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On the last discussion (Part 2) we talked about methods on how to take/use Kratom. In this discussion, we will talk about what you can use Kratom for.

Do you have any pains or problem that holds you back from getting great sleep, reducing pain, developing a great social life, or just getting rid of depression?

You’ve probably tried medications from your doctors to deal with these problems, but there’s always negative side effects and built up of tolerance to the medication.

Kratom can be used for a lot of situations. It depends on what you are using it for.

You can use Kratom for sleep, anxiety, depression, relieves muscle and pain, and socializing.

We pretty much use it to be happy, anxiety-free, sleep, muscle soreness after working out, productivity, and best of all using it for socializing.

There are a lot more than you can use Kratom for. What we have written down is what we use Kratom for. We also heard that Kratom can be used for allergies, but we haven’t really had any allergies.

What Specific Situation Can Kratom Be Used For: 


If you’re having trouble falling asleep late at night, then you are in luck. We believe that Kratom is one of the best remedies for sleep, especially when it comes to slow Kratom strains, which have quite a sedating effect that can easily give you a good night’s sleep.

The science behind is that kratom makes you feel relax and tired by affecting the part of your brain (the brain stem) that regulates sleep. When you are taking Kratom to fall asleep, it is best to take Kratom around your normal dosage or slightly higher. 

During our college years, we’ve developed some bad habit of sleeping through late-night studying, getting things done at the last minute, and being around people who party until the early morning. It has affected our quality of sleep up until this day. 

By utilizing Kratom for sleep, it has not disappointed us one bit. Of course, everything we do with Kratom is not to purely rely on it alone. We believe it also takes some effort from our end to achieve whatever goal it is that we want to achieve.

Discipline yourself by turning off all devices and set a time that you would like to sleep by. Take some Kratom and with no distraction from any devices or social media, you will have the best sleep. 

The amount of Kratom that you should take depends on, but we believe it shouldn’t take you any more than your normal dosage. Some people are different and may require a slightly higher dosage. Our best answer to dosage for sleep is to experiment with it, it will be quick and you will be able to sleep well at night.

Taking Kratom For Specific Situation




Anxiety has always played a huge role in our quality of life every since high school up until college, and now in life. The quality you get from life while having mild to high anxiety isn’t the best. Having anxiety is outright sucks and those who do have anxiety know this too. 

Everyone has a little bit of anxiety and that’s normal, but we shouldn’t let that hinder the quality of life that we want to have. 

One the most difficult ways to overcome anxiety is to face your fears head on, which many, however, will not do. 

With the high amount of anxiety, you most likely are just too afraid to look like a fool and sometimes embarrassing yourself in front of people. 

The way Kratom works to help you overcome anxiety is by uplifting your mood. 

It does this through the delta receptors in the brain which makes you feel more positive about yourself accompanied with a motivated attitude. The feeling of positivity and motivation can do a lot for a person who suffers from anxiety, it basically gives you confidence that you’ve wished you had.

We have suffered from anxiety in our life, and it had really crippled the way we interact and behave in social settings. 

Again, although we do believe Kratom is great for Anxiety, we also believe that it is up to the person to have a want to beat and conquer his or her anxiety because Kratom alone will not get you out of the house. 

It requires some actions to be taken from your end but don’t worry, with Kratom it makes it a little easier.

We believe that the want and desire to beat anxiety or at anything in life combined with Kratom is an unstoppable force. 

Taking Kratom For Specific Situation




We both work out and are always lifting heavy weights (got to make the young ladies swoon over you somehow). The workout always feels great, but after the next day your back, glutes, shoulders, and chest may be sore. We usually take Kratom a few hours after our workout to mask the soreness.

It is not until recently that we tried Kratom while working out. We recommend that you take a slightly smaller dosage than you normally would.

The way it works is by affecting the delta-receptors which cause you to feel less pain physically and mentally. Your body will feel like its laying on a bed of clouds after the workout. The delta receptors also work to change the mood and increase motivation. 

Working out isn’t just a physical activity, it takes positive mental focus too and Kratom does a fine job by reducing pain, giving you a great mood, and motivating you during workouts. This is a great way to push out the last extra few reps, or to hit that new PR.

Taking Kratom For Specific Situation



Getting things done can be a daunting task sometimes when you just don’t feel motivated or in the mood for it. 

We know through college and going to work. Sometimes you just feel too overwhelm the amount of work that you have to get done and it can make you question why you’re doing what you are doing in the first place.

There are certain strains of Kratom that will allow you to be more productive with your time, they are the fast strains.

Kratom puts you in a more positive mood. We like to believe that with a positive mood a person can achieve beyond their wonders. 

Kratom is great when you’re in college as you will be more motivated to earn good grade along with putting you in a good mood during class. It is also a great way to become more interested in subjects taught in school.

There are days where you are bombarded with loads of homework, essays, quizzes, and projects. Take a fast Kratom strain and you’ll feel more willing to get things done.

The effort to get off your butt and doing something will come from the Kratom. The other part of this equation is you putting in the work.

The fast Kratom strains will provide a rushed feeling of inspiration and motivation to do something and get it done and the rest is up to you.

*Update*: We believe that when kratom makes you happy and puts you in a positive mindset, you are more likely to focus and enjoy your work. Check out our article on using Kratom to be Productive.

Taking Kratom For Specific Situation




Having social skills goes a long ways, and is necessary to have in today’s growing world as meeting new people is needed for an overall successful and happy lifestyle. 

Our world is forever just getting bigger and bigger. If you’re lacking in this area of life, it will do you no good. 

With so much technology and social media in today’s world, people are less likely to go out and meet people. “Why meet people in person when I can chat with them online?” In-person interaction is much more different.

If you were to go out and try to meet someone new, it will be a different feeling than sending a few text across the virtual web. 

Those feeling are accompanied by body language, eye contact, and social connection. Don’t let that scare you, though, but we can’t just say that because social anxiety is a huge pain in the ass. 

Let Kratom help you with this part of being social. You’ll feel less stress out about it. It will put you in the right mindset with a calm attitude. You will be naturally curious about people.

You’ll most likely attract a lot of good vibes with the people you’re socializing with because you’re not just asking plain questions, you’re sharing stories and being fully engaged in the conversations.

It doesn’t matter if you are an introvert or you just don’t like small talk, when the effects kick in, you will want to talk. 

You will definitely start to love being social over periods of time exposing yourself to social situations. 

You don’t need perfect social skill, body language or eye contact. The point is that you open your mouth. 

Taking Kratom For Specific Situation


“Be yourself” is a very vague advice that everyone tends to get from their friends and family when you’re trying to get advice on going on a date.

On dates, you will be thinking a lot of uncommon situation in your head that hasn’t happened yet.

You’ll be thinking about making the right plays, and no mistakes can be made or else it’s all over. 

Overthinking like this will never help you “be yourself”. Plus on top of that, it’s a person you never know.

Of course, Kratom will not be a magic pill that makes you a total ladies man.

It definitely does help a normal guy feel less stressed out and a bit more relaxed around someone. That’s more than enough for a normal guy to do semi-well on his date. 

From our experiences, it is the best thing to take before a date. The consequences of taking this are very small. Here’s our take on using Kratom on dates from our few dates that we’ve gone to while on Kratom

Dating is a more difficult topic for us to answer because we aren’t dating coaches and are just normal guys who have been only been on a handful of dates to really give great advice on this topic. 

We suggest you look for a dating coach to help you with this. Kratom will definitely help a guy who has some experiences to feel more relax on his date.

We recommend checking out Good Looking Loser or Roster Dating as a dating, sex, and lifestyle source for getting with women if this is the part of your life that you want to fix. It’s the real deal, no B.S advice.

Taking Kratom For Specific Situation



We believe that Kratom can be one of the best supplement to aid you for pretty much all of your purposes in life. A lot of people are using it to relieve chronic pain, feel free from anxiety and depression, and so much more.

It’s something you have to try, and see if it will work for you. It worked for us quite well. 🙂

We would love to talk good about Kratom all day long, but there are some side effects to Kratom, and it is worth mentioning so that you can avoid the side effects as much as possible.


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