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What is Kratom

Kratom or Mitragyna Speciosa is a leaf/herb that belongs to the coffee family which is found in Southeast Asia located in regions such as Malaysia, Bali, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Is Kratom safe? From our experience, the answer is YES. Kratom is safe when taken alone by itself without mixing it with any other substances.

Just like its coffee relatives, Kratom has its own special properties that enhance the mood for whatever purpose he or she is trying to achieve.

Kratom is known as an Opioid that effects the delta receptors in the brain which are great for enhancing pain, mood, and productivity. 

The effects of Kratom has been shown in its history of usage. In the past, peasant workers who chewed Kratom leaves were much more productive than peasant workers who chewed Marijuana leaves. In ancient Buddhism, Buddhist would use Kratom as a healing tool and a meditation tool.

The Kratom leaf is chewed by workers in Thailand mainly for productivity. Kratom has many other properties such as reducing pain, handle depression and lowering anxiety.

Kratom is now used by many people to treat chronic pain and to get off harder drugs. Some may use it for depression, and anxiety. For others, it is used to uplift the mood and increase productivity.

To achieve the desired effects, you must find the right dosage that will give you the best effects without dealing with its common side effects regarding overdosage such as nausea and sleepiness.

Let’s Take a Look at The Different Strains of Kratom.

There are many different types of Kratom strains, and each strain determines whether it will be fast, moderate, or slow.

All Kratom strains, however, do have similar effects. What makes them different is that certain strains have certain effects that stand out more than the other.

Slow strains usually tend to make you more relaxed and sleepy. This is a great strain for those who want to relax on Sundays or have a hard time getting quality sleep. Slow strains are also great for relieving pain.

Moderate strains would make you feel less anxious, more relaxed, and social. These strains are great for hanging out with friends, going out and meeting new people, or being around family.

Fast strains make you very social, motivated, and productive. Fast strains are great for getting work done, working out, and to feel confident in high social settings.

The speed of the Kratom strains can be determined by the colors of its vein and its region.

The regions are:

  • Indo – The leaves from this region are usually slow to moderate
  • Borneo/Bali – These leaves are moderate
  • Thai – These leaves are mostly fast
  • Malaysia – These are slow
  • Kalimantan – These are slow

The regions are just one factor and can be considered fast, moderate, or slow. Sometimes vendors list certain strains as slow, but the region of the leaf is considered fast. We have no clue why, but this is just a base guideline for determining the speed of certain strain based on their region.

The colors of the veins are:

  • Green (slow)
  • Yellow (Slowmoderate)
  • Red  (Moderate – Fast)
  • White (Moderate – Fast)

When you put together the strain colors and their regions it will help determine each strains’ speed, and also its creative name such as Red-Thai, Bali/Indo Fusion, Green Malaysia, etc… 

Another strain that is completely different from all that’s mention above is Maeng Da.

Maeng Da is a lot faster than any other strain of Kratom out there, and will give you a big boost in energy. It even looks different when compared to the normal Kratom leaf.

what is kratom 

Everyone is different. Some might prefer a certain strain over the others.

The important thing about having all these Kratom strains are that they help to keep your tolerance down by Rotating the different strains.

How Does Kratom Work? 

We know that Kratom is an Opioid and that it mainly affects the delta receptors in the brain, and would only affect the mu-Receptors in high dosages. 

As mentioned earlier, the delta receptors affect the mood, pain, and productivity. It is also believed that the delta receptors are less prone to dependency and addiction.

Kratom has two types of alkaloids that are presently known that gives the leaf its unique effects. These two alkaloids are called mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine alkaloids.

Mitragynine is the more present alkaloid in the leaf, and 7-hydroxymitragynine is the less present, but the one that is more potent is 7-hydroxymitragynine.

These alkaloids activate certain receptors such as the delta receptors located at your spinal chord which when activated, inhibits pain, change the mood, and relaxes the body.

Kratom also has many other unknown alkaloids.

Great, now that you know a little about Kratom. How are you suppose to take/use it?

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