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Magic Hippo

Warm, Calming, And Full Of Positivity

Magic Hippo is a rare strain found hidden deep in the jungles of a small island in Indonesia. To many locals in the region, it’s known as a scarce strain called “Sundanese” that isn’t widely available anywhere.

Are there some days where you find yourself stuck in a negative state of mind or anxious about things that you shouldn’t be anxious about?

Magic Hippo can be a great reliever of these bad days and turn everything that’s upside down in life to straight right up awesome!

A lot of Kratom users have found a love for this specific strain as it gives a warm and calm vibe with an extra boost of positivity! You’ll feel it once it hits… it’s like magic in a bottle!

Unlike many other Kratom strains out there, Magic Hippo is so rare that it must be carefully grinded to extremely nice fine powder and at the same time eliminating as much as 99% of the stem&vein that does little to the benefit of its users.

The Effects And What You Will Get From It

  • A Warm Feeling: If you’ve ever felt the warm confident feeling that you get from alcohol, this specific strain will give you a similar feeling but without being drunk. It feels almost as if you are wrapped up in a shroud of golden energy similar to that golden aura exerting from Dragonball Z Super Saiyan characters (My best description for it haha).
  • Calm Vibe: This is what takes away the everyday worries and anxious feeling that you have. You’ll notice a difference in your tonality when you speak to others. I like to think of this vibe as a mellow and cool dude who’s free to do what he wants and when he wants.
  • Full Of Positivity: This is where it turns everything that makes your world upside down to upright fantastic. My brother and I literally feel as if there is a total mind shift that makes you look more on the bright side with full of possibilities.

That’s pretty much the full gist of it. One of the best strains for the quality it gives.


How We Use It In Our Daily Life & What Can You Do With It?

We usually take Magic Hippo on a Wednesday or Thursday depending on our Kratom Rotation Schedule. The reason why we take it on these days is because it’s the middle of the week and its getting closer to the weekend, but not quite there yet.

Using Magic Hippo makes it feel like it’s already a weekend before the weekend even comes.

But more importantly, we use it to really change a shitty day into one that’s more fun and makes the shitty day feel like an awesome brand new day.

If you’ve read through the bullet points, you can imagine that there are a lot of situation that you can use Magic for. We’re confident enough to say that you can use it for 99% of the things you do in life. 


Dosage And How To Take It

Like any other slow to moderate Kratom strains, you can take it at your normal dosage, but with higher dosages will make you feel more sedated which can be good for sleep. Don’t go overboard because you’ll most likely get nauseous.

You can combine Magic Hippo with other Kratom strains too and get something completely brand new that you’ve never felt before.

What I like to combine Magic Hippo with is a fast strain or moderate strains.

Try this out when you get the chance: Magic Hippo + Hyper Hippo

My normal dosage is 1.5 grams, so I usually have about 0.7 grams of Magic + 0.8 grams of Hyper = 1.5 of Hyper Magic!

It literally is euphoric and super energetic!

You can do whatever you want with Magic, just don’t get nauseous.

Have a great day!

Ben and Chihao from Kratompedia signing out!

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