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We are now on to the last part of the Beginners Kratom Guide. If you haven’t checked our previous discussion, we went over:

What is Kratom? In Part: I

Methods to Take/Use Kratom. In part: II

Using Kratom for Specific Situation. In Part: III

Kratom Side Effects. In Part: IV

Kratom Tolerance and How to Avoid it. In Part: V

And now our discussion on Quality of Kratom, Vendors, and Our Recommendation.

Are you a beginner wanting to try out kratom or someone having trouble finding vendors that offer quality Kratom? 

The process of find quality Kratom can be daunting, and often times people give up because the time and effort put in just doesn’t seem worth it anymore.

Don’t worry, we will discuss and let you know the best way to find quality kratom and our very own recommendations.

Let’s first talk about differentiating good quality Kratom from bad quality Kratom.

The Quality of Your Kratom Matters

The quality of your Kratom equals the quality of positive effects that you’ll get. Bad quality will give you nothing, and sometimes unwanted side effects. 

Trying to find good quality Kratom can be quite difficult!

If you are someone who’s going through the processes of finding the right vendor, you will have to go through a bunch of vendors that will offer you terrible quality of kratom. 

It’s frustrating and difficult for beginners, and on top of that, a lot of time and money will be wasted from doing it this way. We like to call this the “trial and error” process.

You can actually skip the trial and error process, and get quality Kratom right away!

So, what’s the best way for you to go and find a good vendor?

The best way to find good quality Kratom vendor is to simply ask people what vendors they recommend. You can ask people from Kratom forums, blogs (like this one), or friend/family that have used Kratom.

Yes, it’s that simple 🙂

How to Know Good Quality From Bad Quality:

Bad Quality

  • Taking A Lot And Not Feeling Anything: This should be the number one indicator that the vendor who sold you kratom should be avoided at all cost! It shouldn’t take anyone more than 2-4 grams to feel something. Heck, quality kratom can be felt at 1 gram for some people.
  • Causing Unwanted Side Effects: If you feel nothing but terrible headaches and fatigue, you should not order from that vendor again. Although this is signs that you are taking way too much kratom, but if it’s at low dosages and you still feel bad, you should definitely try a different vendor.

Good Quality:

  • Feel A Warm Sensation: Good Quality Kratom will give you a warm hugging feel. The warm sensation can come from your back, arms, cheeks, or stomach. If you feel this, stick with that vendor, they are offering you some great quality.
  • Accompanied By A Sense Of Well-Being: You will feel happy. Negative thoughts just don’t seem relevant. Also, you’ll tend to smile a lot more even around people you are annoyed with. Give them a hug, we’re all just human. 🙂
  • Pure and not laced with anything: Your kratom should be pure and 100% organic. Only a quality vendor can provide you this. STAY AWAY FROM KRATOM EXTRACT at all cost! Extracts may be laced with other substances, or too concentrated that it will skyrocket your tolerance.

Some Places That We Don’t Recommend Getting Kratom From:

  • Local Smokeshop: They sell Kratom in Capsules. Although capsule Kratom is a great idea, it is way too expensive for the amount they give you. The Kratom from the smoke shops are not high quality either and you won’t get the best effects. If you really want to use Kratom in the form of pills, we suggest you buy some capsules on Amazon and fill them up yourself with quality Kratom purchased from good vendors.
  • Amazon: Amazon is a great place to buy stuff from, but we don’t believe they sell quality Kratom. You want to get Kratom from a well-known vendor that is all about Kratom. *Update: We don’t think Amazon sells Kratom anymore.*
  • Unknown Vendors: Vendors should be suggested or recommended to you, it will save you a bunch of time instead of having to try every single unknown vendor until you find the right one. Reduce the workload of having to search for a vendor and ask on forums, friends, and family, or from people who have used Kratom. 

Quality Kratom is determined by how well you feel the effects/aroma, and how much of a dosage it takes for you to feel the effects. Quality Kratom will take effect around 1.5-4 grams for beginners. 

If a beginner has to take up to 10-15 grams his first time to have a slight notice of anything from the kratom, then we consider that as bad quality Kratom.

In rare cases, a person might be a non-responder. 

Since Kratom is quite new, there are not too many vendors online that will sell you quality Kratom.  


The general standard is that it should take roughly 2 to 2.5 grams for a beginner to notice the effects of kratom.

A few beginners may be different as they may need 3-5 grams to feel the effects because they could be bigger, taller, or stronger.

Vice versa,

A beginner might have to take a smaller dose such as 1-1.5 gram.

It really just comes down to experimenting, everyone is different. 

We’ve tried Kratom from a few vendors that our friends have bought from, but most required quite a larger dosage to get the good effects, or sometimes there are no effects AT ALL!

The Vendor that has worked for us and that we recommend getting Kratom from is Coastline Kratom. Feel free to try them for yourself and use our link to support us (It’s our affiliate link for commision to keep the website going).

This is the current vendor we use often and they have very effective Kratom.

UPDATE: Over the past 4 years there have been a surge in new Kratom companies, and it isn’t do mysterious or sketchy as it used to be back then. A majority of companies now do provide high quality kratom. We recommend you try them for yourself over time. 


Now that you know about the quality of kratom and where to get it, we hope it will eliminate the frustration of trying to get kratom to work for you! 

Buy vendors from well-trusted resources and you will have little to no problem with the effects.

The only thing you’ll have to worry about in the end is experimenting with the dosage and the different methods of taking Kratom.

That’s it, folks.



  • michael August 16, 2016, 6:27 pm


    • Ben Nguyen August 16, 2016, 7:33 pm

      Hey Michael,

      The best strains for back pain are slow and moderate strains. I would recommend from Happy Hippo: Snuggie Hippo, Top-shelf Bali, Sleepy Hippo, Happy Hippo 1, Elite Elephant, and Pleasant Green Hippo. These would do well for pain. The fast strains such as Hyper Hippo works well too for some people.

  • Liz June 7, 2017, 1:32 am

    No offense but when a Kratom review site only recommends ONE vendor rather than several, I assume they are getting paid for referrals. Or that they are actually a blog that seems to be independent but actually is connected to that vendor. I’ve seen this situation with several review blogs and I just assume you are making money for your recommendation and you haven’t actually tried kratom from other vendors.

    • Ben Nguyen June 7, 2017, 3:56 pm

      Liz, we use to make a commission from Happy Hippo but no more as of now, but that is not the reason why we only recommend ONE vendor. We truly believe in their quality. We’ve tried from other vendors, but if beginners are looking for a specific vendor to try for their first time , we want to ensure they get the best quality and the best kratom there is out there for their first try. They may choose to try any other vendor they like after that. Thank you for sharing.


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