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We just finished talking about some of the common side effects of Kratom (Part 4).

Now let’s talk about kratom tolerance:

  1. how to avoid it
  2. how to know if you have a tolerance to kratom
  3. and what to do if you have high kratom tolerance levels

One of the things that’s a big concern when using kratom is building up a tolerance after long periods of continuous Kratom use.

This causes your tolerance to build up drastically, and it’s something that we never want to happen or at least minimize at all costs.

When your tolerance is built up too high, the effects you get from kratom will seem very weak.

You may, like many, begin to believe that kratom is no longer working for you.

Having a high tolerance to kratom will also prevent you from determining the quality of kratom powder. 

What we mean by that is, if a friend of yours comes by and tells you he found the best kratom ever and the quality is unparallel, it’s going to be much harder to believe him because of your high tolerance levels will keep you from feeling anything.

Or maybe one of your best vendors went out of business and you’re in search of a new one. With a high tolerance, you’re going to have a tough time determining which vendor has good kratom.

Kratom tolerance build-up sucks, so it ‘s quite an important topic that needs to be dug deep into.

By the end of it all, you should be equipped with the knowledge to prevent, avoid, and even help others avoid a kratom tolerance build-up.

How To Detect If You Have A Kratom Tolerance Build Up?

Kratom users all have a sweet spot (the right dosage) that gets kratom to activate and give those amazing energetic sensations throughout the body.

Your dosage could be around 2-3 grams when you first tried kratom.

But here’s where everything starts turning upside down. You begin to notice that you have to take at least 4 grams to start getting similar effects like your first few times.

As months pasts by your sweet spot jumped up to 7-9 grams.

You’ll also start noticing that the effects aren’t as strong anymore. It just seems like you have to take more and more just to get a glimpse of what it used to be. We’re guessing in 2020 people are calling this type of tolerance issue as the stagnant strain syndrome. 

If this sounds like you, then you have a tolerance problem. Your dose of kratom should never jump that high ever!

We’re speaking from 2 guys who have taken kratom for over 5 years and out tolerance has never risen past 4-5 grams. 

To recap and keep it all organized, here are some of the things that you will feel if your tolerance is high:

  • Little to no effects from the kratom powder.
  • Taking a higher dosage of kratom just to feel anything.
  • The effects do not last very long.
  • The effects are not as strong as they use to be.

If any of the above is similar to your situation, it’s likely that you have built up quite a tolerance to kratom.

But don’t worry we can fix this and properly reset your tolerance back to the way it used to be.

To do this, you will be required to have 3-7 different strains of kratom, the more the better.

The beauty of having more than one kratom strain is you’re hitting the receptors in your brain with different alkaloids every day.

All the kratom strains are not the same so your body doesn’t get used to just one kratom strain.

Think of it like going to the gym, you do the same workout for 6 months with no change to it. Your body will eventually get used to the same exercises therefore you won’t feel the growing pains anymore. The exercises may even get boring and not really challenging anymore.

In order to start gaining progress again, you need to switch up your gym routine, and the growing pain comes back.

Just like our gym analogy here, it works the same way with kratom.

When you have a high tolerance, it just means your body is getting too used to the one kratom strain you’ve been using day in and day out.

You need more variation. 

We call this method the kratom Rotation. It’s the best way and intended to diagnose kratom tolerance issues.

But first, you need to reduce your tolerance as a whole. It’s going to be quite annoying at first because there will be withdrawals the first 2-3 days.

The withdrawals do get better over time and fairly quick, but going through it will benefit you in the long-run.

We recommend either going cold turkey, taper off slowly, or getting high-quality stem & vein and kava.

Going Through & Combating Kratom Withdrawal Symptoms Is Your First Step To Refreshing Your Kratom Tolerance

Kratom withdrawals can be annoying, but it isn’t that bad. 

The worse that the withdrawals can get is to make you feel like you have a small cold.

If you’ve ever been off of kratom completely you know this feeling quite well. 

What can you expect from kratom withdrawal symptoms:

  • Slight migraine for a day or two
  • Urge to move around and not sit still
  • Runny nose
  • Hot and Cold flashes
  • Stomach ache & maybe diarrhea

The withdrawal effects last upwards to 3 days, and after that, you’ll start to feel normal again.

The longer you’ve been using kratom without a break will mentally make it harder to go off of kratom. This is why we recommend you take kratom for 2-3 months and take a week off before using it again.

The more breaks you have from kratom the less the withdrawals you will feel and be able to tolerate.

Can Kratom Withdrawals Be Reduced or Masked Completely?

I hope we didn’t scare you with the withdrawals when we mentioned completely going off kratom (cold turkey). But it’s the least in cost and is completely free. If you’re a mild kratom user, the withdrawals aren’t that bad and don’t last for many days.

Now for some people who might have been on Kratom for a year or more without a break, you’re going to be way more sensitive to the withdrawals. It’s best that you taper off from the kratom or use high-quality stem & vein or kava for a few days.

1. How to taper off from Kratom:

Tapering off from kratom is basically take less and less kratom overtime. Depending on how fast you want to taper off depends on how aggressive you want to cut the amount of kratom you take per day and week.

We’ll do it the slow way for those who haven’t had a proper break from kratom in a while 

Let’s say you’re someone who uses kratom at least 5 times a day at a high dosage.

What you would do is (taking you from red to green):

Week 1: Take kratom 5 times per day for the 6 days. On Sunday you will only take kratom 4 times a day.

Week 2: Take kratom 4 times per day for 5 days. On Saturday and Sunday, you will only take kratom 3 times per day.

Week 3: Take Kratom 3 times per day for 4 days. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, you will only take kratom 2 times per day.

Week 4: Take Kratom 2 times per day for 3 days. On Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, you will only take Kratom 1 time per day.

Week 5: Take Kratom 1 time per day for 2 days. On Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, you will not take kratom at all.

Week 6: You can take kratom on Monday, but no more after that. The entire week you should be capable of not being on kratom and not feel any withdrawals.

Week 7At this time you will have refreshed your kratom tolerance significantly without feeling any or little withdrawals.

Tapering from kratom is the most effective method for heavy kratom users to reset their tolerance and it’s super effective. Follow it to a T and you will be fine.

Reducing Withdrawals and Resetting Tolerance With Stem & Vein

A great way to not feel any withdrawal would be to use stem & vein or kava as a substitute for kratom.

If you get high-quality stuff you will feel fine throughout the break and reset your tolerance 80% – 90%.

The reason it isn’t 100% is that stem & vein still does have some kratom but at a significantly low level. It’s like tapering off, but the effects of stem & vein make it feel like kratom throughout your break, you don’t feel any withdrawals.

Reducing Withdrawals and Resetting Tolerance With Kava

Reducing tolerance with kava isn’t ideal, but if it’s the last thing available to you, use it.

Try to limit kava use as much as you can. Kava can make you feel dizzy, kind of feeling like you’re drunk. 

Kratom Strain Rotation Is The Key To Never Building A High Tolerance To Kratom Ever Again! 

Combating Kratom tolerance is quite simple. To never build up a tolerance to Kratom we suggest the kratom rotation method.

If you have already built up a tolerance then we would suggest you slowly taper off from kratom or go cold turkey like suggested in the previous section.

A mistake that a lot of beginners make when first starting with Kratom is to take the same strain day after day.

You can choose to take the same strain every day, however, we strongly advise against it.

As you continue taking that one strain as a daily routine, you’ll notice that the effects begin to get weaker and weaker. The worse part is you’ll have to take a larger dosage just to feel something.

The more you continue to take that one strain at larger and larger dosages, you’re igniting the development of tolerance towards kratom to your body.

Since most of our readers are beginners, we suggest that you learn how to avoid tolerance build-up from the very beginning.

And to do that you’ll need to properly rotate kratom strains if you want to prevent and reduce the build-up of tolerance.

What Is The Theory Behind The Kratom Rotation Method?

The kratom rotation method is quite simple.

What you do is take a different strain of kratom every day.

Not all strains of kratom have the same chemistry, and they definitely affect different receptors in your brain while giving you similar aromas, feelings, and effects.

Because kratom affects different receptors, therefore you’re always tricking your body to never get used to one strain of kratom. It’s quite genius and we were taught this by a dear friend who knows kratom in and out.

Once you get the kratom rotation method down, there’s no going back to only taking one strain of kratom as a daily routine anymore.

This is a long-term strategy for those who will be using kratom on a daily basis.

How Does The Kratom Method Work? Putting It All Into Action!

So, the Kratom rotation method works like this:

Ideally, you want to have 5-7 different kratom strains. For beginners or someone on a tight budget, you’ll only need to rotate 3-4 different strains.

The difference between 5-7 strains to 3-4 strains is that those of you who are rolling with 3-4 strains will have to take some days off from Kratom. 

Let’s take a look at an example of Kratom rotation:

Newbies Kratom Rotation with only three Strains:

(This is an example of Kratom rotation when we first started out)


As you can see from the chart above we have three different strains:

This is an example of how we took it our first time (Kratom Users: Ben):

Monday: Took 2 grams (Red Vein Bali) to start the week off right, I was going to school at the time, and after school, I was working as an intern for a small accounting firm.

Usually, around tax season, the workplace is stressful and the paperwork is endless to make the whole situation even more stressful. Just when I thought I was done with a batch, they throw a whole new stack of documents I have to enter into QuickBooks. 

Instead of getting angry and stressed out by the workload, I felt content and was in the zone. I wasn’t angry and definitely wasn’t regretting career decisions at the time like most of my coworkers did.

When it came to talking to my boss about a project, I could do it with ease without feeling annoyed or frustrated.

Tuesday: Took the day off from kratom. School and work both sucked, but deal with it pal.

Without the kratom I could relate more with my coworkers. Being stuck in a cubicle and endlessly punching in numbers wasn’t what I had in mind when I chose to do accountancy.

Lots of *Sigh* and complaining that day. But I managed to survive.

***You can go ahead and take a different strain this day, but I chose not to. Kinda regretted it at some point lol.***

Wednesday: Took 1.5 grams (Elite Maeng Da) a little around afternoon after school heading to work. 

The day was busy and hectic in the office, people running back and forth trying to get more information from clients. 

I was focused on my task, feeling content, greeted other workers and the boss, I’m not too worried as I was yesterday. What a difference kratom can make on your outlook on life and the current moment.

Thursday: Take the day off. School sucks. Work sucks. Almost Friday and I’ll have my weekend soon! 🙂

Friday: Took 1 gram of (Green Borneo) in the morning after a small breakfast. 

No classes so I had time to chill with roommates and friends before work.

felt very social and good vibes. I went to work. the effects wore off… Kind of a miserable Friday. The only thing to really look forward to was the clock hitting that 5pm mark.

I kind of wish I took another dosage before work but was afraid of taking too much. I was inexperienced at the time and kratom was quite strong once it hit my system more than once per day.

Saturday: Took the day off, but sometimes I would take 1.5 grams of (Elite Maeng Da) in the evening to go out.

I had no classes.

Work was from 8 am – 1 pm on Saturday so no biggie. Very social and talkative when going out, meeting people was more enjoyable.

Sunday: I drive from college to home (my parent’s place) and took 1 – 1.5 grams of (Red Maeng Da) when I arrived.

Sunday was nice, good peaceful family bonding. I took several good naps.

There you have it, this was where I started when I was just getting into kratom. It’s the best beginner’s rotation. 

Once you get the hang of it, you’ll probably want to try out many other kratom strains to be part of your rotation.

As you keep on trying out more kratom strains, you’ll have at least 7-10 strains of kratom that you like really love. You can even begin combining the different strains to see what you’ll get.

Having 7-10 kratom strains will bring you to an advanced kratom user level. 

When you reach this stage of your kratom journey, you need to properly have a daily routine set in place. It will be kind of like a lifestyle built around kratom.

If you’re set on making this a daily lifestyle thing, follow the advanced kratom rotation below:



Shown from the chart above, you can see that I have about 7 kratom strains. I chose these 7 strains because they work very well for me. 

I did mention back in my beginner’s days that I took upwards to 1.5 grams, but over the years my sweet spot has been decreasing. 

I’ve actually been cruising around 600mg – 900mg as my main kratom dose for several years now.

If I were to take 1.5 grams of kratom again, it’ll surely make me sleepy, nauseous, and drowsy. 

I believe my dosage is this low because of properly rotating kratom over a long period of time and taking proper breaks within the 2-3 months of use with 1 week off. 

So for you, please, try out as many strains out there and see if they are for you. Then mix and match it into your desired schedule.

You can even begin to combine different strains together to discover brand new feelings and effects. You can also experiment with kratom potentiators like coffee, which also will give you 10x the effects.

If you rotate the strains correctly, you should have very low tolerance levels and that’s something I’m willing to bet on.

In Rare Cases Of Kratom Tolerance Build Up From Proper Rotation:

Sometimes you may be rotating it correctly, but somehow you don’t feel the aroma (effects) anymore.

Solution: Go without Kratom for a week (Cold Turkey) or taper off, and your receptors/tolerance should be back to normal.

This usually only happens if you’re taking kratom for a year or two without a break. Always go 3 months (max 6months) on, and a week off for the lowest withdrawal symptoms and tolerance build-up.


Thanks for making it this far into the article and I hope this knowledge serves you well.

Kratom rotation is a very simple process to prevent the build-up of tolerance to Kratom.

If you can rotate 4-7 strains, you’ll reduce or prevent any tolerance to be built up significantly. 

As for beginners, we believe it’s best to go with a 3-4 strain rotation. This will give you some experiment and decide if Kratom is for you, and if you would like to make it a lifestyle out of it.

Even if you live the Kratom lifestyle, always be sure to take a break from it once in a while. Follow this guide to a T and you should have no problem with Kratom ever again.

Experiment and have fun. Try out as many strain as you can and find the ones that you like. Check out Coastal Kratom for fresh premium quality kratom to add to your kratom strain rotation.

The last part will be about:

PartVI: Vendors, Quality of Kratom and Where to Buy Kratom

  • Amy March 6, 2018, 4:52 am

    Just wanted to take the time and say thank you for taking the time to make this guide!! This was the first website I read up on kratom about. I’ve been taking kratom for anxiety and depression for about 3 months. The only reason I knew to successfully rotate strains is because of y’all. Ordering some stem and vein or kava kava Friday to stop kratom for a week. Thank you again. 😊

  • Ben Nguyen December 11, 2019, 6:34 pm

    Thanks Amy, sorry for the (almost 2 years reply). Happy this artcile helped you and hope all is well.

  • John August 11, 2020, 6:46 am

    Who the hell takes kratom 6 times a DAY?!?!? I take it ONCE a day and it lasts for about 6 hours or more, wait 24 hours, take orange juice and turmeric with it and peppercorns. It will keep your tolerwnce down and you won’t have to take it more than once a day. No one should be having to take kratom 6 times a day, if you are, your kratom SUCKS.


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