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Going on the first date can be nerve racking for both sexes. It’s that anxious, nervous, judgmental, and exciting feeling that make it so hard to stay calm when you’ve been taught all your life that being perfect will get you what you want.

What if there was a pill that could help you gain confidence without having any serious side effects or harm you in the long-run, would you take it?

The closest thing that I can think of is kratom and preferably the moderate speed kratom.  

Let’s take a little look at what each strain of kratom can do and why their speed matters. 


Kratom Strains And The Effectiveness Of Their Speed For Going On Dates

  •  SLOW STRAINS – These strains are very chill, relaxing, and calm. They can make you sleepy depending on the person and the dosage. In my experience, it’s really nice when you have the date over to your place and you guys are just watching a movie. But if I were going out to grab maybe a drink or something, I would use a more uplifting strain with a bit of boost in energy. Save the slow strains for the 2nd or 3rd date.
  • MODERATE STRAINS – These strains are the strains I like to call “the safe strains” to use if you are unsure about the slow and fast strains. The other two strain can sometimes risk having side effects of being super sleepy or more anxious than you already are. The moderate strains makes you happy, bubbly, and talkative, which are traits that allows you to open up and let loose. I haven’t had a single bad experience while taking moderate strains.
  • FAST STRAINS – These strains actually make you super talkative and even hyper, but you risk feeling your anxiety overcome you if you take too much. The social confidence that this one gives you is common to having a buzz from a beer or two. For me, this strain sometimes give me anxiety no matter the dosage. The fast strains should be experimented with before using on a first date.
    • *Update on fast strains: It seems as though my body has accepted the fast strains and I no longer have any anxiety when I take it at my normal dosage. However, in larger dosage it will make you anxious and full of anxiety.


From my experience I believe that moderate strains works the best for going on dates. It gives you all of the good effects without risking the bad.

This is a more safe route compared to the slow which strains makes you relax but sleepy, and fast strains which makes you very talkative and productive but may cause anxiety if you take too much.

On moderate kratom strains, you get the feeling of calmness yet you’re not sleepy. Your mood is bubbly and happy, which really helps to make a good first impression.


Kratom on first dates


You Must Experiment  

Some good news is that It will be different for everyone. Some people may prefer slow strains over medium strains or fast over the others.

What you want to do is burn one of each strain in your daily life and see which one makes you more comfortable and confident when socializing with people.

If the interaction is good then that might be the strain that you want to use on your date.

Don’t do this all in one day. Rotate from slow on one day to moderate the next and fast the day after that. Do this for a week or two to find out.


Why Is It Good For First Dates?

Now I know that there are other things that can help with anxiety such as marijuana and alcohol, but compared to those, kratom is the safest option.

Unlike marijuana or alcohol, Kratom is a lot safer for operating a vehicle. It also won’t make you act like a sloppy person or make you loose focus.

Kratom will make you more confident and relax.

You will be able to let loose and show your true personality. You’ll see as you speak more confidently in a calm mellow cool tone than you usually would.

You will definitely stay relax and calm during the whole date. In my experience the relaxation you get from this is comparable to alcohol but with out feeling woozy.


The Strain That I Prefer

In my past experience with taking Kratom before going out, it has always ended on a good note. I end up kissing the girl or sometimes it escalates further than that.

My goto strain for first dates is Happy Hippo I and it will always be.

I prefer this strain because it’s very reliable. It always hits for me and I don’t have any side effects.

It makes me happy when I’m sad, depressed, or angry, and it helps me become more open to new things.

I’m more willing to let go of bad situations that happened to me in the day, and what’s great is that I forget about the bad situations.

I’ve given  a few friends this strain, and it seem to work for everyone.. I believe it should be the first strain that every newbie to Kratom should to try.


In Conclusion

Kratom is a better choice than alcohol or weed on a first date.

I have used Kratom on first dates and it yielded great results.

Moderate strains are usually the best because it’s much more reliable, but this shouldn’t stop you from experimenting with the other types of speed and strains.

Until next time,

-Chihao Nguyen


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