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We just finished talking about some of the common side effects of Kratom (Part 4). Now let’s talk about the tolerance to Kratom and how to prevent it.

One of the thing that is a concern when using Kratom is building up a tolerance after a long period of use.

When your tolerance is built up too high, it’ll have a very negative impact on the quality that you get from Kratom. 

Here are some of the things that you will feel if your tolerance is high:

  • Little to no effects from the Kratom.
  • Taking a higher dosage of Kratom just to feel anything.
  • The effects do not last very long.
  • The effects are not as strong as they use to be.

If you have anything similar to the points mentioned above, it’s most likely that you have built up quite a tolerance to Kratom.

Don’t worry we can fix this and you can reset your tolerance back to the way it used to be.

To do this, you will be required to have 3 or more different strains of Kratom. By having 3 or more different strains of kratom, it will allow your receptors to refresh because you aren’t taking the same type of kratom all the time.

We like to call this method the Kratom Rotation.


Combating Kratom tolerance is quite simple. To never build up a tolerance to Kratom we suggest the Kratom rotation method. If you have already built up a tolerance then we would suggest you go cold turkey.

Cold turkey just simply means that you will go off from Kratom for a short period of time, usually for a week.

A mistake that a lot of beginners make when first starting with Kratom is to take the same strain day after day. You can do this, however, but eventually, you will notice that the effects begin to get weaker, and you have to up your dosage just to feel something. 

Since most of our readers are beginners, we suggest that you should prevent and never build up a tolerance to Kratom in the first place.

You will need to rotate Kratom strains if you want to prevent and reduce the build-up of tolerance.

So, the Kratom rotation method works like this:

Ideally, you want to have 5-7 different kratom strains. For beginners or someone on a tight budget, you’ll only need to rotate 3-4 different strains.

The difference between 5-7 strains to 3-4 strains is that those of you who are rolling with 3-4 strains will have to take some days off from Kratom. 

Let’s take a look at an example of Kratom rotation:

Newbies Kratom Rotation with only three Strains:

(This is an example of Kratom rotation when we first started out)

kratom tolerance

As you can see from the chart above we have three different strains:

This is an example of how we took it our first time:

Monday: Took 2 grams (Happy Hippo I) to start the week off right, I was going to school, and after school, I was working as an intern for a small accounting firm.

Usually, around tax season, the workplace is stressful and the paperwork is endless to make the whole situation more stressful.

Instead of getting angry and stressed out by the workload, I felt content, and not as pissed off like the other employees were.

When it came to talking to my boss about a project, I could do it with ease and spoke my mind.

Tuesday: Take the day off. School and work both sucks, but deal with it pal. *You can go ahead and take a different strain this day, but I chose not to.*

Wednesday: Took 1.5 grams (Hyper Hippo) a little afternoon after school heading to work. 

The day was busy and hectic in the office, people running back and forth trying to get more information from clients.

I was focused on my task, feeling content, greeted other workers and the boss, I’m not too worried.

Thursday: Take the day off. School sucks. Work sucks. Almost Friday :).

Friday: Took 2 grams of (Happy Hippo I) in the morning after breakfast. 

No classes so I had time to chill with roommates and friends before work.

felt very social and good vibes. I went to work. the effects wore off… Kind of a miserable Friday.

Saturday: Took the day off, but sometimes I would take 1.5 grams of (Hyper Hippo) in the evening to go out.

I had no classes.

Work was from 8 am – 1 pm on Saturday so no biggie. Very social and talkative when going out, meeting people was easy.

Sunday: I drive from college to home (my parent’s place) and took 1.5 – 2 grams of (Sleepy Hippo) when I arrived.

Sunday was nice, good peaceful family bonding. I took several good naps.


There you have it, this is a great start for a beginner’s rotation. 

Once you get the hang of it, you’ll probably try out other strains and find that some works better for you and others just don’t. 

Mix them up if you like. You’ll eventually find all the right strains for you and will probably choose to fit Kratom into your life.

If you do choose to make it a lifestyle thing, you’ll want to see below for the advance Kratom rotation.

Here is an example of what an Advanced rotation looks like:


kratom tolerance


As shown from the chart above you can see that we have about 7 strains. This is when you want to fit Kratom into your life and make it a lifestyle. 

Try out many strains to see if they are for you. Then mix and match it into your desired schedule.

If you rotate the strains correctly, you should have a very very low tolerance to Kratom.

Sometimes you may even be rotating it correctly, but somehow you don’t feel the aroma (effects) anymore. Just go without Kratom for a week (Cold Turkey), and your receptors/tolerance should be back to normal.


*Update*: Going off Kratom for a week may be hard for some people. We suggest that you substitute Kratom for Stem&Vein and Kava Kava. Stem&Vein and Kava Kava have similar effects to Kratom.

For Stem and Vein, they are the actual stem and vein of the Kratom leaf. They will give you similar effects to Kratom, but you will have to take a higher dosage than what you would take with normal Kratom. An example would be if it takes you 2.5 grams of Kratom to get the effects, then you would take 4.5 – 5 grams for stem and vein.

As for Kava Kava, the effects are nice. We bought some from our grocery store off the counter (Funny that grocery stores have these) and the effect was very nice :). It is a good substitute for Kratom if you’re trying to lower your tolerance.


It is very simple to prevent the build-up of tolerance to Kratom. If you can rotate 4-7 strains it will reduce or prevent any tolerance to be built up. 

As for beginners, we believe it is just best to go with a 3 strain rotation. This will give you some experience and decide if Kratom is for you, and if you would like to make it a lifestyle out of it.

Even if you live the Kratom lifestyle, you should have some days to take a break from Kratom, then come back and the effects will be just as good as your first time.

Experiment and have fun. 

The last part will be about:

PartVI: Vendors, Quality of Kratom and Where to Buy Kratom

  • Amy March 6, 2018, 4:52 am

    Just wanted to take the time and say thank you for taking the time to make this guide!! This was the first website I read up on kratom about. I’ve been taking kratom for anxiety and depression for about 3 months. The only reason I knew to successfully rotate strains is because of y’all. Ordering some stem and vein or kava kava Friday to stop kratom for a week. Thank you again. 😊


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