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A common question we have is, do you or can you smoke Kratom?

Kratom also known as Mitragyna Speciosa is a leaf.

Weed also known as Marijuana is a leaf.

So shouldn’t you smoke Kratom?

Sorry to say, but the answer is no. Maybe you can try, but we don’t recommend that you should smoke Kratom.

We don’t believe that it would yield favorable effects, nor is it an effective way to take Kratom.

Smoking Kratom

So Why Can’t You Smoke Kratom?

Personally we have not tried to smoke Kratom, so we wouldn’t know.

Kratom unlike Marijuana would probably take a lot more than 1 gram to have the effects kick in.

If you were to take Kratom the correct way, which is to toss and wash it down with a flavorful drink, then you would only need 2-5 grams because all of the Kratom and it’s alkaloids would enter your bloodstream.

If you were to smoke Kratom around 2-5 grams, a vast majority of the Kratom alkaloids are dispensed into the air from the smoke. Also add with the fact that the fire would easily destroy quite a lot of the active alkaloids.

We estimate that you would have to smoke at least 10-15 grams of Kratom to feel anything.

What this means is that it would be a quite unpleasant and an expensive option to you if you were to smoke Kratom.


Smoking Kratom

Going back in history, Kratom leaves were eaten or chewed by the local natives of Southeast Asia.

Kratom was never smoked. The people in Thailand would eat the leaves or chew it to get its good effects. These people have been using Kratom for centuries and have always preferred eating or chewing the leaves rather than smoking it.

Perhaps it could be that they have experimented with smoking kratom and found it to be unpleasant or did not yield the desired effects.

If you were to google “Smoking Kratom Experiences” it would pop up some unpleasant stories. There hasn’t been many or any report on the pleasant feeling you would get from smoking Kratom.

It also really comes down to which method of taking kratom would be most effective to reap the benefits of Kratom.

In Conclusion

We don’t recommend smoking Kratom as it is an expensive way to use kratom effectively.

Reasons are that the smell of Kratom is unpleasant. We can’t imagine the smell of it in the form of gas.

Another thing is that Kratom’s alkaloids are very sensitive to heat and will destroy them, and also add it with the fact that most of the alkaloids will also be dispense from the smoke from the tip of the “blunt” would reduce the amount of alkaloids that will enter your body.

It’s best to stick to the toss and wash method, or just plain and simple mixing it with a flavorful drink.

Smoking Kratom? No, it’s pointless.

Until next time

-Ben Nguyen


If you are a beginner, or wanting to know what Kratom is go ahead and check out our Kratom Guide geared towards beginners.

  • Gary December 29, 2017, 4:44 am

    The “less is more” theory, is also advisable because lower dosage also creates less tolerance to effects, which can increase the plant’s medicinal potential over time.


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