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Hey guys, I hope you all are doing well.

In this article, we’ll be talking about physical pain or chronic pain that are bothersome or holding a lot of people back from living a normal life.

My brother and I do not really have any sort of serious chronic pain aside from a few small injuries and soreness from weight lifting.

We have friends and family who do however have some form of pain from aging such as back pain and gout.

From what we’ve witnessed and experienced on our own, we are confident enough to say that Kratom for pain works like a magic pill and way better than mainstream pain relievers that doctors prescribe to their patients.

If you are someone who has any sort of pain, please do not overlook this amazing plant, it surely will relieve you of a majority of physical pain that you may have.

Another funny thing is, is that Kratom can also relieve people of emotional pain too, such as depression and anxiety. The way I see it is like killing two birds with one stone.

Why Kratom is a much better Pain reliever than mainstream pain relievers

The First Reason I believe kratom is a much better alternative is that because it will always work.

What I mean by “it will always work” is the fact that you can literally never build up a tolerance to it. The reason for this is because you have such a large variety to rotate from each and every day.

If you are properly rotating Kratom, you know this to be true, and a build up of a tolerance to it is just not possible.

Mainstream pain relievers do not give you the option to rotate from a different variety, therefore, people always complain that the pain medication they were given has little to no effects.

I can’t stress how many people have told me that their pain medication doesn’t work anymore. the number one reason it doesn’t work the same way anymore is because the simple fact that you have no other variety to rotate from, thus you build up a high tolerance.

The Second Reason I believe Kratom is a much better alternative to mainstream pain relievers is because dependency and addiction are very low to none. 

The reason for the low dependency and addiction comes from the fact that, Kratom, unlike other pain medications, hits the delta receptors rather than the mu receptors.

The delta receptor is less prone to dependency and addiction while giving you similar effects to the mu receptors. 

Also, if you ever overdose on Kratom, the side effects range from tiredness to nauseousness, which can easily overcome by a nap and some yogurt.

The Third Reason I believe Kratom is a much better alternative to pain medication is that if you get your Kratom from a trusted vendor which will sell you 100% pure organic Kratom, it is much healthier due to Kratom’s antioxidant properties. 

Also, you don’t smoke Kratom so, there are not tar or lung related issues.

One more awesome fact is that Kratom is also known to help people relieve withdrawal symptoms from hardcore drugs. In other words, it helps people get off hardcore drugs and addiction.


Is There Any Downside to Kratom As a Pain reliever?

The only noticeable downside to Kratom that we have found are from overdosing, or from a beginner first try with Kratom.

Some beginners will accept Kratom on the first try, but there will be some that will have to slowly introduce Kratom into their bodies. Once the body is used to Kratom, that’s when people begin to notice how great Kratom is.

When someone overdoses on Kratom they will feel tired and sleepy or nauseous, but the great thing is it still mask pain when you overdose. 


From our Experience

We both have had injuries from weight lifting, and when we use Kratom for pain, the reduction in pain definitely is noticeable 

Nowadays, we usually would use Kratom to help relieve any injuries suffered from lifting. Injuries don’t happen quite often anymore since we’ve fixed our form and are less likely to lift with an ego :).

The injury that we have come across are knees (from squatting) and shoulders ( from benching). Using Kratom allowed us to relieve the pain caused by these injuries, and of course, we still use ice patches to help the healing process of these injuries and suggest you do so too.

Kratom will mask the pain for a period of time, to prolong it you can take that same strain again that same day, and use a different strain the next day. This method is called Kratom rotation.


Experiences From the People We Given Kratom to

We’ve given Kratom to our mom and aunt who have never heard of Kratom before and have been suffering from back pain, and gout.

They definitely hated the taste of Kratom. After about 15 minutes they were amazed how well it had masked the pain from the back, and from gout. 

They told us that there is literally no pain. Also, they felt more calm and happy. 

It was a great feeling to see this happen to close ones. I didn’t doubt one bit that Kratom would take away their physical pain let alone benefited them with some mood enhancing.

Maybe it’s because they felt no more pain that made them happy, who knows, but from my own experience, I know that Kratom definitely and have always made me feel warm and happy.



Use Kratom to your advantage ranging from mood enhancing to reducing pain. 

Before you use Kratom for the pain I suggest that you know how to properly use Kratom, and how to rotate the different strains. We provide all the information in our Beginner’s Kratom Guide.

If you have any pain issues, without a doubt I know it can help to reduce and give you back your life. 

That’s all.

Stay pain-free.




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  • Gail Mollin August 7, 2018, 3:55 pm

    Recommendations for pain relief! Tried red strains othing helped and if I increased dosage it only made me sleepy! Your positive results with your family members are eqncouraging but I am not as fortunate. Please tell me your recommendations.
    Thank you..


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