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Our answer is “YES”. When Kratom is taken by itself with no mixture of any other substances it is very safe.

Just so everyone knows, my brother and I are not doctors. We however have been using Kratom for over a year and neither of us have had any problems. We haven’t even gotten sick ever since.

Why we believe that Kratom is safe is because Kratom has not had any reports of death when it is taken alone without mixing it with other substances.

As recommended, Kratom should be taken by itself with no mixture of any other substances. It should also be taken 1-3 grams for beginners and can go up from 4 to 6 grams for more experienced users. It’s pretty much about taking the right amount to hit your sweet spot.

The worse thing that Kratom can do to you is:

  • Make you feel very very sleepy
  • Nauseous like getting sea sick
  • Increase Anxiety
  • Stomach Ache

You can easily prevent these small problems by not taking a higher dosage than recommended. I however wouldn’t mind feeling sleepy later in the night or on Sunday though :).

Can Kratom get addicting?

Is Kratom Safe?

I’d be lying to you if I told you “No”.


Because if you think about it, anything can be addictive and it doesn’t necessarily have to be about drugs or herbal plants.

Take the addiction to gambling as an example, people become addicted to it, and it isn’t a substance.

There are also people who are addicted to video games too. There are reported deaths from playing too much video games.

Funny fact is my brother and I use to be glued to the computer playing endless amount of video games such as World of Warcraft and League of Legends. We were indeed video game addicts.

We believe addiction has more to do about the person.

I’d like to say that we are not addicted to Kratom. Not one bit. We’ve gone weeks without it and felt fine. But when we do have it, we’re always feeling happy.

Kratom Has Been Used for Centuries

Is Kratom Safe?

People in southeast Asia, especially in Thailand, would chew the Kratom leaf. They have been doing it for centuries. Buddhism also used Kratom as a healing and meditation tool.

The reason for Kratom being banned in Thailand was more because of political issues, not because they thought the leaf was dangerous. Just so you know.

It is also founded that back in the old days workers who chewed Kratom leaves worked harder than those who chewed Marijuana leaves.

Kratom as a PainKiller and Mood Enhancer.

Is Kratom Safe?

My dad has had back pain problems recently when he tries to reach for something on the floor and has to bend his back.

I told him to try Kratom out and gave him 3.5 grams. The first 15-30 minutes he did not feel anything. Around 45 minutes later his pain was gone. Not only that but he seemed less stressed out about his back and was peacefully enjoying his night, until bed time.

I’ve also had some minor injuries from lifting heavier than I should, and Kratom masks the pain quite well.

People who have used Kratom for pain also say that they were in so much pain to even walk. By using Kratom allowed them to walk again.

For pain relief I recommend slow strains and moderate strains of Kratom. The fast strains are more for motivation and boost in energy.

Also, when using Kratom as a pain reliever you can keep your tolerance quite low by rotating Kratom strain which we also talked about in our guide.

Comparing to prescribed painkillers you can only take the painkillers for so long that you’ll have a higher tolerance, thus need more prescribed painkillers.

If you can properly rotate you Kratom Strain, you will only need to use Kratom for pain anytime you want without building up a tolerance to it.

Final Note: Is Kratom Safe? To us, Yes it is.

So there you have it. our experiences with Kratom for over more than a year has led us to believing that it is safe when taken by itself and not mixing with any other substances.

Kratom has helped many people ranging from painkillers to anxiety, depression, uplift mood, and productivity.

Again we are not doctors and can only give you our thoughts from our experience.

We hope this has helped you.

Until next time.


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