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We previously went over what Kratom is in (part: 1), so now let’s talk about methods for taking/using Kratom.

How to take Kratom. In this part we will be discussing all the ways you can take Kratom, and when should you take it.

Kratom can come in the form of leaves, powder, and extract. 

The Kratom we are using is crushed into a fine powder. 

So what are some ways to take Kratom?

The Best Ways to Take Kratom:

Kratom can be taken by several methods:

  • Toss and Wash
  • Mixing it into drinks
  • Kratom Tea
  • Putting it into Capsules

Toss And Wash

The toss and wash method is the most basic and common way to burn Kratom. 

An example of how to use the toss and wash method, and the things you’ll need:

Take the piece of paper and fold it in half (Hot Dog Style)

Place the piece of paper on the scale.

Turn your scale on and set the measurement to grams.

Measure the amount of Kratom you need onto the scale. 

Toss the Kratom in your mouth and wash it down with water. (We prefer to wash it down with Barlean’s Greens to mask the taste).

Mixing Into Drinks 

You can mix the Kratom in your drinks like juice or protein shakes. The best thing about this method is that it masks the taste of Kratom so it won’t make you feel sick from the taste and smell. The only other method that completely takes away both the smell and taste of Kratom is capsules.

Usually, it’s the smell that makes you want to puke or feel nauseous, or it could be that you just took a bit too much Kratom.

You can repeat the steps of the “Toss and Wash” but instead of tossing the Kratom in your mouth, you mix it into the drink.


Make Kratom Tea 

You can make tea out of Kratom. It tastes pretty good if you add some honey and lemon to it. The lemon or lime is said to enhance and make the Kratom effects much stronger. 

Kratom tea is great for relaxation out in your yard and you can store the Kratom in the fridge and take it to go anywhere. Just be sure to add honey and lime and you’re good to go.




Kratom Capsules are great for those who don’t mind swallowing pills. It works great and is by far the best way to avoid any smell or taste of Kratom. We don’t recommend that you buy Kratom capsules from smoke shops because you get such low-quality Kratom, and they are too expensive for the amount that you get.

If you decide to use Kratom capsules, we recommend encapsulating the Kratom yourself. You’ll save money, and you’ll get the best quality.

Check out our Kratom Capsule Guide on how to do it.


If you want to take advantage of all the effects of Kratom, it is best to take Kratom on an empty stomach. But we want to make it a lot easier for beginners.

As a beginner, it is best to eat a little bit before taking kratom. 

Why is this?

It is because quite a few beginners need to get used to Kratom so they can digest it.

My brother and I differ greatly when it came to our first time using Kratom:

My brother Chihao took Kratom and instantly felt the great effects of Kratom.

I, on the other hand, felt sick to my stomach, I felt nauseous, and this made me almost give up on Kratom.

So How should you burn Kratom your first time? Follow the steps below and you shouldn’t have any side effects. We want to play it safe your first time, so the dosage will be small and it will add up by .5 grams until the Kratom hits. 

  1. Eat a very small light meal (an apple or yogurt) upon waking up, and drink some water.
  2. Measure out 1 gram of Kratom.
  3. Have a flavorful drink (Orange Juice).
  4. Either Toss and Wash it, or mix the Kratom into the drink.
  5. Take it and wait for 15-30 minutes sometimes up to 45 minutes.
  6. If you don’t feel anything at this moment go ahead and measure about .5 grams and take it.
  7. Repeat the process until you feel something.
  8. If you, however, feel nauseous, take a little break and lay down. Next time decrease the amount.

As you continue to do this you will eventually get the idea of how much Kratom you need in order to get the effects.

It is probably the safest way for beginners to take Kratom without having little to no side effects. 

Once you get more experienced with Kratom you should try to take it on an empty stomach as it will make it much faster for the effects to hit, and the effects will last a bit stronger. 

Conclusion For This Part:

It is best that you take Kratom on an empty stomach because this will make the effects much stronger. If you, however, have already eaten, you should then wait two hours to allow your food to digest before taking Kratom. 

For beginners, we always suggest eating a small light meal before taking Kratom so that you don’t get nauseous, and help your body get used to Kratom.

You can take Kratom in many different ways. The best ways we suggest you to take Kratom is to:

  • Toss and Wash it
  • Mixing it into other drinks
  • Make Kratom Tea
  • Capsules

Well, that’s how to take Kratom. It’s quite simple.

Usually, beginners think that you smoke Kratom, but that’s not recommended, and it’s quite pointless. 

Join us in Part III: Taking Kratom for Specific Situation

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