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Hi everyone,

First off, we’re alive and safe. Thank you for all the comments and concerns over the years.

We had other things going and never really checked this great old website.

It’s been 4 years since the whole Kratom ban and it’s still going on which is crazy.

There’s something special about the Kratom community. Unlike anything in modern-day, we actually won against the DEA most of the time when they try to impose new bans on our favourite plant.

As you know most of our YouTube videos have been taken down about 2-3 years ago which sucks. But thinking back, we were so nervous when we first made those videos I thought no one would find value in them. Turns out it helped quite a lot of people.

We have better gears now with a lot more confidence in front of the camera now so maybe some new videos will be dropped.

Whether you’re still taking Kratom or not, it definitely was exciting times to try something new and see if it was a good fit.

Oh and to those who ask if we’re still taking kratom, the answer is yes.

And to those asking if our tolerance is the same after all these years. The answer is yes. Chihao still takes around 2-4 grams while Ben still takes .7-1gram to feel the effects.

How is this possible? Kratom Rotation.

It simply works.

Trying New Things For Pain

As you all know we’re really into working out and as we go harder in the gym, we’re more prone to injuries and pain.

Kratom does a great job masking that pain, but we also have been trying some new stuff like CBD oil.

Does CBD oil work?

From our experience, yes, it does. But the thing is, it makes you pretty sleepy.

We like to stay active and if you’re also the active type, you’d not want to go to sleep so soon.

It could be we need to test different types of CBD oil and see what works best, but so far from our experience, CBD oil is great for pain, but not so much energy.

When you take CBD oil you just want to relax and close your eyes.

If you’re using CBD oil, what CBD oil brand are you currently using?

Let us know about your experience.

What’s next for 2020?

To be honest we’re not even sure.

Keeping this blog updated all the time is quite hard as we work a lot now and don’t have much time out of our day to check every comment or write up a nice article.

But expect us to be more active than these last 3-4 years of Missing in Action.

What are you excited for in 2020?

The world just seems to get crazier and crazier every year haha.

Updating Old Articles And Adding Our New Experiences

After all these years of taking Kratom, we do have some new perspective on it. Although not much since everything covered here is still exactly the same thing we do till now.

What we’ll be doing is going back to the old articles and revamp them. Add a bit more context to them and add anything new that we discovered.

So, we both like to thank you to everyone who still reads this website.

Reading all the comments on here was heartwarming.

Thank you all.


Your bros,

Ben and Chihao


I am not sure where most of you guys are from or if allergies is something that you are concerned with, but where my brother and I live (in the mid west), we get spring and summer that calls forth a lot of pollen, mold, and other allergens that just makes it hard to function normally throughout the day.

Seasonal allergies or allergies can be easily dealt with by grabbing yourself an off the counter anti-histamine or allergy pills at your local grocery store. The sucky part is you’ll most likely want to sleep when taking these medications. They do work and definitely play a great role in eliminating allergies.

You can also reduce these allergies symptoms with Kratom! The natural way.

We’ve mentioned using Kratom for various types of situations and conditions based on what we’ve used it for over the last three years. Kratom for seasonal allergies is just another common usage us and many other people. From the people we’ve talked to and have given Kratom to, this is probably one of the most popular use.

Do you have allergies during the spring or summer seasons?

Often times you’ll feel headaches, difficulty breathing, and a lot of sneezing. Whatever the allergic reaction is, Kratom can help relieve these symptoms and get you feeling normal again. So many people are using Kratom for seasonal allergies and if you aren’t, then you’ll be quite surprise by how much relieve it can give you when it comes to allergies.



How We Use Kratom For Allergies

The area we live in is filled with trees and green grass during the spring and summer time. Where there’s a lot of tree and grass growing, there is bound to be hundreds of pollens and other unknown particles floating around the area. If you’re immune to one, there are a buttload of others that can cause symptoms of allergies.

Spring and summer are beautiful seasons and we like to be outdoor during these times, but if allergies are bad that day, it just makes it so much harder to enjoy.

By just taking our normal sweet spot dosage, we are able to relieve symptoms of allergies that not only makes you feel normal again, but we also feel happy, social, and relaxed. Kratom is also a plant and doesn’t harm you like off the counter meds.

This is not to say bad things about off the counter meds, they do work and can help, but if you can be solve a problem the natural way too, then why not try it?

Whenever you feel uneasy or symptoms of allergies, take a small dosage or your regular dosage and feel the difference.

You’ll be able to breathe normally, and feel fully awake!




Many People Have Been Using Kratom

Many people from Kratom forums and FaceBook groups have shared many of their experiences with Kratom for allergies, and no doubt the results and feedback were positive.

We’ve given Kratom to family and friends, we have gotten many responses as to how much relieve it has given them. We know it sounds quite too good to be true that this plant can do so much, but it sure is living up to its name as a miracle plant.

Our dad usually gets really bad headaches during the spring and summer time and has been taking off-the-counter allergy pills for a long time, but after introducing him to Kratom he literally no longer feel any tiredness, headaches, or itchy eyes. It’s the first time that he did not need to take anything besides Kratom to feel relieved.

With a proper rotation and a Kratom schedule, we are free from tolerance build up and allergies year round. 🙂



Best Kratom Strains For Allergies

The best Kratom strains for allergies are the slow and moderate strains. Actually, they all work for allergies, it comes down to your own preference.

Again, Kratom is different for everyone.

Ben prefers fast Kratom strains for allergies, while Chihao prefers slow and moderate Kratom strains.

See what works for you. You’ll definitely feel happy that’s for sure.



What Symptoms Can You Expect To Be Relived When Using Kratom?

  • Headaches: Kratom definitely relieves headache and manage any other pain you many have. Allergies often causes headaches and if you feel it, just use some Kratom, you’ll feel happy at it too.
  • Stuffed Nose: This is the most annoying symptom of allergies. A stuffed nose makes it harder to breathe and makes your eyes watery to the point where it feels a lot better to just close your eyes and sleep while breathing heavily from your mouth. Kratom definitely clears this up and makes you breathe a lot better.
  • Frequent Sneezing: It’s always nice to let out a sneeze once in a little while, but frequently can make it hard to function, it’s like being tickled endlessy, totally annoying.
  • Digestion Problems: We have an article on IBS and Kratom definitely relieve a lot of digestion problems.
  • Lazy and Sleepy: When you have things to get done and goals to meet but just can’t focus because allergies makes you sleepy and lazy can be the most motivational killer ever. Kratom alone can make you sleepy if you take too much, but at just the right dosage (Sweet spot) or slightly lower, you can really feel productive and awake.

These are the symptoms that we’ve dealt when it comes to allergies. There may be more that we’ve never really noticed, but again, here are the top ones that we know that can relieve you of your allergies symptoms if you decide to use Kratom.




Kratom can definitely relieve you of allergies and get you feeling normal again.

If allergies are extremely bad, we might suggest that you use off the counter anti-histamine first and rest and try Kratom another day. Do not ever mix anything with Kratom, and please, be responsible.

Many people have used Kratom for allergies, so try it when you get a chance.




P.S We live in the midwest where allergies are a common thing and happens quite often. Kratom has helped us tremendously from feeling happy to relieving from pain and aches. If you like you try Kratom we recommend that you try Kratom from HappyHippoHerbals.


Kratom is different for everyone.

But when it comes to gender, is Kratom different for men and women in regards to dosage and effects?

The answer to that is: For most “yes”, for some “no”.

In our experiences, we find that when we offer Kratom to our female friend, they often refuse, but the ones that do accept it required a smaller dosage than we do.

In fact, just .5 grams – 1 grams made them feel the nice effects. This doesn’t conclude that all women will benefit from kratom around those measured dosages. 

This is what makes Kratom, and pretty much every other supplement, so interesting because everyone just reacts differently.


Why Might A Majority Of Women Will Only Need A Small Amount

This is just from what we’ve seen throughout our years of living on planet earth. We see that when it comes to taking a certain amount of substances, for women, they only need a small dosage to get good effects and if it passes any more than that small dosage they usually will get bad side effects.

You can see this in studies done for the differences in the way alcohol affects men and women differently. It only takes a little bit to get a woman drunk than it is for a man. 

Same thing with steroids.

Women who do bodybuilding will only need a small dosage to get that nice figure without sacrificing too much of her feminine features and develop unwanted male features and characteristics.

As for men who do bodybuilding, they can take a higher dosage and look super good, but with proper precautions and know what they’re doing.

Should it be any different for men and women when it comes to Kratom? We like to say no because Kratom, unlike alcohol and steroid, is a natural plant that is purely organic and reacts to each personal naturally and differently.

But since women are programmed to physically be smaller not as strong as men, they may only need the standard dosage or less to get the best effects from Kratom… It’s how nature works.


From Our Experience

We’ve given Kratom to some women and younger girls and they seem to react to Kratom in extremely small dosages .5 grams to the usual standard 2 grams. We are also giving them extremely high-quality Kratom that will hit anyone at 2-5 grams. 

It’s really hard for us to introduce Kratom to the younger girls actually since they don’t know what the heck it is. If you were to offer the some weed, however, they’ll be more than eager to try since it’s popular and everyone is doing it. 

We believe it’s a popularity thing and safety issue. Kratom is very safe by the way. Between Kratom and Marijuana, I’d say Kratom is slightly safer and more calming.

The women and girls that we do manage to get to try Kratom would only take it in extremely small dosages, and if you try to give them more than say 2 grams they’ll freak out haha.

Most girls do respond quite well to .5 grams (small), and 1.5 grams (highest). Some don’t even feel anything at 1.5 grams and that really shows that everyone is different, if we were to give those girls more they would probably feel it.

It was even hard to give Kratom to female family members, but we managed to and they too react better within the .5 grams to 1.5 grams, even at 1.5 grams is too much and they get super sedated. 

This is not to say that women are different when it comes to Kratom, but most will only need a small dosage to get the full benefits of Kratom. I Ben, a young man, only requires 1 to 1.5 grams to get good Kratom effects and know a few other men who only need low dosages to get the same feeling/benefits. 


Are The Kratom Effects The Same For Men And Women

Based on what we’ve seen and the men and women that we have given it to have all had similar effects.

They can describe it as a warm sensation that makes you super happy, rids the pain, and just overall a more peaceful and relaxing life.

There may be some differences, we don’t personally know, but maybe there are other women on YouTube or blogs can describe it better than we can.

We just know that Kratom is a life changer for many people. It can very well be for you too if you give it a chance before big pharma and large businesses want to ban it and make a large profit from it.



Everyone is different and will respond differently to Kratom. 

Women may only need a small dosage to get the best effects from Kratom. This isn’t a bad thing ladies, you save a whole lot of money and should feel totally blessed. 

Heck, even I (Ben) love the fact that I only need 1-1.5 grams. 


Thanks for reading,

Kratompedia – Ben & Chiao



P.S: If you’re looking to try Kratom for the first time or in search for quality Kratom vendor, we recommend that you get Kratom from HappyHippoHerbals! We have some reviews of our favorite strains on the right-hand side under the “Kratom Review” with colorful ribbons for each.


A lot of beginners struggle quite a bit when trying to find the right Kratom strains for their first time experience. This part is crucial as it could be a dealbreaker from even continue trying Kratom ever again.

Often times it’s because beginners are buying Kratom from an unknown vendor that provides cheap and bad quality Kratom. If you’re reading this post, then you’re most likely (99% chance) going to love kratom your first time go.

Happy Hippo 1 is the Kratom strain that we believe is best for beginners to try out. It’s easy on you in regards to side effects, and gives you that kickass aroma!

This is also the first Kratom strain that we’ve ever tried. Although I (Ben) ended up taking a higher dosage (5-7 grams) than my actual dosage (1-1.5 grams), I was still able to feel a warm feeling of appreciation for what I have despite feeling the overdosing side effects of nausea and sleepiness.

Happy Hippo 1 has been, by far, ours and many others most favorite strain ever! It was my ever first and still continue to have it in my rotation every single time that I reorder.



What Can You Use Happy Hippo 1 For?


This strain is actually very universal.

What I mean by that is, you can use this strain pretty much for everything. It’s like a happy medium of slow strains and fast strains for that calm, loving, and easy going vibe. I literally feel like a unique round peg that fits right into every social situation and you can too.

You can use Happy Hippo 1 for working out, going out at night, relaxing, or just when you’re at work. It makes everything seem more enjoyable and get you right in the mood that much quicker. 

My love for this strain never really faded away, I guess you can say it’s my forever #1 main squeeze when it comes to Kratom lol.

I do want to mention that everyone has their own preference on which strain is more preferable to them, and you’ll find out soon right when you get a good feel for how great the benefits of Kratom is. This is what I love about this strain and have let a lot of my friends and family use it only to find how much they love Kratom afterward.

I am convinced from experience that literally everyone whom I’ve given Happy Hippo 1 to has loved it and always asked for it when they want to take Kratom with me. My brother (Chihao) loves this strain too, but I am sure he has his own favorite from the various strains out there.

Because everyone reacts so well to this strain I guess you can label it as the gateway to open up to other Kratom strains that will be a part of your life. Who knows, you might just absolutely love this strain as much as my brother and I and many others have.

It’s the perfect strain for beginners to introduce their body and ease themselves in making Kratom benefit their life!



My Experience With Happy Hippo 1 After 2 years


I still do have anxiety, and till this day even though I know it in myself that I can go out and meet people, I get days where I get super anxious than others. This is especially true for the nightlife. I believe that it has been a combination of exposure to social situations and Kratom that really helped me give that extra push out of the comfort zone.

If you’ve ever been extremely anxious about going out at night, whether to a bar or somewhere where there are a lot of people, just simply take some Happy Hippo 1 and that anxious feeling is reduced by at least 80% – 90% depending on how you feel that day. The last 20% – 10% is really up to you and whether you’ve been exposed or willing to let loose and enjoy yourself for once.

More than likely Happy Hippo 1 will make you think of the situation as a “fun and exciting experience” rather than think about consequences.

Anxiety is the biggest thing my brother and I have used Kratom for actually, besides being productive and having a great workout.

Have fun in life, it’s full of unexpected experiences. If you sit at home all day, that’s pretty much the only experience you’ll have in your entire life! Kind of sad if you think about it.

Let Happy Hippo 1 do you some good! 🙂

Happy Hippo 1 Review The Best Kratom Strain For Beginners

Everyone has anxiety, really. The reason why a majority of the people at night are so free and loose is because they have a lot of alcohol in their system. Since most of us don’t like alcohol, we got Kratom, and that really is all you need to join the crowd of drunken women, men, dudes and chicks at night!

The Dosage You Need For Happy Hippo 1:

Best results for Happy Hippo 1 is to take it right on your sweet spot, no more and no less. It’s simple and will give you a super warm welcoming feeling in about 20-45 minutes.

For beginners,

If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile you know the protocol we take when trying to find the exact sweet spot.

we recommend that you get yourself a scale! it simply is the most accurate way to know what your sweet spot is and prevent any side effects from overdosing. Grab one from amazon, it’s fricken cheap! Make sure the scale is digital and super sensitive to grams, ounces, and quartz (or quarts?).

  1. Take a small piece of paper and fold it in half (hamburger style or hot dog style is fine).
  2. Place the paper on the scale and turn the scale on to even everything to zero. If you haven’t placed the paper onto the scale yet, place it on there, but the paper will be measured around .3-.5 grams, press the button “tare” to even it out to zero.
  3. Take Happy Hippo 1 and with a spoon carefully scoop out the fairly small amount and set it onto the paper resting on the scale.
  4. as you place the Kratom onto the scale it’ll be scaling up.
  5. We recommend your first dosage to be around 1.5 to 2 grams.
  6. After 30-45 minutes and you don’t feel anything, up the dosage by .5 or 1 grams.
  7. rinse and repeat until you feel warm, like a buzz from a beer or two.

That’s pretty much it.

Welcome to the world of Kratom.



Yours truly,

Kratompedia – Ben & Chihao



PS: You can get Happy Hippo 1 Here! It is from our trusted and recommended vendor that provides the Highest Quality Kratom made affordable. Be sure to use a Dwolla account if you can for 20% off your purchase.


Lack of sleep, a lot of people may have this problem. First of all, I do not have any serious sleeping disorder, but I have developed a habit of little sleep while spending a majority of my time in college.

It wasn’t just because of the loads of late night studying and waiting until the last minute to get things done.

Another problem was that I had roommates that lived the party life. Music was always blasting, people yelling, and a lot of smoke that even got into my room.

After that year, my lease was over and I never looked back. I moved in with my brother and his roommates for my last semester at the university.

The funny thing was that my brother’s roommates were just as loud as any other college apartment. I hated having roommates.

I knew that I had the option to move out and keep searching for better roommates, but I was too much of a nice guy who didn’t complain or try to speak up. It was foolish of me, and now thinking back I would have done a lot of things differently.

I also didn’t have enough money to rent a one person apartment or a studio. Living with roommates was cheap for only $399, and I couldn’t pass that up.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to party too and sometimes would join them every once in awhile, but not 24/7. A lot of college parties aren’t what they seem. A lot of times it’s just a bunch of “bro dudes” with loud music, unless you’re in a frat, then there’s always girls around to make it more interesting 🙂

Enough of my ranting and onward to Kratom and sleep.

Why Should Use Kratom For Sleep

Kratom is probably one of the best supplement to use for sleep if you’re new to it. For beginners, kratom will usually make them feel sleepy after consuming it. There will also be lingering after effects that makes you feel very calm and relax.

As you know, the fast strain makes you energetic and social, the medium strain makes you happy and calm, and the slow strain makes you relax and sleepy.

For beginners who want to use it for sleep, it doesn’t matter which strain they take because the result will always be a strong feeling of sleepiness after the effects have faded away.

As the body readjust and gets more use to kratom, the user will have to eventually start picking out specific strains to get the desired effects and in this case the slow strain would be the best choice.

The slow strain relaxes you’re body, calms your mind, and make you a little tired which is all the right conditions for you to fall asleep.

It also makes you feel rejuvenated in the morning because you will have really good sleep from the kratom.


Is Kratom Better For Sleep Than Nyquil?

I know that a lot of people use Nyquil to help them fall asleep, and some might even use it on a daily basis. The problem I see with this is that they’ll eventually build up a tolerance to Nyquil and need to take higher dosages that can really harm the liver due to the amount of Acetaminophen which is present in Tylenol.

Acetaminophen can cause liver damage from the excessive use or using products that contain this substance at a higher dosage such as Tylenol and Nyquil.

With Kratom, you have the option to rotate it at the same dosage to get you right to bed. Also, since Kratom is a natural plant and not a man-made substance, it does yields more health benefits without doing harm to your vital organs.

There is no doubt that I believe you should stop using off-the-counter drugs as a sleeping aid and choose to substitute it with Kratom. It will be more beneficial to you in the long run!


Utilizing Kratom For Sleep

Kratom can be used for sleeping and it does quite a good job.

I always find myself on the phone going through social media or on YouTube. Eventually after some hours later I look at the time and it’s usually midnight or later.

Kratom can help you sleep, but it also takes some discipline from you too.

You need to:

  1. Set up a time when you would like to go to bed and get to bed 15-30 minutes earlier.
  2. Put all devices away.
  3. Take a slow or moderate strain of Kratom.

If you fail to complete first two steps, Kratom will most likely not put you to sleep unless you go over your recommended dosage which will sedate you and you will definitely fall asleep. This method however might give you some side effects such as nauseousness and headaches.

If you want to be sedated by kratom then you should take 1 – 2 grams more than you’re recommended dosage.

Ex. If your dosage is 2 grams then you should take 4 grams to feel the sedation.


Dosage: How Much Kratom For Sleep

For me I usually would take my normal dosage of 1.5 grams. I know some of you are shocked by this ridiculously low dosage. I feel thankful and blessed because I don’t run out of Kratom too quickly.

If you’ve already taken Kratom in the morning, then take a slightly higher dosage for bed time. By slight higher I mean .5 gram or 1 gram higher.

This will take some experimenting to find the right dosage for you to have a good sleep.

First, try out your normal dosage and see how it affects your sleep.

You can slightly up the dosage next time and see if it’s better, if not then go back to your normal dosage.

Avoid fast Kratom strains for sleep. I would recommend slow strains above any other strains. You can try moderate strain too, but slow will be best.


Kratom does wonders for my sleep, and I am sure it can help quite a few people who have the same problem.

To recap everything, If you’re trying to use Kratom for sleep, make sure that you have some discipline on your part too by having a bedtime and turning off all devices. Put your devices outside of your bedroom if you have to.

Good night all,



P.S: I would recommend trying these slow strains to aid you in your sleep: Snuggie Hippo, Sleepy Hippo, Pleasant Green Hippo, and Top Bali Hippo. These are the strains I primarily use for sleep and have had more than great results with them.