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Hey guys,

Let’s talk about the benefits of using Kratom when you work out.

By working out, I mean lifting heavy weights. I rarely do cardio so I will not know how Kratom affect runners.

I know a lot of guys have been using Kratom for working out, and they say it helps them push out a few reps or two. 

So, I wanted to try it and see how it would work for me.

Before I started using Kratom while working out, I took Kratom when I finished my workout just so I won’t have to feel sore.

I’ve always thought that Kratom would make you feel relaxed and not be able to lift many heavyweights. I actually thought that you were supposed to take Kratom after a workout to reduce soreness and promote recovery.

I was half right, the other half was that you should use Kratom also during your workout.

How Was It?

While I was on Kratom, it has got to be one of the best feelings I’ve had in awhile. It’s The feeling of accomplishment and conquering new weights are a lot more rewarding. You’re also in a happy mood and more likely to be glad you’re working out similar to the feeling when you first started working out and loving it.

When it comes to lifting weights, especially heavy, you have to be focused on your workout and exclude all negative thoughts that will hinder you from beating that new set of weights that you have never touched before.

I do notice a difference in my train of thought when I lift weights with and without Kratom.

When I lift with Kratom I can hardly think of any negative thoughts that would hinder me from pushing myself hard and beating that new weight. Sometimes I do think that I can’t do the weights, but it doesn’t affect me as much and goes away fairly quickly and I become engaged in the workout.

Being focus and having a positive mindset on my lifts has gotten me out of the weights that I thought would’ve taken a couple more months to beat.

Feelings Of Happiness and Accomplishment:

Another thing I find fascinating while using Kratom for working out was that after my workout I would be left with a very rewarded feeling. I am positive during my workout, and extremely happy after my workout. 

It’s like this.

When you’ve gone to the gym and you’ve finished working out, you’re usually feel good because you have done something to improve yourself for that day. While on Kratom you feel double that rewarding/accomplished feeling. 

I think it’s a great way for people who exercise to release stress. 

You can take Kratom while working out to get the best stress relieving feeling in the world. Try it, you’ll love the happy feeling :).

How much Should You Take When Working Out? 

I actually read it from another blog from a cool guy named Rooster from RoosterDating recommending that you should take a lower dosage than you would normally.

I took 1 gram. 

Still felt relaxed, but not to the point where all I want to do was chill.

I will try it at my normal dosage and update you guys further on how that goes out.



Try it out guys. 

Kratom while working out is one of the happiest and motivated feelings one could get for working out. 

I generally do rotate my kratom regardless of speed. I felt that they all did the same thing for me, but for you, it could be different. 

But still, my favorite strain will always be Happy Hippo I, it always makes me happy in whatever I choose to do. Check it out at HappyHippoHerbals

Well, that’s it for my thoughts on working out on Kratom. 

You guys and girls have a nice day. 



Off to get some rest,

-Benjamin Nguyen



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