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I am not sure where most of you guys are from or if allergies is something that you are concerned with, but where my brother and I live (in the mid west), we get spring and summer that calls forth a lot of pollen, mold, and other allergens that just makes it hard to function normally throughout the day.

Seasonal allergies or allergies can be easily dealt with by grabbing yourself an off the counter anti-histamine or allergy pills at your local grocery store. The sucky part is you’ll most likely want to sleep when taking these medications. They do work and definitely play a great role in eliminating allergies.

You can also reduce these allergies symptoms with Kratom! The natural way.

We’ve mentioned using Kratom for various types of situations and conditions based on what we’ve used it for over the last three years. Kratom for seasonal allergies is just another common usage us and many other people. From the people we’ve talked to and have given Kratom to, this is probably one of the most popular use.

Do you have allergies during the spring or summer seasons?

Often times you’ll feel headaches, difficulty breathing, and a lot of sneezing. Whatever the allergic reaction is, Kratom can help relieve these symptoms and get you feeling normal again. So many people are using Kratom for seasonal allergies and if you aren’t, then you’ll be quite surprise by how much relieve it can give you when it comes to allergies.



How We Use Kratom For Allergies

The area we live in is filled with trees and green grass during the spring and summer time. Where there’s a lot of tree and grass growing, there is bound to be hundreds of pollens and other unknown particles floating around the area. If you’re immune to one, there are a buttload of others that can cause symptoms of allergies.

Spring and summer are beautiful seasons and we like to be outdoor during these times, but if allergies are bad that day, it just makes it so much harder to enjoy.

By just taking our normal sweet spot dosage, we are able to relieve symptoms of allergies that not only makes you feel normal again, but we also feel happy, social, and relaxed. Kratom is also a plant and doesn’t harm you like off the counter meds.

This is not to say bad things about off the counter meds, they do work and can help, but if you can be solve a problem the natural way too, then why not try it?

Whenever you feel uneasy or symptoms of allergies, take a small dosage or your regular dosage and feel the difference.

You’ll be able to breathe normally, and feel fully awake!




Many People Have Been Using Kratom

Many people from Kratom forums and FaceBook groups have shared many of their experiences with Kratom for allergies, and no doubt the results and feedback were positive.

We’ve given Kratom to family and friends, we have gotten many responses as to how much relieve it has given them. We know it sounds quite too good to be true that this plant can do so much, but it sure is living up to its name as a miracle plant.

Our dad usually gets really bad headaches during the spring and summer time and has been taking off-the-counter allergy pills for a long time, but after introducing him to Kratom he literally no longer feel any tiredness, headaches, or itchy eyes. It’s the first time that he did not need to take anything besides Kratom to feel relieved.

With a proper rotation and a Kratom schedule, we are free from tolerance build up and allergies year round. 🙂



Best Kratom Strains For Allergies

The best Kratom strains for allergies are the slow and moderate strains. Actually, they all work for allergies, it comes down to your own preference.

Again, Kratom is different for everyone.

Ben prefers fast Kratom strains for allergies, while Chihao prefers slow and moderate Kratom strains.

See what works for you. You’ll definitely feel happy that’s for sure.



What Symptoms Can You Expect To Be Relived When Using Kratom?

  • Headaches: Kratom definitely relieves headache and manage any other pain you many have. Allergies often causes headaches and if you feel it, just use some Kratom, you’ll feel happy at it too.
  • Stuffed Nose: This is the most annoying symptom of allergies. A stuffed nose makes it harder to breathe and makes your eyes watery to the point where it feels a lot better to just close your eyes and sleep while breathing heavily from your mouth. Kratom definitely clears this up and makes you breathe a lot better.
  • Frequent Sneezing: It’s always nice to let out a sneeze once in a little while, but frequently can make it hard to function, it’s like being tickled endlessy, totally annoying.
  • Digestion Problems: We have an article on IBS and Kratom definitely relieve a lot of digestion problems.
  • Lazy and Sleepy: When you have things to get done and goals to meet but just can’t focus because allergies makes you sleepy and lazy can be the most motivational killer ever. Kratom alone can make you sleepy if you take too much, but at just the right dosage (Sweet spot) or slightly lower, you can really feel productive and awake.

These are the symptoms that we’ve dealt when it comes to allergies. There may be more that we’ve never really noticed, but again, here are the top ones that we know that can relieve you of your allergies symptoms if you decide to use Kratom.




Kratom can definitely relieve you of allergies and get you feeling normal again.

If allergies are extremely bad, we might suggest that you use off the counter anti-histamine first and rest and try Kratom another day. Do not ever mix anything with Kratom, and please, be responsible.

Many people have used Kratom for allergies, so try it when you get a chance.




P.S We live in the midwest where allergies are a common thing and happens quite often. Kratom has helped us tremendously from feeling happy to relieving from pain and aches. If you like you try Kratom we recommend that you try Kratom from HappyHippoHerbals.



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