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Kratom On Social Life


Alcohol and kratom are both beneficial when it comes to lowering anxiety. Although there are some great benefits when consuming either one of these, there are also differences. Whether you choose to take Kratom or alcohol, you must keep in mind about the benefits and side effects of each.


  • Lowers anxiety
  • makes you more social
  • increase confidence
  • dangerous when consuming too much
    • not safe to function
    • damages the liver
  • empty calories
  • Hangovers
  • Bad Temper
  • Can potentially lead to death


  • Lowers anxiety
  • more social
  • feel happy
  • consuming too much at one go will cause nausea, headaches, upset stomach, bad temper, sleepy.


Kratom doesn’t make you as confident as alcohol would, this is due to the amount of alcohol consumed to the point of, “I don’t give a fuck any more…”

With Kratom you are more conscious and in tune with yourself without the negative thoughts of negative social consequences that runs through your head. This is mainly because you are reinforced with nothing but a great feeling of positivity and happiness.

Alcohol can have this affect on you too, but no one ever drinks alcohol in moderation to get the confidence they desire until they are or close to the verge of being drunk. This is not to say having one or two beers is a bad thing, you can have it once in awhile, but making a lifestyle out of alcohol is something that is unhealthy and can potentially shorten your lifespan.

I predict that in the far far future, Kratom will be an important part of many people’s lives. (If it doesn’t get ban before then)


Being In Control Of Your Actions


Your actions are based on the decisions you make on a daily basis. In other words, your actions control the outcome of the situations you put yourself.

Being in control of your actions isn’t something that alcohol can give you. Your mental focus is no longer there and a lot of stupid decisions are made that you’ll regret later on.

A benefit that Kratom has over Alcohol is that you’re comfortable in your own skin while being fully control for the decisions and actions that you make.

Why bother going through the whole “act like a stupid drunk” when you can be fully aware and in control of what you do and feel good about yourself at the same time.

You wouldn’t want to look back 5 years later and your family and friends remember you as that guys or girls who did something extremely stupid.

Be in control, make decisions based on you, and not your lack of consciousness.


Health Benefits Between Alcohol and Kratom


Health is often neglected in our modern society with so many fast food, sugary beverages and chemicals that are used to make fat food much more addictive.

Besides all that junk, alcohol has lead to many deaths, not just from intoxication, but drunk driving as well.

We know that Alcohol isn’t good for your liver and stores up a lot of unwanted fat (Beer Belly). Another thing about alcohol is it makes you depressed.

Ever heard of people who became alcoholics because they hate life and feel miserable? Plenty of times, even in movies.

The only benefit to alcohol is its moderate use from time to time to have a good time and get rid of some anxiety. Other than that, you’re asking for a whole lot of health issues in the future.

Kratom allows you to be fully aware and functional and does not cause you to be intoxicated since it has no negative effects to your vital organs. It’s grown from a tree in Southeast Asia and its leaves are grinned to a fine powder. In other words, Kratom is organic and is like vegetables.

There are many people who have used it for 5 to 10 years and have had no long-term side-effects. It has enhanced life.


What We Personally Prefer


You already might have guessed it. My answer is Kratom. It’s overall good for any occasion and the benefits that it gives out weighs the bad side effects. You can consume it while not ever reaching a level where it could be life threatening or risk your health. The worst thing that can happen is you will have a headache and nausea. Alcohol on the other hand can be life threatening if over consumed.

Plus all of the bad effects and problems that may occur can be fixed easily.

You have control of what you are doing and saying while having a boost in confidence and happiness.

You can’t really abuse kratom because if you do than the side effects will hit and that’ll teach you not to do it.

You can safely operate a vehicle while on it.

It doesn’t have much calories so you don’t have to worry about gaining weight.

You don’t have to take much to get the effects.

It’s easy to keep the tolerance low.




Alcohol is great sometimes, but don’t overdo it.

If you have an option to choose from Kratom and Alcohol, always choose Kratom. We don’t need more drunk people falling flat on their face every night out to the bars. Plus, think about others when you’re driving.

Stay alert and aware. Your actions are your responsibility.


Kratompedia Singing out.


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What is a Kratom Lifestyle?

The Kratom lifestyle is about using Kratom on a daily basis to get things done, or in other words, enhancing the way you do the regular things that will help you get from where you are in life to where you want to be in life.

“Great, but how does one live the Kratom lifestyle?”

To live the Kratom lifestyle, you just simply need to know how Kratom works, and how to rotate Kratom strains. If you are someone who has already been rotating Kratom properly, you are living the Kratom lifestyle.


How Beginners Misuse Kratom (How To Not Live The Kratom Lifestyle):

When beginners who begin to recognize how beneficial Kratom is, they tend to take it multiple times a day and throughout the week without properly rotating different Kratom Strains.

This should be avoided at all cost! It will build a huge tolerance to Kratom to the point where you won’t even feel anything anymore.

As a result, these beginners make a huge mistake and end up taking large dosages just to get a slight similar feeling to their first time.

Some people may confuse this with being addicted to Kratom, which is similar to coffee if there are no proper rotation.

When you rotate Kratom properly, you will avoid this issue and will believe when we say Kratom is in no way as addictive as many other legal substances such as alcohol and cigarettes.


Is The Kratom Lifestyle For Everyone?

It can be for a majority, but for a very few, it might not be.

If you are someone who is new to Kratom or considering to try Kratom, great! This will be the best way for you to test out Kratom and see if it’s for you. It’s better to try something before you make it a huge part of your life.

By the time you make it a lifestyle, you will understand just how powerful of an impact Kratom can have on your life, career, and success.


How I Live The Kratom Lifestyle

If you have been following my YouTube Channel, you’ve probably seen me use Kratom several times in many different situations and purposes. I’ve used it for sleep, anxiety, productivity, pain, sense of well being, and a few more.

The top three purposes that I currently use Kratom for:

  • Staying Productive: If you need something to give you an extra boost in energy and focus, I recommend the fast Kratom strains, especially Maeng Da. I definitely can say that I got twice the work done while using Kratom than when I wasn’t.
  • Working Out: Whether it’s a morning workout or a late night workout, I always feel super calm and focus on my lifts. The after effects of hard work and Kratom is an incredible feeling of accomplishment.
  • A Great Sense Of Well Being: I feel good about myself, which takes away anxiety, self doubt, and any worries that I may have. I can only describe it as a powerful and optimistic feeling. 🙂

Can I do all of these things without Kratom?

The Answer is, yes.

But the difference is it’ll probably take me a longer time to get into focus, motivated, and into a relaxed state of mind.

What I use to do when Kratom wasn’t a part of my life was to listen to motivational audios that I downloaded from YouTube onto my phone just to psyche myself up. If I forget my headphones, I usually just grind through until I can get into the right state of mind.


Why I Believe The Kratom Lifestyle Can Work For A Lot Of People

If you had something legal that does little to no harm, why would you not use it?

Alcohol and tobacco are legal and people over indulge on these while knowing that it can really mess up their bodies.

People look for ways that can help them get something they want. Example is alcohol gives an excuse for people to act stupid and be themselves, but end up with shitty hangovers and definite liver damage.

Yet people still do it every weekend!

The reason I believe for the huge alcohol and tobacco use is just simply because they are popular. So, since everyone is doing it, why the hell not?

Reverse the popularity of Kratom to alcohol and tobacco and you might as well destroy large businesses and industry.

I can tell you one thing. Kratom is safe… It produces similar beneficial effects as alcohol without the shitty side effects or drunkenness. When you’re on Kratom you’re completely sober too!

So, when you choose to use Kratom over alcohol, you can simply cross off shitty hangovers and drunk driving from your list.

I believe Kratom is for those who want more out of life with a strong sense for achievements, ambition, and a positive outlook on everything. Speaking from 2 years of experience with Kratom.

I personally know people who have taken Kratom for 5-10 years and they’re the happiest and healthiest people.

I stand firm to my beliefs and why I think many can use Kratom to their advantage too!


Is The Kratom Lifestyle For You?

Give yourself an honest try first. Spend a month or two finding out how it works.

We have a guide on Kratom all laid out for beginners alongside blog posts for more extended topics such as this one.

Everything on this site is from experience, so you have quite a head start with all the info you need without having to go through the whole trial and error process.

I personally believe Kratom can benefit a lot of people.



Give yourself 3 to 6 months to decide if the Kratom lifestyle is for you. Heck, maybe you’ll love it your first try and make your decisions there.

Give Kratom a few more years as its popularity rises and you’ll find yourself loving it as much as your neighbor does haha.

Until next time,




“Work, work, work,” a motto that almost everyone one abides by unless you want to be homeless and living in a card board box. We all put in a lot of our time into our jobs, and in return our minds become so engrossed with our work that sometimes we don’t really allow ourselves to take much needed rest.

We need this rest to rejuvenate our mind and restrengthen our will power so we can get back on the grind.

I have to admit that I do this all the time and just I can’t take my mind off of work and school. When it comes time to rest, my mind would aways be in space and worrying about work, homework, chores and it’s just really hard to take yourself away from the world that you live in for most of the days.

Here is where kratom comes in handy.


The Strains You Should Use to have Fun and Relax

The strain that I recommend for you to consume when you just want to relax and have fun is the medium or slow strain.

The slow strain will make you pretty sleepy and relax your body so you can have really good naps.

The medium strain will calm you’re mind and make you happy which will help you from stressing and worrying about work.

These strains are also great when you have to spend time with family members that really annoys you. You will be happy to share their company and it doesn’t feel like you are putting any effort to deal with them.

Any activity that you partake in will become very enjoyable to you and you will be in the present moment and have a great time. I love to play video games when i’m on kratom because it makes me feel like a kid again during those times when I could play it for hours at a time and did not a have care in the world.


Combine These 2 Strains

I want to share with you a combination of two strains that I believe makes me feel the greatest! You are free to use this combination too at your own will, heck, you can even try and experiment a bunch of combinations for yourself, and tell me what your best combinations are. 

This combination of mine is the composition of a moderate + slow:

Magic Hippo (Moderate) + Snuggie Hippo (Slow) = Me feeling the greatest.

I encourage everyone to start experimenting with Kratom Combination, and finding the hidden treasure of great feelings.

These strains combined allow you to relax your body, calm your mind, and enjoy the present time with everything around you. Unlike taking one specific strain you get the best of both strains and it will blow your mind. I know it did for me. This is where Kratom really shines and it’s a beautiful process.

The time I use these strains the most are on holidays, and rest days which are on sundays.


Any strain can be used on rest days and you will feel good, but if you want to feel relax and just chill then I recommend that you go with the slow or medium strains.

If you’re new to Kratom and wonder if it can be used to uplift your mood then I’m here to tell you that it can. Kratom gives you a peace of mind letting you know that everything is going to be okay. All the negativity you have in life will come to pass. 

Almost all of the strains can be used for this purpose but there are some that are better than others.

In this article, I want to talk about Kratom’s ability to make you happy to a point where even the worse negative thoughts would have little or no effects on you.



You want to take Kratom in the morning for two reasons.

  1. It hits a lot better when you’re on an empty stomach.
  2. You want to be happy in the morning because it sets your mood for the rest of the day.

This is what I recommend because it works so well. The empty stomach will give a stronger effect, and you’re happy first thing in the morning, talk about killing two birds with one stone. 

You can, however, take it at whatever time you like. But the best time to take Kratom would be on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning



Feel HappyI recommend the moderate strain for this. The moderate strain Happy Hippo I will definitely make you very happy, calm and relaxed. This was the very first strain that both my brother and I use, and it seems to live up to its name. Take this strain in the morning and see how it will be like for you.

In about 30 minutes you will most likely feel a warmth from your back.

The first time I used it, I couldn’t stop smiling and being happy. My anxiety disappeared and everyone I talked to loved it! I didn’t complain about my job (a grocery bagger) and for once in my life I was looking forward to going to work. 

The second strain that I recommend is Pleasant Green Hippo. It’s on the slower side of the moderate strain but this will also do. Do the same and take it in the morning. You will feel the same way but the effects will most likely make you very relaxed in the body. If you are a beginner then you probably won’t be able to tell the difference between the two strains.

Of course, all Kratom strains will make you happy, but those are the two that I love and would recommend.


Kratom affects the delta receptors in your brain which can alter the way you feel, but that’s not all. When I began using Kratom I notice that whatever negative emotion or thought enters my mind, it quickly disappear or has little or no effect. 

If you checked my brother’s article on Kratom and working out, he mentioned that it was the fact that Kratom had changed his train of thought that allowed him to push through the last few reps and sets new records on my lifts. 

Although the standard duration of the Kratom effects is said to last only 2-3 hours, we highly encourage people to use Kratom as a tool to aid their change from an unhappy depressed individual to a more happy and positive individual.

Or you can just easily take the same strain again for another 2-3 hours of happy times.

What I’ve found out is that if your day starts out good, the rest of the day seems to be a lot better.

We believe Kratom is a great supplement for happiness, but also, it must come from your desire and want to be happy in life too.


Kratom can be used to make you happy. I prefer taking it in the morning so my mood starts on a good note and that sets up for everything else for that day. It has helped me in my Journey of self-improvement and I’m sure it will help you too.

To get the best out of your life with Kratom, you should always be doing something to make every day worth it.

Go workout and get a nice body, you’ll thank yourself in the future. Learn something new, like playing the guitar. 

Kratom is a supplement and really does make you happy, but at the end of the day, it is still also up to you to make yourself happy.


Signing out




In our life there are many goals that we wish to accomplish but never really get to because of circumstances, fears, and anxiety.

One of the biggest things in my opinion is anxiety.

To an extent, everyone has a bit of anxiety.

When you’re in an uncomfortable situations such as public speaking, taking a test, or competing in a competition, you’re bound to have those moments of stress and anxiety.

Once you go through it, you realize that it wasn’t as bad as you made it out to be in you’re head.

If you put your self in this situation a lot then you become hardened to it and the anxiety disappears.


Now imagine yourself walking on a straight road  with a broken leg and the end goal was 50 feet away. The broken leg is your anxiety and the road is your life and dreams.

You can walk down the path and get to the goal without a doubt but it will take some time to reach it.

Do you think that you can reach the end of the road much faster with crutches? You certainly will.

Kratom is like the crutches in our life and if used correctly can help enhance it and overcome our fears and anxiety.


Anxiety comes from your fears and inexperience and the only way to beat it is through the repetitions of going through it.

Kratom helps you beat these problems by making you so comfortable that you don’t feel much anxiety or fear.


reduce anxiety


You might be wondering how does Kratom function to lessen your anxiety?

We believe the way Kratom works is by affecting the frontal lobe of your cortex.

The cortex is the largest part of the brain which is divided into four sections (frontal lobe, parietal lobe, occipital lobe, temporal lobe).

The frontal lobe is the part of the brain that deals with your emotions and there are delta-receptors located in this part.

The various Kratom alkaloids activates these receptors which allows for changes in your mood in a good way unless you over dose on Kratom.

If you were to take more (overdosed), chances are you’ll feel really sleepy when this happens. Worse case your Anxiety may worsen, so that’s why we recommend to start at a low dosage and work your way up until you hit your sweet spot.



The strains that are great for lessening anxiety is the slow and moderate strains.

If you’re having a lazy day and just want to chill with friends then the slow strain is good for that situation. It will make you feel relax, reduce anxiety, and a little bit sleepy.

If you’re going out to social events then the moderate strain is the preferred choice. You won’t be tired from this strain. You will have reduce anxiety and you will genuinely feel like socializing and having fun.

Caution regarding fast strains, there are chances of increasing anxiety with this strain. It is best to use this to workout or staying productive. You will feel very social on fast strains, but the risk of increased anxiety if you take too high of a dose will make it hard for beginners.

If you are more experience with Kratom, then go ahead and use fast strains for socializing… It’s quite amazing. When you’re on a fast strain you become naturally curious about people. You strike up conversation like it’s no big deal. 



Through my experiences, I firmly believe that Kratom can be used to help with anxiety.

It has helped me a lot when it came to this part of my life. When it was time to go on a date, or just going out to socialize, this was the one thing that I could depend on to help me become confident.

I am a very introverted person. 

This shy introvert character of mine was created in my earlier days of staying in the house studying, playing an excessive amount of video games. 

So, my dominant introverted character as a result made me unable to make eye contact, my mind becomes blank thinking of the right thing to say, I stutter in my speech, and people feel uncomfortable around me when i’m like this.

When I am on Kratom, my mood changes and I genuinely want to socialize and hangout with other people.

The effects last for about one to two hours, but thats just enough time for me to build the social momentum that I need to be free of the fear.

This anxiety is a small problem that I face every day when I wake up, but with Kratom, which reduce anxiety, I am able to become more relax about it.

I am sure Kratom can help quite a few more people suffering from Anxiety. Maybe some of you can relate to my childhood experiences and the shy introverted character.


Kratom will help you relax and have a more peaceful mind. When you take these strains, you won’t have to worry about the anxiety anymore ( or not worry about it too much ).

The negative thoughts that you would usually have won’t be there.

And now you can live your life fearlessly.

We recommend visiting Happy Hippo Herbals for fresh Kratom.

Until next time

-Chihao Nguyen