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“Work, work, work,” a motto that almost everyone one abides by unless you want to be homeless and living in a card board box. We all put in a lot of our time into our jobs, and in return our minds become so engrossed with our work that sometimes we don’t really allow ourselves to take much needed rest.

We need this rest to rejuvenate our mind and restrengthen our will power so we can get back on the grind.

I have to admit that I do this all the time and just I can’t take my mind off of work and school. When it comes time to rest, my mind would aways be in space and worrying about work, homework, chores and it’s just really hard to take yourself away from the world that you live in for most of the days.

Here is where kratom comes in handy.


The Strains You Should Use to have Fun and Relax

The strain that I recommend for you to consume when you just want to relax and have fun is the medium or slow strain.

The slow strain will make you pretty sleepy and relax your body so you can have really good naps.

The medium strain will calm you’re mind and make you happy which will help you from stressing and worrying about work.

These strains are also great when you have to spend time with family members that really annoys you. You will be happy to share their company and it doesn’t feel like you are putting any effort to deal with them.

Any activity that you partake in will become very enjoyable to you and you will be in the present moment and have a great time. I love to play video games when i’m on kratom because it makes me feel like a kid again during those times when I could play it for hours at a time and did not a have care in the world.


Combine These 2 Strains

I want to share with you a combination of two strains that I believe makes me feel the greatest! You are free to use this combination too at your own will, heck, you can even try and experiment a bunch of combinations for yourself, and tell me what your best combinations are. 

This combination of mine is the composition of a moderate + slow:

Magic Hippo (Moderate) + Snuggie Hippo (Slow) = Me feeling the greatest.

I encourage everyone to start experimenting with Kratom Combination, and finding the hidden treasure of great feelings.

These strains combined allow you to relax your body, calm your mind, and enjoy the present time with everything around you. Unlike taking one specific strain you get the best of both strains and it will blow your mind. I know it did for me. This is where Kratom really shines and it’s a beautiful process.

The time I use these strains the most are on holidays, and rest days which are on sundays.


Any strain can be used on rest days and you will feel good, but if you want to feel relax and just chill then I recommend that you go with the slow or medium strains.

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