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Blonde Indo (Snuggie Hippo): Take Me To Church

Do you usually get bored at social gatherings or feel as if your time is better spent elsewhere, but you can’t miss these important events?

Sure, the best option is to not go, and call it quits. That’s not easy to do, however, base on your current situation and circumstances. 

We have found that one of our favorite Kratom strain “Snuggie Hippo” has helped us quite a bit when it comes to attending boring, yet important, meetings.

We often take Snuggie Hippo for going to church every morning at 8 A.M. Yes, church. As funny as it sounds, but church can quite be boring most of the time unless you’re a holy enthusiastic churchgoer like our grandma. 😀

Without Snuggie, I don’t think we would enjoy much of our day. We would rather sleep during Sundays if that were the case. we have a lot of family members, and going to church is considered more as a family gathering to catch up on what everyone is up to, besides listening to the gospel.


So what can you expect from this slow strain:

  • Expect to feel engaged: We look forward to going to church because of Snuggie because it allows us to look at our situation as a time for reflection and meditation. It’s quite nice a nice feeling to hear stories from the bible that can be reflected how it fits your goals and dreams. It’s not always about perceiving it as a one-way street.
  • Expect to feel quite content: You’ll have a feeling of being at peace, and wanting to enjoy life even if you are struggling with certain parts of your life. Instead of spiraling downward to a pit of negativity, you’ll feel rather calm, and positive.
  • Great Sleep Remedy: Snuggie can be a great sleep remedy! In slightly higher dosages, it will give you a great sedating effect that makes for the whole body feel light and with the calm feeling, you’ll sleep like a baby.



How Much To Take?

It will require just your normal dosage, which is your sweet spot.

If you’re planning to use it for sleep you can try to up the dosage slightly for a stronger sedating effects.

If you’re new to Kratom we suggest you find your sweet spot. Be sure to mask the taste and smell of something sweet like orange juice, or a chocolate type of drink.


A mini guide to find your sweet spot:

  • Measure out 1 or 1.5 grams of kratom. If you feel something now, then that is your sweet spot, you can still experiment further, however, there will be side effects if you take too much.
  • every 15-30 minutes that you don’t feel anything, just add another .5 grams.
  • repeat until you feel something nice.
  • Congratulations you found your sweet spot.



Snuggie is one of ours and many others favorite strain that really can make you feel quite happy with a peace of mind. You might just have to add this strain to your rotation.

That wraps it up for this review.

If you don’t know what Kratom is checked out our Beginner’s Kratom Guide. We recommend that you understand what Kratom is and what it can do for you before trying it out!

Grab your pack of Snuggie Hippo 

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