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Bad Temper & Anxiety

Kratom Problems

This side effect happens to some people such as myself. The three ways that I know how to fix this problem . You must have the correct dosage, you can drink water and take a nap, or you can take phenibut.

Now I’ve already talked about the correct dosage in part 1 so you won’t talk about it.

The second way is to take a nap and rehydrate yourself. A lot of the moodiness that you get from kratom is because you are dehydrated so drink a lot of water and you should feel better. Then take a nap for 15 – 30 mins and your good to go.

Your’e probably wondering what is phenibut?

Phenibut is another product that is sold at Happy Hippo. This nootropic will completely make you lose all of your anxiety and it will make you extremely calm.

You will feel very calm and the effects last for hours, but the only problem with this is that the effects takes 5 hours to kick in.

The anxiety and bad temper will last only a while and after that you have to realize that it’s just a state of mind that you are in.

Short Lasting Effects

To deal with the short lasting effects you can do two things which will help tremendously.

The first thing is to not eat anything when you have just consumed Kratom. For some reason the effects start to die out real quick after you eat a meal. My general rule is to not eat until after one hour of taking Kratom.

The second thing is sip on a little bit of water every few minutes. Staying hydrated is essential when you’re taking Kratom.

For some people, Kratom makes them feel dehydrated so they would already have to drink a lot of water.

For me this really helps the effects last a bit longer, and I recommend everyone to do this because not only does it help with the Kratom’s effect, it is also a necessity for your body to stay hydrated.

Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

High Tolerance

For the high tolerance what you want to do is get off of kratom for a week to freshen up your receptors. 

It is best if you don’t even build a tolerance to Kratom at all. 

While you are off Kratom you can take Hippo S & V which will give you the effects of Kratom while lowering your tolerance.

We have an article dedicated to this topic called “Importance Of Rotating and Tolerance To Kratom.”


We believe that most of your Kratom problems can be avoided if you have the right dosage. This will take some experimenting to find your sweet spot. Don’t worry it won’t take too long, and you’ll be better off not running into these problems in the first place. 

These side effects are as bad as it’s going to get for Kratom so don’t think that Kratom will give you any serious health risk. 

Kratom is very safe in our experience. Give HappyHippo a visit if you’re looking to buy Kratom.

We’ve been using it for almost 2 years now and we’ve never been healthier.

Once you gain more experience with Kratom, you will have a much more fulfilling life.

Until next time guys,


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