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Kratom is different for everyone.

But when it comes to gender, is Kratom different for men and women in regards to dosage and effects?

The answer to that is: For most “yes”, for some “no”.

In our experiences, we find that when we offer Kratom to our female friend, they often refuse, but the ones that do accept it required a smaller dosage than we do.

In fact, just .5 grams – 1 grams made them feel the nice effects. This doesn’t conclude that all women will benefit from kratom around those measured dosages. 

This is what makes Kratom, and pretty much every other supplement, so interesting because everyone just reacts differently.


Why Might A Majority Of Women Will Only Need A Small Amount

This is just from what we’ve seen throughout our years of living on planet earth. We see that when it comes to taking a certain amount of substances, for women, they only need a small dosage to get good effects and if it passes any more than that small dosage they usually will get bad side effects.

You can see this in studies done for the differences in the way alcohol affects men and women differently. It only takes a little bit to get a woman drunk than it is for a man. 

Same thing with steroids.

Women who do bodybuilding will only need a small dosage to get that nice figure without sacrificing too much of her feminine features and develop unwanted male features and characteristics.

As for men who do bodybuilding, they can take a higher dosage and look super good, but with proper precautions and know what they’re doing.

Should it be any different for men and women when it comes to Kratom? We like to say no because Kratom, unlike alcohol and steroid, is a natural plant that is purely organic and reacts to each personal naturally and differently.

But since women are programmed to physically be smaller not as strong as men, they may only need the standard dosage or less to get the best effects from Kratom… It’s how nature works.


From Our Experience

We’ve given Kratom to some women and younger girls and they seem to react to Kratom in extremely small dosages .5 grams to the usual standard 2 grams. We are also giving them extremely high-quality Kratom that will hit anyone at 2-5 grams. 

It’s really hard for us to introduce Kratom to the younger girls actually since they don’t know what the heck it is. If you were to offer the some weed, however, they’ll be more than eager to try since it’s popular and everyone is doing it. 

We believe it’s a popularity thing and safety issue. Kratom is very safe by the way. Between Kratom and Marijuana, I’d say Kratom is slightly safer and more calming.

The women and girls that we do manage to get to try Kratom would only take it in extremely small dosages, and if you try to give them more than say 2 grams they’ll freak out haha.

Most girls do respond quite well to .5 grams (small), and 1.5 grams (highest). Some don’t even feel anything at 1.5 grams and that really shows that everyone is different, if we were to give those girls more they would probably feel it.

It was even hard to give Kratom to female family members, but we managed to and they too react better within the .5 grams to 1.5 grams, even at 1.5 grams is too much and they get super sedated. 

This is not to say that women are different when it comes to Kratom, but most will only need a small dosage to get the full benefits of Kratom. I Ben, a young man, only requires 1 to 1.5 grams to get good Kratom effects and know a few other men who only need low dosages to get the same feeling/benefits. 


Are The Kratom Effects The Same For Men And Women

Based on what we’ve seen and the men and women that we have given it to have all had similar effects.

They can describe it as a warm sensation that makes you super happy, rids the pain, and just overall a more peaceful and relaxing life.

There may be some differences, we don’t personally know, but maybe there are other women on YouTube or blogs can describe it better than we can.

We just know that Kratom is a life changer for many people. It can very well be for you too if you give it a chance before big pharma and large businesses want to ban it and make a large profit from it.



Everyone is different and will respond differently to Kratom. 

Women may only need a small dosage to get the best effects from Kratom. This isn’t a bad thing ladies, you save a whole lot of money and should feel totally blessed. 

Heck, even I (Ben) love the fact that I only need 1-1.5 grams. 


Thanks for reading,

Kratompedia – Ben & Chiao



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