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Kratom Effects

I have recently been getting constant gassy stomach, bloating, constipation, and ab pains from consuming one of my brother’s vegetable smoothies. 

I later found out that this was called irritable bowl syndrome which described all the problems I’ve been getting.

The pain was like being punch in the gut nonstop even when I was asleep. 

What helped the most through this problem was kratom.

It got me through the roughest part of IBS which was the constant pains in the stomach and made me feel like the pain wasn’t there at all. 

In this article I will show you how I used kratom to help with this problem and a little extra things I did to cure it.

Here is a glimpse of what I did to cure my IBS:

  • not laying on my back
  • foam roll
  • changed my diet
  • drink warm water
  • stayed away from sugar
  • had probiotics

How I Took Kratom For IBS

When I wake up I take my normal dosage of kratom which is 3 grams. In about 15 minutes, the stomach and ab pains will disappear for half the day.

I will take another dosage for the other half of the day which would be 2.5 grams. Then I would take one last dosage at 2 grams to go to sleep.

Because of these problems I haven’t been rotating the strains properly but I still am trying to take different strains a day. I have noticed that my tolerance has shot up but the pain always disappears regardless.

I have these strains – Happy Hippo 1, Happy Hippo 2, Magic Hippo, and Snuggie Hippo

My Rotation looks like this

irritable bowl syndrome

For Friday through Saturday, I start combining the strains and although my tolerance shoots way up, the kratom will still make the stomach pains go away. I just don’t feel any other effects such as improved mood, calmness, focus, etc…

What Is IBS?

For those that don’t know, IBS is a disorder that affects the large intestine.

It can cause a variety of different problems such as gassinessbloating, constipationpain in the abdomen, diarrhea and constipation.

This syndrome can be caused by different things such as stress, diet and allergic reaction to a certain food.

IBS has made laying on my back unbearable and impossible to get any quality sleep at night. I would build too much gas up if I was laying on my back which wouldn’t be released so I had to lay on my stomach. I would also have to wake up every hour in the middle of the night to use the restroom, but nothing would come out.

What has been helping me a lot with my stomach pains from IBS is taking kratom. Specifically the slow and medium strains which I take three times a day. I have been taking steps to recovery and kratom makes it feel like this syndrome doesn’t even exist, well, until the effects disappear and then i’ll realize that it’s still there.

I can confidently say that the problems that I had is now halved from what it was a week ago.

Here is what I’ve been doing to recover

I Try Not To Lay On My Back

I make sure that I am sitting in an upright posture so the gases can be released and not linger and build up around in my stomach.

If I can then I will be standing up and strolling around and this also helps with food digestion and releasing gas from the stomach.

I Foam Roll

After taking kratom in the morning, I will usually foam roll my lower back and then my abs. Ever since IBS occurred, I have been aching from the lower back so I use a foam roller and it solves the issue.

I would then foam roll my abs and this helps moves the gases that are stuck in my stomach to go down.

I haven’t been foam rolling anymore because my IBS isn’t too bad anymore and my pains have lowered a lot.

If you don’t have a foam roller then find a cylinder that is thick enough for you to roll your back on (preferably 6×12 or 5×10 will still do).

I Eat Foods That Can Easily Be Digested

I stop eating raw vegetables and started boiling them before I eat. I pretty much just threw everything I want to eat into a crockpot and cook it on slow for 8 – 10 hours.

This makes the vegetables, chicken, beef, and everything tender and soft.

If I feel like cheating on my diet, then I would cheat on ramen noodles.

The noodles are soft and easily digestible.

The only problem with this is that it makes me really gassy, which is counterproductive.

Stay Away From Simple Carbs And Simple Sugars

I would recommend that you stay away from simple sugars and simple carbs if you want to be serious with recovery.

These will cause gassiness and stomach pains if you consume too much.

An example of simple carbs is white potatoes, white rice, white bread,  ramen noodles.

An example of simple sugar is candy, doughnuts, cake.

If you want carbs then you can try sweet potato.

One fist-size sweet potato will fill me up for 3 to 4 hours (this doesn’t sound right…).

I Only Drink Warm Water

Drinking warm water really helps relieve my stomach pains.

This is the only thing I drink now because it’s not only healthy but also feels good when you drink it.

When I drink the warm water, it makes my soothes my stomach pains and I feel like all the gas built up is moving down.

You should be drinking a lot of warm water because it will help make the recovery process a lot faster.

I drink warm water in the morning, during breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, dinner, and before I go to sleep.

This is the only thing you should be drinking. You should stay away from any cold beverage.

I Take Probiotics And Eat Yogurt

I take probiotics every day and eat yogurt every day.

This will help your stomach digest food easily so you feel normal again.

These don’t help immediately, but in the long term will keep your digestive system functioning properly and healthy.

I got my probiotics from a probiotic drink in the dairy aisle and same for the yogurt.

They taste great so you should have no problem consuming them.

One thing that I do before I consuming these two is that I leave them out of the fridge and let them warm up to room temperature before I consume them.

The only reason I do this is because it easier on my stomach.


I cannot emphasize enough on how much kratom has helped me through this problem. 

My stomach was in excruciating pain and the only way I can describe it would be like holding in your poop for 2 weeks straight.

With Kratom the pain completely went away until the effects wore off.

As for the extra things that I did to help cure IBS, the main thing that I recommend is to change up you’re eating habits and diet if nothing else.

Eating healthy and easily digestive food will give your digestive  system less work so this will give it an easier and faster time to heal up.

P.S: I get Kratom from Coastline Kratom.

Fast Strain

Do You hate reading? Watch The Video Instead 🙂

The fast strains are great for socializing, gaining energy, and getting things done.

In my earlier kratom days whenever I would take the fast strains, I would get really nasty side effects. There were multiple problems that I encountered such as, nausea, upset stomach, headaches, but the worst of all was the mood that I would be in.

I would get really annoyed by the sound of music, people talking and pretty much everything around me.

I just wanted to be alone and isolated from everything because I was so grumpy.

This was one of the things that I really didn’t know how to deal with at the time.


My Solution

Ever since then, I’ve finally found the solution to this problem through trial and error. I would go through a bunch of bad kratom experience to sometimes really good experiences, but I have learned a lot from it.

The main thing that you should do to avoid all of the problems we previously mentioned is to measure the amount of kratom you are consuming.

Yes, it’s that easy. Simply measure it correctly.

I use to be extremely lazy and randomly consume an unknown amount of kratom and this will cause the bad effects. What we call this lazy habit is “eyeball it quick! hit and go!

Just a heads up to beginners, be careful when taking the fast strains because you don’t really know your correct dosage. Once you do find your sweet spot, it will be a lot easier to avoid this problem.


Water Please, I Need Water!

Now let’s just say that you followed the advice that I just gave you and you still run into the problem. If this is the case then you should drink some water to keep yourself hydrated and take a nap and try it again another time at a smaller dosage.

We really do emphasize that you drink plenty of want to drink water is because fast strain kratom has a tendency to dehydrate you a lot. This may be one of the reasons that people such as myself get mood swings after taking kratom.

you want to drink water is because fast strain kratom has a tendency to dehydrate you a lot quicker than medium and slower strains.

Come to think of it, this may be another one of the reasons that people such as myself get mood swings after taking kratom.


How Long Are Naps To Get Rid Of Side Effects?

When it comes to napping away your side effects and mood swings from kratom, the most efficient amount of sleep is 15 to 30 minutes.

But you know what? Sleep however long you want. There are no rules, just go with how you feel!


Mixing Fast Strains With Other Slow and Moderate Strains

If you are planning to combine kratom strains, keep in mind that the ratio for fast strain is 1/3 and the other strain (medium or slow) is 2/3.

So what that means is make sure that the slow strains are always a little less than the slow or moderate strains.

Don’t have a higher ratio of fast strain to slow/medium strain because the side effects will hit you hard.

But then again, it really comes down to personal preference. We tend to say this a lot, but really, Kratom is so different for everyone that what we tell you is just a roadmap, the real experience is up to you. One thing we are certain, though, and that is you will Absolutely Love Kratom!

Let’s say your kratom dosage is 3 grams

These would be a bad example of combining fast strains

1.7 grams fast strain + 1.3 grams slow strain 

1.5 grams fast strain + 1.5 grams slow strain


This is a good example

1.3 grams fast strain + 1.7 grams slow strain



For kratom tea

If you’re  following the guide and using 6 to 8 grams of fast strain kratom, don’t drink the tea in one sitting just like the toss and wash method.

You are asking for trouble if you’re downing that much.

What you should be doing is sipping the tea and stretching it throughout the day. The effects that you get won’t be as strong but it will certainly make you feel great and you’ll be a lot more productive.




Keep in mind that when taking the fast strain, the dosage you consume should be lower than the medium or fast strains.

This rule should also be applied for combining kratom.

When you take a fast strain kratom tea, remember to sip and not drink the whole thing in one gulp.

In my experience, the bad after effect of kratom doesn’t last too long, but you definitely want to avoid it.


Pain Relief

Hey guys, I hope you all are doing well.

In this article, we’ll be talking about physical pain or chronic pain that are bothersome or holding a lot of people back from living a normal life.

My brother and I do not really have any sort of serious chronic pain aside from a few small injuries and soreness from weight lifting.

We have friends and family who do however have some form of pain from aging such as back pain and gout.

From what we’ve witnessed and experienced on our own, we are confident enough to say that Kratom for pain works like a magic pill and way better than mainstream pain relievers that doctors prescribe to their patients.

If you are someone who has any sort of pain, please do not overlook this amazing plant, it surely will relieve you of a majority of physical pain that you may have.

Another funny thing is, is that Kratom can also relieve people of emotional pain too, such as depression and anxiety. The way I see it is like killing two birds with one stone.

Why Kratom is a much better Pain reliever than mainstream pain relievers

The First Reason I believe kratom is a much better alternative is that because it will always work.

What I mean by “it will always work” is the fact that you can literally never build up a tolerance to it. The reason for this is because you have such a large variety to rotate from each and every day.

If you are properly rotating Kratom, you know this to be true, and a build up of a tolerance to it is just not possible.

Mainstream pain relievers do not give you the option to rotate from a different variety, therefore, people always complain that the pain medication they were given has little to no effects.

I can’t stress how many people have told me that their pain medication doesn’t work anymore. the number one reason it doesn’t work the same way anymore is because the simple fact that you have no other variety to rotate from, thus you build up a high tolerance.

The Second Reason I believe Kratom is a much better alternative to mainstream pain relievers is because dependency and addiction are very low to none. 

The reason for the low dependency and addiction comes from the fact that, Kratom, unlike other pain medications, hits the delta receptors rather than the mu receptors.

The delta receptor is less prone to dependency and addiction while giving you similar effects to the mu receptors. 

Also, if you ever overdose on Kratom, the side effects range from tiredness to nauseousness, which can easily overcome by a nap and some yogurt.

The Third Reason I believe Kratom is a much better alternative to pain medication is that if you get your Kratom from a trusted vendor which will sell you 100% pure organic Kratom, it is much healthier due to Kratom’s antioxidant properties. 

Also, you don’t smoke Kratom so, there are not tar or lung related issues.

One more awesome fact is that Kratom is also known to help people relieve withdrawal symptoms from hardcore drugs. In other words, it helps people get off hardcore drugs and addiction.


Is There Any Downside to Kratom As a Pain reliever?

The only noticeable downside to Kratom that we have found are from overdosing, or from a beginner first try with Kratom.

Some beginners will accept Kratom on the first try, but there will be some that will have to slowly introduce Kratom into their bodies. Once the body is used to Kratom, that’s when people begin to notice how great Kratom is.

When someone overdoses on Kratom they will feel tired and sleepy or nauseous, but the great thing is it still mask pain when you overdose. 


From our Experience

We both have had injuries from weight lifting, and when we use Kratom for pain, the reduction in pain definitely is noticeable 

Nowadays, we usually would use Kratom to help relieve any injuries suffered from lifting. Injuries don’t happen quite often anymore since we’ve fixed our form and are less likely to lift with an ego :).

The injury that we have come across are knees (from squatting) and shoulders ( from benching). Using Kratom allowed us to relieve the pain caused by these injuries, and of course, we still use ice patches to help the healing process of these injuries and suggest you do so too.

Kratom will mask the pain for a period of time, to prolong it you can take that same strain again that same day, and use a different strain the next day. This method is called Kratom rotation.


Experiences From the People We Given Kratom to

We’ve given Kratom to our mom and aunt who have never heard of Kratom before and have been suffering from back pain, and gout.

They definitely hated the taste of Kratom. After about 15 minutes they were amazed how well it had masked the pain from the back, and from gout. 

They told us that there is literally no pain. Also, they felt more calm and happy. 

It was a great feeling to see this happen to close ones. I didn’t doubt one bit that Kratom would take away their physical pain let alone benefited them with some mood enhancing.

Maybe it’s because they felt no more pain that made them happy, who knows, but from my own experience, I know that Kratom definitely and have always made me feel warm and happy.



Use Kratom to your advantage ranging from mood enhancing to reducing pain. 

Before you use Kratom for the pain I suggest that you know how to properly use Kratom, and how to rotate the different strains. We provide all the information in our Beginner’s Kratom Guide.

If you have any pain issues, without a doubt I know it can help to reduce and give you back your life. 

That’s all.

Stay pain-free.




NOTE: If you’re looking for the best Kratom Vendor, my brother and I suggest you get your Kratom from HappyHippoHerbals. We have been using their Kratom for almost three years and have always amazed us by their quality. Check out our reviews on the right side bar under “Kratom Reviews” on our most favorite strains.


I know most of us who have been using Kratom for awhile now know what Kratom feels like. I want to share and help those who are excited, and are about to get into Kratom their first time.

Something that I found myself doing when I first started out Kratom was mistaking the Kratom effects with a placebo effect.

If you guys aren’t familiar with my story when I first tried out Kratom, then this will be a recap and also the reason why I overdosed.

Story Of A Newb:

I was really excited about the first time when I ordered Kratom after have reading it for several months before pulling the trigger and purchasing it.

I also read from a lot of people and their experiences with Kratom for the first time and thought wow… this must be some amazing feelings that these guys are getting.

Some people experienced euphoria where the colors were vibrant, and flashes of bright light blew into their face with an overwhelming feeling of happiness and joy (I have yet to experience any of that, but I do feel happy and relaxed).

Every day I would check my email and tracked my package. When my Kratom order came I ran to the mailbox, got my package, headed back to the apartment, and tore the package apart!

I was nervous at what I was about to experience.

I had read a lot about Kratom and that beginners should start out with a small dosage and find their sweet spot. But due to the overexcitement, I could not or did not think about most of the information that I had read.

I started out with about 1 gram.

At this point in time, I was still super excited and nervous at the same time as to see how I would react to it.

I swear that 5 minutes felt like 15 or 30 minutes. I was impatient!

I took another 1 grams in less than 5 minutes.

I waited for the effects, but it never came.

I took another 1 gram at 5 minutes.

waited for the effects, but it never came.

I repeated this process for several more times thinking that maybe if I keep taking more the effects will come faster. So much for all the months of reading about Kratom, I was a naive kid.

Then, I walked around the apartment for several hours, still excited and at this point I thought about all the experiences that people have had. Eventually, I started making false thoughts in my head saying that “I am feeling something.” and “I feel like talking to people.” etc etc…

I thought I was feeling awesome, and more social.

I talked to my roommates in an extremely positive manner and told them I was on Kratom and it had made me feel invincible.

It wasn’t until an hour or two later that the effects had kicked in, but it wasn’t the effects that I hoped for. I felt dizzy and nauseous. The only good feeling was I felt warm, fuzzy, and sleepy.

I laid down the couch for the whole day, I asked questions on the forum and found out I had overdosed.

Not so invincible anymore.

It was a placebo, at first, I tricked myself into thinking that I had felt something. I was impatient. Even when I had read so much on Kratom, my first experience was shitty. I did feel relax and happy after some time, but it was also accompanied by nausea and sleepiness.

The Lesson That I Learned From This?

It Is to not be overly excited about something and have high expectation for it. Be a little critical and have some doubts as to whether something actually does work for you.

Of course I didn’t apply this concept on my own, it took a lot of trying things out and falling for scams that eventually lead me to the right kind of people that I am forever glad to call them mentors.

I guess you can call it a blessing in disguise.

I was always one to always believe in something too quickly, and this way of thinking made me fall for a lot of scams and wasted my money on stuff that doesn’t work.

This all ties to experimenting and being a little scientist of your own. Experiment and see what can change your life and have a great impact on it.

Even if a product is great. No matter how great it is, alway keep a critical view, and be your own judge. Be the one who seeks the truth!

How To Know That It’s Not A Placebo:

Don’t expect to have an effect that’s mind blowing. Just know that Kratom is and what it can do.

Don’t rush it, and take your time. Give it awhile. Occupy yourself with something else for 30-45 minutes.

The effects of Kratom will kick in when you either feel

  1. A great warm feeling coming from your back, stomach, chest, or cheeks. I like to call this the “Warm Hug”.
  2. Bubbly happy feeling
  3. Body feels calm and relax, especially the feet.
  4. Nauseous or tired

If you feel a great warm feeling, congratulations you now know that Kratom works for you. The warm feeling is usually accompanied by feeling happy. You’ll notice you’re happy.

I can’t really describe happiness, but I believe my happiness feeling is the feeling that everything is alright, all my troubles are small insignificant things that can be changed.

I can’t describe what happiness will be like for everyone, but this is where it starts for me.

Now for No.3: If you feel nauseous or tired, then I wouldn’t think of it as a bad thing. If you think about it, if you are feeling like this then you know that Kratom is working for you and all you have to do is lower the dosage next time. So, lower your dosage by .5 gram or 1 gram next time.

Is It A Placebo?

If you notice yourself thinking about it too much. Basically, you won’t feel a warm sensation on your back, stomach, chest, or cheeks.

I believe the Placebo mostly affect people who have OCD. I find myself to have OCD and this really does create a false sense of the effects I am getting from Kratom. You’re constantly worrying, and can’t get your mind off of it.

My solution to that is just to do something else, and leave it alone, get busy doing something.


I know a lot of people will feel Kratom and not have this problem, but for the slight few people, this could be a problem.

The “warm hug” is very noticeable so most people will know when the Kratom kicks in.

You’ll probably notice the warm feeling a lot more by taking Kratom on an empty stomach.

So there you have it. It is the best way I could describe the differences between placebo and Kratom effect. Check out our comprehensive guide to Kratom for detailed information on Kratom if you’re new.

Be sure to visit Happy Hippo Herbals for fresh Kratom.


That’s it guys,


Kratom and its affect on your Libido vary from person to person. Some say that after taking Kratom, they noticed that there was a drop in their libido.

My brother “ChiHao” does notice a slight decrease in libido from Kratom. He was taking Kratom three times a day, every day. He was also properly rotating the Kratom strains.

The good news is that he was able to regain his libido when he started taking less frequently and giving himself days off. Instead of taking 3 times every day, he reduced it to once or twice a day for 4-5 days a week with 2 days to refresh and take a break.

The libido comeback is usually on the higher end.

My brother like to describe it as “having a raging boner” throughout the day.

I find that Kratom helps me relax, I am happy, and I notice little to no changes in my libido if anything it probably increases it. That’s also because I don’t take too much and I give myself days off from Kratom.

Also to note: Kratom is an opioid and opioid do report to have some decrease in libido.

Is It Actually The Kratom or Something Else?

I like to say that Kratom does play a small part in it, but it could be something else if someone were to exaggerate the drop in libido, it could be many other factors that makes their libido low such as:

  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Depression
  • Medication/Other Drugs
  • Diet


Hormones have a lot to say about your libido, and if your hormones are out of place then it could be the main reason why your libido is low. I would recommend for you to get your blood work checked out if you did take days off from Kratom and see no increases in libido.


If you suffer from serious depression, it could impact your body’s function along with causing imbalances in your hormones. We recommend getting professional help. Although Kratom does help with depression and should be considered.

Medication/Other Drugs:

You may be taking other types of medication or drugs that mess with your libido such as alcohol.


I believe Diet has a lot to do with libido too, and most important out of all above. If you are eating food with lots of sugar, bad fats, simple carbohydrates, and drink nothing but sweet sugary drinks, you will definitely do lots of harm to your body and hence affecting your libido. The food stores today are filled with sugar and bad fats, and most people still don’t know what they are putting into their bodies.

It’s best that you stay away from the cereal aisle all the way to the soft drinks unless it’s whole grained non-GMO oats and tuna. Stick to the vegetables, meat, fish, and eggs.


Am I A Healthy Person?

If you are a healthy person, then it could be that Kratom is having an effect on your libido, and our only solution to that is to go off Kratom for fews days or a week and see how you respond to it.

It is most likely that your libido will skyrocket and “having a raging boner” or return to normal.

So yeah, take a break from Kratom from time to time.

If you go on several forums or google “Kratom and Libido”, you’ll notice the half and half. Some people notice increases while others notice decreases.

One that’s interesting is that it helps people last longer in bed.



I personally don’t have to deal with Kratom and libido because I take Kratom around 4-5 days and giving myself 2 days off from Kratom. This resulted in no differences in my libido.

If you’re a regular user who does take large amount on a daily basis and you notice a drop in libido. Take a few days off from Kratom.

P.S if you’re new to kratom and wanting to find out more about it check out our comprehensive guide to Kratom.

P.S.S If you’re in need of one of the best vendor for Kratom check out Happy Hippo.

That’s all guys,