever tried it as a kid.

I recommend taking double or slightly a little more than your Kratom dosage.

This is a lot of powder so you might want to put them in capsules to make it easier to consume.

Code Turkey Kratom

Click the image for Stem&Vein



Phenibut is a white powder that is consumed for lowering anxiety. This is very powerful if you want to reduce anxiety.

Another effect of phenibut is calmness, and it may also make music sound a lot better too.

This is very great for going out into social events.

The bad thing about this is probably a lack of concentration from my experience.

To take it you should start with .5 to 1 gram every two hours until you feel the effects.

In total three grams is all that you will need to get the maximum effects of phenibut. If you get the effect before 3 grams, then stop there, you don’t need anymore.

If you take more than you sweet spot for phenibut, it will probably make you sleepy, lethargic, or dizzy.

It takes about three to five hours for the effects to kick in so you have to take it ahead of time.

The taste of phenibut is probably one of the worst things you could ever experience. Compared to kratom this has got to be 10 times worse.

I recommend mixing this with flavored BCAA to mask the taste. The flavored BCAA will mask the taste but it will be sort of sour.

This is a pretty good alternative to Kratom if you want the lowering anxiety part, but be cautious because this one is powerful.

The effects are much stronger and if you take too much, you will feel extremely tired and nauseous so do not operate a vehicle when you take this.

I also recommend that you only take this once or twice a week.

Cold Turkey Kratom

Click the image for Phenibut



Kava Extract and Powder

Now kava, in my opinion is the best option when you want to get off of kratom. If you have ever tried kava it is kind of like kratom but the effects that it gives is sort of different.

You get kind of like a buzz from this and a little bit of calmness and confidence.

To be safe, do not operate a vehicle while taking this because it’s similar to a buzz from alcohol.

You can get this online which is an extract and much better quality, or you can get it off the counter supplements which is a little lower quality and it comes in pill form.

I’ve only tried the off the counter Kava and the dosage for me is around 10 – 12 pills.

What I’ve noticed from this is that it makes your tolerance to kratom go down really quickly.

I was on it for only two days and when I went back to kratom, my receptors were refreshed.

It usually takes me about five to seven days to refresh my receptors, but it only took two days when I was on kava.

So out of the three options, I say this is the best option when you decide to go cold turkey.

Cold Turkey Kratom

         Click the image for Kava



Last Option

If you do not have the option to take any of these alternative then my best advice for you is to let someone you trust hold on to the kratom.

By doing it this way, the Kratom isn’t flaunting itself at you with great temptations.

You will also know that they are safe for when you are ready after the week.

For me, I would always leave my kratom at my parents house before I head out to college for the week.

This gave me no way to get my kratom unless I was willing to make the drive back home.

When I was off of kratom for 2 days straight, it was pretty much off of my mind for the whole week or even more depending on how long I was staying at my college apartment.

When I came back home, my receptors were refreshed and I was good to go again.



Keep in mind that these alternatives cannot be rotated so expect your tolerance for these alternatives to go up while Kratom tolerance  goes down.

You’ll only have to take these for a week and your kratom receptors should be refreshed and ready to go.

In my honest opinion, Phenibut should be the last option because the effects that it gives is very strong compared to Kratom.

You should take phenibut only 1 – 2 times a week. I personally don’t like the feeling on phenibut, but I’ve heard that it’s been great for other people.

My first option would be to get stem and vein because it’s the safest route, then I would consider trying kava and phenibut.

If you feel like you can endure the cold turkey week without them, then I say good luck to you, sir/mam!



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combining kratom

Some of the best aromas that I have gotten was through the combination of 2 different kratom strains. It’s a new invigorating feeling compared to the 1 strain a day method. I can say that the feeling you get from combining them is equal or even greater than the first time you experienced kratom.

As I am typing this post, the aroma of the medium strain combined with fast strain that I consumed just this morning, kicked in.

I feel a combination of energy, motivation, happiness, and calmness. It is a great feeling and I want you guys to experience it too!

Without further ado lets get to the juicy details.


Keep In Mind That You’re Tolerance Can Rise Very High With This Method

When you’re combining the strains, be aware that the first consumption of the day will feel the best.

Afterwards, if you take it a 2nd time it won’t be anywhere near as good as the first. You might not even feel the aroma the second time because it will be so subtle.

So I recommend that you do this only once per day.


My general rule is to only do this every other day. Don’t make this a daily habit because you’re tolerance will sky rocket.


How Many Strain Should You Combine?

I recommend that you combine only 2 strains because through my experience, this has given me some of the most potent effects that I have ever had.

If you want to try 3 strains then go for it, but here is my reason why you should stick with just 2.

Lets say your usual dosage is at 3 grams and this is the exact amount it takes for you to feel the effects.

Today you decided to try a combo of 2 strains so you add  half a medium strain (1.5g) and half of a slow strain (1.5g).

This means that the effects of the medium strain is half of what it usually takes for you to get a good effect and same goes for the slow strain.

When you add 3 strains or more to the mix, each individual strain will become less potent until you really don’t know what you’re feeling.


When Combining Kratom, Don’t Stir The Two Strains Together

You want them to clump into their own strain type. I find that mixing these 2 strains into 1 type of powder weakens the effect.

watch the video below to see what I mean.

The Sum of The 2 Strains Should Equal Your Dosage or Slightly Higher


Lets say your dosage is 3 grams. You would combine it like this

Ex3. slow strain 1.5g +  medium strain 1.5g

When adding the fast strains you should keep it slightly lower then the other 2 because it doesn’t take much for the effects to hit. Medium and slow can be the same amount.

Ex1. fast strain 1.3 g  + medium strain 1.7g 

Ex2. fast strain 1.3 g  + slow strain 1.7g 


If you are dealing with 2 fast strains then your total dosage should be a little bit lower since these strains are very strong already.

If your regular dosage is 3 grams then reduce it to 2 – 2.5 grams.

Ex. fast strain 1 g + fast strain 1 g 


You Can Combine Strains of The Same Speed

Lets say you have 2 different strains like sleepy green kratom and snuggie kratom. Although they are both slow strains, they work really well together to make a stronger relaxed feeling. These aren’t the best combinations, but the effects are slightly enhanced from just consuming one slow strain.


Here’s My Opinion On The Different Combinations

2/3 Slow + 1/3 Fast

The best aroma that I have ever gotten from kratom was from the combination of slow and fast. This gives you a lot of motivation, energy, and you feel really relaxed and good inside.

I love using this when i’m getting work done. It allows me to focus on work for 3 – 5 hours straight without being distracted.


2/3 Medium + 1/3 Fast

This combination is the second best. It gives you motivation and energy and makes you happy and warm inside. I also like to use this combination for getting work done.

The effects that I get from this combination isn’t as strong as slow + fast, but it gives me that push to start being productive. I usually take this strain in the morning to start my productive streak for the day.


1/2 Medium + 1/2 Slow

This combo is the 3rd best in my opinion because it makes you feel bubbly, relax, warm, and lowers anxiety, but it doesn’t make me feel very productive as the (slow + fast) or (medium + fast). I like to feel productive so the other 2 combo is above this one.

I like to use this combination when i’m out with friends and socializing with new people. I’m more likable when i’m using this combination 🙂


1/2 Fast + 1/2 Fast

This combination doesn’t seem too work very well in the fact that it doesn’t enhance the effects. The aroma doesn’t feel like it has change. It seems like a regular fast strain.

Beware for potential side effects from this combo so make sure you take a slightly lower dosage than you’re normal medium and slow strains.

I don’t usually use this combination because it doesn’t seem to work for me, but you should give it a try anyways because everyone reacts differently to kratom.


1/2 Slow + 1/2 Slow

Increased relaxation and calmness. It is a nice change from the plain slow strain.

I recently started using this combination when I go to church and now I look forward to every sunday because I get to use this combo!

This is a great combo for chilling with family members, friends, or going to any event that you think is boring.

It makes you enjoy everything in life whether you love it or not.


1/2 Medium + 1/2 Medium

This is okay, I personally don’t like this combination because I can’t really tell the difference between this and just normally taking one strain of a moderate.

I believe that some of the best combos are the strains that give opposite effects because it gives you a variety of benefits at the same time.

I wouldn’t strongly recommend this combination, but you should still try it just to see how your body reacts to it.


P.S: We recommend getting Kratom from HappyHippoHerbals for the freshest Kratom. You can check out our reviews on the side bar and see our favorite strains.


A common question we have is, do you or can you smoke Kratom?

Kratom also known as Mitragyna Speciosa is a leaf.

Weed also known as Marijuana is a leaf.

So shouldn’t you smoke Kratom?

Sorry to say, but the answer is no. Maybe you can try, but we don’t recommend that you should smoke Kratom.

We don’t believe that it would yield favorable effects, nor is it an effective way to take Kratom.

Smoking Kratom

So Why Can’t You Smoke Kratom?

Personally we have not tried to smoke Kratom, so we wouldn’t know.

Kratom unlike Marijuana would probably take a lot more than 1 gram to have the effects kick in.

If you were to take Kratom the correct way, which is to toss and wash it down with a flavorful drink, then you would only need 2-5 grams because all of the Kratom and it’s alkaloids would enter your bloodstream.

If you were to smoke Kratom around 2-5 grams, a vast majority of the Kratom alkaloids are dispensed into the air from the smoke. Also add with the fact that the fire would easily destroy quite a lot of the active alkaloids.

We estimate that you would have to smoke at least 10-15 grams of Kratom to feel anything.

What this means is that it would be a quite unpleasant and an expensive option to you if you were to smoke Kratom.


Smoking Kratom

Going back in history, Kratom leaves were eaten or chewed by the local natives of Southeast Asia.

Kratom was never smoked. The people in Thailand would eat the leaves or chew it to get its good effects. These people have been using Kratom for centuries and have always preferred eating or chewing the leaves rather than smoking it.

Perhaps it could be that they have experimented with smoking kratom and found it to be unpleasant or did not yield the desired effects.

If you were to google “Smoking Kratom Experiences” it would pop up some unpleasant stories. There hasn’t been many or any report on the pleasant feeling you would get from smoking Kratom.

It also really comes down to which method of taking kratom would be most effective to reap the benefits of Kratom.

In Conclusion

We don’t recommend smoking Kratom as it is an expensive way to use kratom effectively.

Reasons are that the smell of Kratom is unpleasant. We can’t imagine the smell of it in the form of gas.

Another thing is that Kratom’s alkaloids are very sensitive to heat and will destroy them, and also add it with the fact that most of the alkaloids will also be dispense from the smoke from the tip of the “blunt” would reduce the amount of alkaloids that will enter your body.

It’s best to stick to the toss and wash method, or just plain and simple mixing it with a flavorful drink.

Smoking Kratom? No, it’s pointless.

Until next time

-Ben Nguyen


If you are a beginner, or wanting to know what Kratom is go ahead and check out our Kratom Guide geared towards beginners.


A common mistake that a lot of newbies do when they get into Kratom is that they buy only one strain and reuse it over and over. At first it works quite well, but eventually, they’ll notice that the effects get weaker.

Rotating strains of Kratom is important for one very important reason only, and it is to keep your tolerance low. It’s also good so you can try out other Kratom strains as well. 

We also discuss Kratom rotation in our Kratom Beginners Guide.

If you take the same strain day in and day out, your body will get used to that specific strain and the effects won’t be as strong as it used to be.

Imagine working out and doing the same exercises every day. It’s hard at the start, but your body will eventually find a more efficient way to perform them. If you don’t do that movement every day, then your body won’t be so used to it. Your tolerance to Kratom is like working out. With constant exposure to the same thing, the body will find a better way to handle it or get use to it.

When I first started Kratom, rotating the kratom strains was one thing that I did right. Most of the time, I would have good aromas from taking Kratom unless I overdosed.

Although I did rotate strains correctly, I was also curious and broked the rules just to see what would happen. I would experiment and try one kratom strain and continued taking it the following days, and what I notice was the Strain’s effect worked well for 2 days. On the third day, the same Kratom strain wasn’t as potent as when I had rotated the strains properly.

For some crazy reason, as my tolerance for the specific strain increased, so did my tolerance for the rest of the other Kratom strains. As a result, I had to go cold turkey for about a week.

It sucked, but good thing you found this guide before you start burning one specific strain and complain about Kratom not working for you anymore. 🙂

Tolerance To Kratom



To rotate strain you should consume a different type of kratom strain every day. Preferably 5-7 strains should be in your rotation.

If you want to take the same strain again then you should give it roughly around 3 days to take that same strain again. The more times you take the same strain without proper rotation, the more your tolerance builds up, thus makes that specific strain much much more difficult to take effect.

One thing you can do is take the same strain on the same day, but do know that you will have to take a slightly larger dose than you did earlier. We say take it again after 3-4 hours from the last time you took it.


This depends on the individual. If you aren’t set on taking Kratom every day (beginners), then 3 is the minimum. But to effectively keep tolerance down you should have, like said previously, around 5-7 strains.

Each strain has its own speed, and we usually tend to prefer a different speed every day. Monday could be moderate, Tuesday could be fast, Wednesday could be slow, Thursday could be back to moderate, Friday could be fast, Saturday could be slow, Sunday can be moderate.

We don’t believe the different rotation of speed would have much effect on tolerance, it’s just how we prefer to do it. We’ve also gone from one fast strain to another fast strain the following day. An example would be taking Hyper Hippo (Maeng Da) on Monday and then taking Red Hot Hippo (Red Thai) on Tuesday.

So for most people, if you are planning to live the Kratom lifestyle then we would recommend 5 to 7 strains so you can rotate them properly.

For a beginner start out with 3. There is a Happy Hippo Starter Pack with three great strains for some rotation practice.





Tolerance To Kratom




Tolerance To Kratom



You can lower your tolerance by going off of Kratom (cold turkey) for a week. The better way is to properly rotate your Kratom strains. If done correctly, you will always need the exact same amount of Kratom to hit your sweet spot, no more, no less.

Those who have been taking only one strain should go off Kratom for one whole week then after that, you can go ahead and take Kratom again while properly rotating strains.

Pros and Cons of Rotating:

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of having a rotation schedule. If you are a daily user of Kratom it is best to decide and plan ahead on your Kratom rotation schedule.

Pros of having a Kratom rotation:

  • You are able to keep your Kratom tolerance down by allowing your receptors to refresh to a certain strain for 3 days or up to a week while getting an effect from a different strain.
  • You are able to try out many different types of strains and know which Kratom strains work best for what days you are using it for.
  • Your Kratom effects will always be strong as they were the first time you’ve tried it.
  • Having multiple strains will allow you to experiment by combining strains to get different effects. (We are currently trying this out and some combination are duds and some are amazing).

Cons of having a Kratom rotation:

  • Having many strains, around 5-7, can get quite expensive, and not a lot of people can’t do that due to their financial situations. 
  • Some strains may not be best for you. (try strains before you add them to your rotation).
  • You are a Kratom fanatic/freak :).

There you have the pros and cons of having a Kratom rotation.

For beginners, you should definitely not buy 5-7 strains your first time, unless you’re super-rich. We suggest you get three strains and try them out, and then try different trains the next time. The reason for this is because you shouldn’t invest your money in strains that may not work for you in the future. 

For the first six months, beginners should experiment. Until you find the right strains for you, and until you have decided that you want to take Kratom daily is when you should begin taking rotation seriously.

If your financial situation doesn’t allow you to rotate 5-7 strains, we suggest having on 3-4 strains and have some days where you don’t take Kratom at all.


Remember that to take a specific strain again, it should be 3 days apart from the time you last consumed it.

Don’t take the same strain on consecutive days.

If you already have built up a high tolerance to Kratom, you can simply go off kratom for a week to lower your kratom tolerance. 

For beginners, you should give yourself some time, roughly around 6 months, to experiment with Kratom before they decide to make Kratom a part of your life. By doing this you save money and be able to experiment with kratom without fully investing in the idea of making it a lifestyle.

Until next time.

.-Ben and Chihao

P.S: If you’re looking for a great vendor we recommend checking out Happy Hippo Herbals. They have the best Kratom and we have personally been using them for almost three years now.

For those who hate the taste and smell of kratom, this is a list of some drinks you might want to try to help make your Kratom experience better!
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