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Kratom dosage is the amount of kratom you need to consume for you to feel the effects. The dosage is different for everyone so this article is dedicated to helping you find it.

Some people quit on kratom because they don’t feel anything from it. Sometimes it is because their body just doesn’t respond to kratom and most of the time it’s because they aren’t taking the correct dosage to feel something from it.

If you have been taking kratom and you felt extremely tired or nauseous, we would consider that  a good thing because your body does respond to kratom but you probably took too much and you went over your dosage.

If you take kratom in medium (2-3 grams) to high (5-7 grams), and you don’t feel anything, then that would most likely mean that

  1. The quality of the kratom sucks
  2. You don’t respond well to those strains
  3. Or Kratom just doesn’t work for you.

Now we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves and decide that kratom doesn’t work for us until we experiment with it for awhile.


This is how you should experiment to find your dosage the safe way:

Step 1  first you take .5 or 1 gram of kratom

Step 2 if you don’t feel anything after 10 -15 minutes then take another .5 grams

Step 3 repeat step 2 until you feel something

If you still don’t feel anything don’t give up. You can call it a day for today but tomorrow try the experiment again.


Another way you can do it is to  (not so safe but faster)

Step 1 takes the standard dosage which is 2 to 2.5 grams.

Step 2 if you feel something and it feels good, congratulations, you have just found your sweet spot.

If step 2 fails and you felt nauseous, call it a day, lay down and sleep, and take a smaller dosage the next day.



don’t try to concentrate hard on whether you feel the effects or not. Just go along with your business and you should notice it sooner or later.

It’s really hard for beginners to point out whether or not they are feeling anything from the kratom until they have taken it for a while. Once  they have taken it for a while, their kratom IQ will go up and they will be able to point out exactly when the effects hit.




I know that we have a talk about this topic many times in our past articles and videos, but we wanted this topic to be its own separate post. This will make it easier to find and navigate to.

Don’t give up, if you don’t feel anything from kratom the first time you use it. It might take a while for your body to get used to so keep trying it for at least a week before you throw in the towel.

If all else fails then there are alternatives to kratom that are equal or even stronger in effects that you may like.

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