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What Is Kratom?

What is Kratom to the average everyday person?

Kratom’s real name is Mytragyna Speciosa. 

To keep it simple, Kratom is a leaf from a tree that originated in Southeast Asia. Ancient people use this leaf as a whole or grinded to a fine powder form.

You can ingest Kratom safely to relief pain, increase mood, gain more energy, and overall become a more productive human being.

The everyday person can use Kratom to increase the quality of their life just like coffee.

Whether you’re working long hours at a 9-5, have chronic back pain, or need some motivation & energy for a workout, Kratom can be your edge.

Kratom has a long history and has been used in traditional medicine (wiki). Natives in Southeast Asia such as Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia have used the plant for healing and recreational purposes.

Most native locals use Kratom like coffee to get a stimulant like effects without the jitters. With that being said, Kratom belongs to the coffee family but has more healing and beneficial properties that we mentioned earlier such as pain relief, mood enhancement, and energy.   

Wait a second, this sounds too good to be true. Something that does all this should be illegal, right?

There have been many controversies with the government in the past few years, but so far the plant remains legal in most states in the U.S.

What is Kratom’s Current Status in The Media Today?

The media hasn’t portrayed Kratom in a good way and wants to make Kratom a controlled substance since 2014.

As time has gone by, many are beginning to realize that Kratom is a safe plant.

Many elderly people are also turning to Kratom as an alternative to pain medication. The pain medication that’s given by pharmaceutical companies all have opiate in them, and while opiate does work for pain, it has some nasty side effects.

Kratom remains in legal status because people have fought back against the media’s corruption to mislead the mass with false accusations without any evidence.

In a similar scenario, the cannabis industry is also winning and people are recognizing the health benefits.

If you take a look, the cannabis industry once shamed for is now booming into a multi-billion dollar industry.

With more people educating themselves, it really is exposing the media, pharmaceutical companies and big government monopoly schemes.

What Is Kratom Safety Status: Is It Really Safe?

From our experience of over 7 years, the answer is YES. Kratom is safe when taken alone.

Many people go wrong with this by mixing it with many other harmful substances. This is why we always recommend you buy kratom from a reputable source and be picky with the many various vendors out there.

Kratom bought in local smokeshops aren’t very safe and often times are laced with other substances that you do not know about. Make sure the reputable source have lab-tested every batch for purity.

Kratom is just like a cup of coffee. Its popular use is for pain relief and energy. Kratom also has its own special properties that enhance the mood for whatever purpose an individual is trying to achieve.

Perhaps one of the most effective uses of Kratom has been helping hardcore drug addicts get off and stay off. 

Over the 7 years, we’ve taken kratom multiple times per day for pain relief and energy and are still as healthy as ever.

One big issue is that you can build up a high tolerance to kratom and will eventually not feel its effects anymore.

To avoid this we recommend that you rotate your Kratom with different types of strains out there.

So, what is kratom safety status? We and many honest Kratom blogs out there will say it’s 100% safe.

Now, we are not doctors so please, advice with a health professional before doing anything.

Let’s Take a Look at The Many Different Strains of Kratom Out There

There are many different types of Kratom strains, and each strain determines whether it’ll be fast, moderate, or slow. We say fast, moderate, or slow as a measurement of how much energy it can give you.

The slower the strain, the better it is for pain relief.

Vice versa,

The faster the strain, the more uplifting and energy it’ll give you with some minor pain relief.

There are also Kratom strains in the middle where you’ll get the best of both worlds.

With that being said, all Kratom strains, however, all do have some similar effects and the biggest one is a sense of wellbeing and a happy positive vibe. 

What really makes them different is that each strain has effects that stand out more than the other. Although for each and every person it will be different, you can determine what’s best for you with the measurements below:

Slow strains usually tend to make you more relaxed and sleepy. These strains are great for those who want to relax on Sundays or have a hard time getting quality sleep. Slow strains are also very well known for relieving pain effects.  

Moderate strains would make you feel less anxious, more relaxed, and social. These strains are great for hanging out with friends, going out and meeting new people, or being around family. Moderate strains get the best of both worlds. You’ll feel relax while having a moderate amount of energy to tackle daily tasks.

Fast strains make you very social, motivated, and productive. Fast strains are great for getting work done, working out, and to feel confident in high social settings. With the amount of energy you get from fast strains, you’re more likely to want to enjoy your work. Similar to coffee, but without the jitters and a hard crash.

Now, The speed of the Kratom strains can be determined by its regions and the colors of its vein.

The regions are:

  • Indoneasia (Indo) – The leaves from this region are usually slow to moderate
  • Borneo/Bali – These leaves are moderate
  • Thailand (Thai) – These leaves are mostly fast
  • Malaysia (Malay) – These are slow
  • Kalimantan (Kali) – These are slow
  • Vietnam (Viet) – These are moderate to fast

The colors of the veins are:

  • Green (slow)
  • Yellow (Slowmoderate)
  • Red  (Moderate – Fast)
  • White (Moderate – Fast)

Sometimes you’ll see that the Kratom strain is from Thailand, but the color might be red, so it must be a fast strain, right? But why does the vendor say it’s slow? The reason is that these metrics aren’t set in stone and Kratom reacts differently to each and every single person. 

Some people might feel sleepy on fast strains as well. It’s not sure why, but you’ll have to test it for yourself and see what works best for you. 

Another strain that is completely different from all that’s mention above is Maeng Da.

Maeng Da is a lot faster than any other strain of Kratom out there and will give you a big boost in energy. It even looks different when compared to the normal Kratom leaf. It’s a rare Kratom leaf and it comes in many different colors.

what is kratom

So try them all out over time and see which unique Maeng Da strains will work best for you.

The important thing about having all these Kratom strains is that they help to keep your tolerance down by Rotating the different strains.

What is Kratom Scientifically? How Does Kratom Work In Your Body? 

We know that Kratom is an Opioid and it mainly affects the delta receptors in the brain, and would only affect the mu-Receptors in high dosages.

Hold up what does that all even mean?

It means kratom will activate the receptors that are responsible for mood, pain, and productivity. It is also believed that the delta receptors are less prone to dependency and addiction. The mu-Receptors are effected only in high dosages which oftentimes is nausea. 

Kratom has two types of alkaloids that are presently known that give the leaf its unique effects. These two alkaloids are called mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine alkaloids.

Mitragynine is the more present alkaloid in the leaf, and 7-hydroxy mitragynine is the less present, but the one that is more potent is 7-hydroxy mitragynine.

These alkaloids activate certain receptors such as the delta receptors located at your spinal cord which when activated, inhibits pain, change the mood, and relaxes the body.

Kratom also has many other unknown alkaloids.

Great, now that you know a little about Kratom. How are you suppose to take/use it?

Check out Part II: How to Use Kratom.


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